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[GroupBuy] Scrape Apollo + Lead Formatter by Sean Longden


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Scrape Apollo

When using Apollo to scrape leads, if you have anything other than the ‘Custom Plan’, you can only select 25 records at a time

The ‘Custom Plan’ costs a minimum of $6,000

Now, of course you’re not going to spend $6,000 to be able to select more than 25 records at time (even with the custom plan you can only select 1,000) at a time

So the alternative is:

  • You build the list yourself selecting 25 records at a time and spend hours of your valuable time doing manual work
  • You repeatedly pay a VA to do this for (but in addition to paying them to do this you also pay for an ‘additional seat’ for them to login which is a minimum of $49/mo)

That’s why we created Scrape Apollo

You can now build your list, with just a click of a button, sit back, relax and let the extension build the list for you!

See it in action:

This extension will save you 100’s of hours or $100’s on VA fee’s


If you’re an agency owner running cold outreach…

You know how much time it takes to format the lead sheets

Every single time you export them from your lead scraping software like Apollo…

It may take you more than 2.5 hours!

Now, if you’re spending more than 1 hour formatting your lead sheet…

And you need 3 sheets a week…

Then that’s more than 12 hours a month for just those 12 sheets

Now imagine you’re running more campaigns…

Let’s say you have 4 lead generation clients

And each of them needs 12 sheets a month

Then that turns into 48 hours a month…

If you’re doing it yourself and you value your time at $100/hr (which you should lol)

That’s $4800 each month…

Quite a constly endeavour, right?

Now, of course you’re probably paying a VA to do it.

In that case… a decent VA costs $4/hr for this type of task…

So now it’s $192 a month


That’s why we created Lead Formatter

You can now format your list with just a click of a button, in less than 1 minute!

How it works 👇

Formatting 12 sheets a month takes at least 12 hours.
It might take you as long as 30 hours to do that…

Lead Formatter will provide you with an ROI of 1130% by doing the job for just $49.

And it’s $49 for lifetime access?

Imagine how much money you’re going to save in the long run.

And you’ll have the time to focus on income-generating tasks instead of focusing on formatting the lists and managing VAs.

Sales Page:_https://sean0to10k.gumroad.com/l/scrapeapollo &_https://sean0to10k.gumroad.com/l/leadformatter/ccg

Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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