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Ready To Have Your Most Profitable Year In Business? Discover The PROVEN Path To Becoming A Highly-Paid, Respected, And Influential Agency Business While Setting Your Own Terms

The Journey To Building The Service-Based Business You’ve Dreamed Of Owning Starts Here:

There are two big obstacles that stand in the way of growth for every service-based business.

Whether you’re just getting started with your business or you’ve been running an agency for years, it’s inevitable, you’re going to have to face and overcome these obstacles.

Do you know what they are?

According to a recent study I conducted with 149 service-based business owners, you’re probably more familiar with these roadblocks than you’d like.

Here are the most common words the business owners I interviewed used to describe the challenges they face.

Escape the Lack of Clients or Lack of Time Trap

Not enough clients or not enough time.

For most service-based business owners it’s one or the other.

Yet, I am willing to bet your inspiration for starting your own business wasn’t to be consumed by anxiety about how, when, and where you’re going to find your next client…

Or to spend 90 hours a week trying to service your clients, just so you can scrape by, pay the bills, and live to fight another day.

No, like most of us, you are likely looking for a better way.

Running a service-based business is a chance to do the work you love while leading life on your own terms.

More importantly, your business is an opportunity to turn your expertise into the financial asset your job could never become.

But the moment your agency meanders into the not-enough-clients or not-enough-time trap two things happen:

You transform your dream business into a high-stress job that absorbs (NOT enhances) your life.
Your business fails to deliver the security, benefits, time off, or even the pay rate most hourly 9 to 5 jobs offer.
These outcomes are the opposite of your ambitions and inspirations.

And I don’t want you to suffer this fate a single day longer than you have to.

So today, I want to share how you can break free of the not-enough-clients/not-enough-time doom loop and build the business you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Introducing Agency Jumpstart

Agency Jumpstart is a complete journey through the frameworks and processes I used to streamline my service offerings and build a multi-million dollar client roster as both a freelancer and an agency owner.

There’s NO fluff or magic tricks in this program.

Simply real-world strategies that will help you attract high-value clients to your business and build long-term relationships with those clients.

If you’re a freelancer or an agency owner that wants to follow a proven roadmap to the next stage of growth, this program is for you.

Here’s exactly what you’re going to find inside the Agency Jumpstart

Agency Jumpstart is a five-module training program, featuring over 14 hours of content, that leads you through a structured action plan for building your business.

Inside Agency Jumpstart, you’ll discover how to use six service-based business revenue engines to drive your agency’s growth.

Then, we’ll go in-depth on your business development strategy. You’ll gain proven techniques for inbound lead generation, closing deals, and creating recurring revenue streams.

And, I’ll show you how to calculate the prices you should really be charging for your services.

Next, we’ll 80/20 your agency building. I’ll reveal my 8-stage framework for hiring top-level employees at a profitable pay rate. And, I’ll show how to systemize your client on-boarding, so you simplify this process without missing critical steps.

Finally, you’ll master setting up your business for long term success. And you’ll gain the insider knowledge needed to avoid temptations that can destroy even the most successful agency businesses.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside Agency jumpstart:

SECTION 1 Agency Fundamentals

A simple walkthrough of how to interpret a profit and loss statement so you understand the basics. (Your accountant will be amazed by your thoughtful questions)
The TWO accounting statements you need to master to check if your agency is profitable
A complete thorough deconstruction of what a balance sheet is and all its components. (Plus, the most important equation you should know – the equivalent of E=mc^2)
Why Performance Based Consulting sounds great on paper, but is actually terrible in practice
A downloadable revenue model calculator to help you determine which revenue model to choose for your services
Why it’s difficult to scale revenue with big projects
The ONE non-negotiable thing your services need to have in order for you to be profitable as a freelancer or consultant
Why boring industries can sometimes make you the most money. (And how specializing in one boring industry helped my agency effortlessly close sale after sale)

SECTION 2 Business Development

16 lead generation tactics that require ZERO cold calling
The single most important lead generation tactic that allows you to position yourself INSTANTLY as the expert just by association
Complete deconstruction of how your prospective client thinks about their problems and how you can leverage that into your sales pitch
The SINGLE most important concept for service businesses to understand in order to easily hit income targets
The TEN sales metrics every consultant or service business needs to track in order to understand the full sales picture and its impact on profits. (Miss one of these and you will be flying blind during your sales cycle)
The ingredients of a great sales pitch deck to persuasively communicate the value your service provides to prospective clients.
The THREE biggest mistakes service businesses make when marketing their website and how to fix them
5 tactics that will easily improve your website’s homepage so you avoid the kitchen-sink marketing syndrome
How to leverage knowledge of client budget cycles into your sales process so you can intercept them when they are most likely to buy
My Client Budget Cycles framework to track client’s budget cycles and stay top-of-mind during the sales cycle
Why most agency’s revenues come from 2/3 of existing clients and how client relationships are the difference factor between you and your competitors
The Bad Client Checklist and the Sauer Principle (80% of the pain in your butt comes from 20% of your clients)

SECTION 3 Growing Your Agency

Why agencies fail in making clients happy with the work they deliver
The 9 critical questions you should ask your clients during the onboarding process to manage client expectations
The FOUR components of project management
How to receive timely payments from clients
My secret to effective Statements of Work that you can learn and implement right away.
Discover how to use the RHC metric so you know EXACTLY when to hire a new employee from a financial perspective
Discover the right time to hire an employee from an operations standpoint with the 8-step Hiring Flow Framework
The best advice my CFO gave me while growing my agency (Hint: Timing is everything when it comes to profitability)
Common pitfalls to avoid as a subcontractor
Why you should involve your employees in your marketing and business development.
The truth about retaining employees and how to determine if you should or should not give your employees a raise

SECTION 4 Long Term Planning

The THREE different phases of building an agency (And the biggest lessons I learned as a “solopreneur” and agency owner)
The difference between an affiliate and a business partner. (And the most common rookie mistake I see consultants make)
How to deal with your existing business partners and the 4 things you need to consider in case you decide to end your partnership
The 8 decisions executives make and the primary responsibility of your company’s shareholders.
The THREE types of businesses that could potentially acquire your business and how each one goes about acquiring an agency business
The organizational chart that my own agency used for years and the largest role that made up 75% of employees
How to apply the 80/20 rule to your services using The Profit Opportunities Framework so you know which are bringing REAL profits and which are not worth offering anymore
How to create a customer success strategy that you can easily reproduce, so the best clients keep working with you in the future

SECTION 5 Temptations To Avoid

Understand why not all revenue is good revenue
Make a choice in your business between creating a platform or providing services
Don’t try to scale your culture too quickly
Every agency must have these 8 business planning building blocks in place before growing (and we provide a checklist to make sure you have addressed them all)
Be sure to differentiate your services, and use third-party recognition whenever possible

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