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Jake Larsen – YouTube Ads Playbook


Jake Larsen – YouTube Ads Playbook (1.47 GB)

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  • #2111 – 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
  • #2112 – 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
  • #2113 – 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
  • #2114 – 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
  • 1-A Message From Your Instructor.mp4

  • 1. Strategy Playbook

    • 1-Creating a Succesful YouTube Ad Strategy.mp4
    • 2-The Video Ad Journey – Knowing Your Goals, Offers KPI's.mp4
    • 3-Know Your Audience (Part 1)o.mp4
    • 4-Know Your Audience w Online Research (Part 2)o.mp4
    • 5-Know Your Audience wGoogle Analytics (Part 3.ts
    • 6-Know Your Audience w Google Ads Audience Finder (Part 4.ts
    • 7-YouTube ROAS Calculator.ts
    • Video Ad Script Outline _ Video Power Student Template.docx
    • YouTube Ad Campaign Planner _ Video Power Student Template.xlsx
    • YouTube Ad ROAS Calculator _ Video Power Student Resource.xlsx
  • 2-How To Use This Course.mp4

  • 2. Video Ad Playbook

    • 1-Video Ad Playbook Overview Video.mp4
    • 2-Creative Tips to Increase Viewer Engagement.mp4
    • 3-Video Ad Script Outlineo.ts
    • 4-Shoot The Video (Video Production.ts
    • Best Performing YouTube Ads & Why They Work _ Video Power Student Resource.docx

  • 3. Launch Playbook

    • 1-Understanding Audience Building & Content Targeting.mp4
    • 2-How To Structure Your Campaigns.mp4
    • 3-Campaign Planner – Overview.ts
    • 4-Campaign Planner – Campaign Structure Tutorial.ts
    • 5-How to Budget Your Campaigns.ts
    • 6-Google Ads Account High-Level Overview.ts
    • 7-How To Conduct Keyword Research.ts
    • 8-How To Conduct Placement Research.ts
    • 9-How To Create Custom Intent Audiences.ts
    • 10-How to Build Remarketing Lists (Warm Audiences.mp4
    • 11-How to Build Similar Audiences.mp4
    • 12-How to Create, Add & Verify Conversion Codes.ts
    • 13-How to Create, Add & Verify Remarketing Codes.ts
    • 14-How to Link YouTube to Google Ads.ts
    • 15-How to Link Google Analytics to Google Ads.ts
    • 16-How to Create a YouTube Ad Campaign.ts

  • 4. Optimize & Scale Playbook

    • 1-How to Setup Your Reporting Dashboard in Google Ads.mp4
    • 2-How to Optimize Your Video Ad Campaigns.ts
    • 3-90 Day YouTube Ad Optimization Plan.ts
  • August 20, 2020 – REPLAY.mp4
  • July 23, 2020 – REPLAY.mp4

Jake Larsen – YouTube Ads Playbook

Advertising on YouTube means advertising on America’s most popular online platform (take that, Facebook).
73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube, which, yes, is more than the 69% that use Facebook. Shocked?

In any given quarter Facebook advertisers will spend more than youtube advertisers will spend in an ENTIRE YEAR….That means that you have a much bigger advantage when it comes to advertising on YouTube than on Facebook — more eyeballs and less marketers competing for those eyeballs. (Plus no overzealous facebook “content moderators” to take down your perfectly good ad)

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