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The Golden Era Physique System – High Intensity Hypertrophy Training


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The Golden Era Physique System - High Intensity Hypertrophy Training

The Golden Era Physique System - High Intensity Hypertrophy Training2The Golden Era Physique System - High Intensity Hypertrophy Training3

If you’ve ever tried to build muscle…

  • Punished your body five days a week…
  • Put your joint and ligament health on the line…
  • And spent a ton of energy managing your diet…

Only to look in the mirror and have little or nothing to show for it…

Then keep reading.

Because I’m about to share the hidden reason why you haven’t seen the results you’re looking for, no matter how hard you try.

And more importantly…


This has absolutely NOTHING to do with supplements, nutrition, or lifting heavier.

And while it might seem hard to believe that you can build an amazing physique in just two workouts a week…

The fast-acting muscle-building principles I’m about to share are being used by thousands of guys each day to “bypass” their genetics and build muscle faster than they ever thought possible.

And evidence from over 131 studies from universities like Harvard proves these principles work…

  • Regardless of age,
  • Regardless of genetics,
  • Regardless of diet,
  • ​And regardless of current injuries you may have.

I’ve even seen these principles work for clients with double hip replacements, frozen shoulders, and debilitating back pain.

And anyone can use these muscle-building principles… Regardless of what equipment they have access to.

So sit tight, because I’m about to show you how you can use “Golden Reps” to build a head-turning physique in just a fraction of the time…

I’m going to blow the lid off fitness industry lies, corruption, and deceit that has blocked you from getting a body you’re proud of, the body you DESERVE…

And I’m going to share the muscle-building principles that totally eliminate the need for cardio and flawless nutrition…

Every word I’m about to share is backed up by over 131 scientific references.

And by a mountain of real world success stories, like this.

These are just a handful of the successes that have been created by these industry-shattering muscle-building principles.

And in this unpredictable world, these muscle-building principles are especially powerful.
Because your physique is one of the only things you have control over.
And more importantly… Your physique is how you greet the world.
Within seconds of catching sight of you… People are able to respect you or discount you.
  • Men determine if you’re respectable..
  • Women determine if you’re dateable.
  • New doors swing open…
  • ​Opportunities come rushing your way…
Or they don’t… It’s all based on the subconscious judgements people make about you in a matter of SECONDS.
Is this fair?
But now, it doesn’t matter if this is fair or not.
Because I’m about to share how you can shortcut your way to the body you deserve, and all the opportunities it wins you, WITHOUT making fitness a full time job.


My name is Jay Vincent.
I’m a published author, speaker, and strength and conditioning coach.
But you may recognize me from the shoots I’ve done with Under Armour, Men’s Health, MuscleTech, Amazon, and more.
Or you might’ve seen me in the many fitness magazines I’ve been featured in…
But these days, I don’t do much modeling.
Instead, I spend my time training clients at my chain of fitness studios, as well as writing about exercise for * and * medical magazines.

In doing all of this, I’ve discovered my mission of helping people learn the TRUTH about exercise and nutrition.

Because when they do…everything gets easier.
Time is no longer an excuse.
Frustration dissipates because results come quickly and easily.
Injuries are no longer an issue.
And the tendency to skip workouts totally vanishes, because who can’t spare 30 minutes two times a week?
And it really does just take 30 minutes two times a week.
Because you don’t need to travel to the gym if you don’t want to.
And micromanaging every morsel of food you eat isn’t required, either.
So in less words, people begin transforming QUICKLY once they learn the truth…
And for the past 5 years, I’ve been spreading the truth about fitness by training men and women in my chain of fitness studios.
But for the first time ever, I’m about to share this truth online.
The truth that reveals how to build a physique faster than you, I, or anyone ever thought possible.
So let’s quit the fluff and get into…
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