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[Group Buy] Twitter Army: How to Make 50$ a Day With Twitter Affiliate Marketing


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I will show how to make money with affiliate marketing and Twitter automation.

Affiliate marketing on Twitter can be very profitable if done right. Imagine scheduling tweets at the start of the month and having weekly payments of $300, $500 or $1.000.

This is the power of combining Twitter (amazing FREE traffic source) + high-converting affiliate offers.

Making money online can be easy, if you are capable of setting up the correct systems.

Everyone talks about Freelancing, SEO, Dropshipping. These are OK, but the learning curve is huge. Affiliate marketing let’s you start with no capital, and grow as you find offers that work.

If you learn Affiliate Marketing + automation the right way, it’s a passive source off income that will need no supervision.

Driving daily traffic to your offers is easy

What Do I Know About Twitter Affiliate Marketing?

I have been automating Twitter accounts for the past two years. This guide contains everything I know, from A to Z.

  • How to set up accounts to generate traffic
  • What offers to promote to convert this FREE traffic into $$$.


Twitter is a great place to make money. You can reach thousands of people with less than 100 followers. The organic reach is great.

If you know what affiliate offers to promote, you can turn traffic into cash. Plain and simple.

Combine this with several automated accounts = big profit.

I automate +70 Twitter accounts atm.

Some of the accounts running on autopilot

What I like about automation is that it runs while you sleep. It is literally a program that does the work for you. Social media accounts liking, following and sending DMs to potential buyers.

How do you actually make money?

Affiliate products. Products from which you will get a comission when you make a sale. This makes everything easier. I will show you what offers convert and where to find them. You don’t need previous experience.

Do I need technical skills to automate Twitter?

No, the programs that you will use are not difficult to run. Also, I will give you a step by step guide on how to set them up.

Why now?

Automation has been around for a while. Software works, and we should be taking advantage of it to the fullest. This is not something futuristic, it’s simple math.

How much money can you make?

Depending on how many accounts you want to run. Also, depending on the offer you are promoting. I recommend to start with a reasonable goal. Paying your rent every month. Once you get in the first sales, scale!

Payments add up

Why buy this course?

I have been running +70 accounts for a couple of years. I know the Do’s and Dont’s of the thing. I have created this resource so people have a blueprint to refer to when they need help. I didn’t have this when I started (finding information about automating social media is pretty difficult), and so I created it myself.

How does it work?

The course is in a pdf format. I explain in detail how automation works, how to implement on Twitter and what offers will sell best and where to find them. An A to Z guide on how to make money with Twitter automation.

Is this for me?

If you want to make money online, or on Twitter, this guide will work for you. Also, you will basically learn how to automate and send traffic to an offer, which can be of help if you ever need to grow an online business. Remember, eyeballs are money.

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