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Finally! The “Perfect” Business Model with Recurring Revenue, High Retention, Big Profits and Low Hassle

Hi, I’m Ryan Lee and I won’t try and dazzle you with 39 pages of mouth-watering copy. Nor will I try and push you to invest is something that isn’t right for you.

Nope, that ain’t my style. Instead, I’m just going to break it down for you very simply.

Way back in 2001, I created the world’s first sports training membership site and since then, I’ve personally built over 29 recurring revenue (aka “continiuty income”) businesses and coached thousands of others to do the same. I’ve been called the “continuity king” (cheesy, but you get the gist).

I’m asked to be on lots of podcasts and there’s one question that always comes up.

“Ryan, if you were starting over.. what would you do today?

The “Starting Over” PERFECT Business Checklist…

So, after creating dozens of companies – I thought about this really hard. If I were to have a “fresh start”, here’s a list of what a PERFECT business MUST have:

• Recurring revenue: the business MUST have a way to generate consistent, dependable monthly income. Otherwise, you’re living launch to launch and it’s a ton of pressure because you’re only as good as your last sale (every day you’re starting back at zero).

• High Retention: the business MUST have high retention rates so people stick around for years. There’s no point in a recurring revenue business if members keep canceling.

• Run from Anywhere: the business MUST be able to run from anywhere. No expensive office or retail space needed. And yes, as “guru” as it sounds – you should be able to run it from the beach if you desire.

• Scalibility Factor: the business MUST be able to grow without you having to work more hours. This is the problem with “coaching” because to make more income – you need to coach more. And if you run an agency, you need more employees.

• Low Start-Up Costs: the business MUST be affordable to start-up. Forget software businesses that costs tens of thousands of dollars.. I’m talking about a business you can start for a few hundred dollars.

• Easy to Maintain: the business MUST be able to run smoothly without the stress of large customer support teams. And while there’s no such thing as truly “set it and forget it”, the goal is to get as close to that experience as possible.

• Word-of-Mouth Referrals: the business MUST make your tribe feel amazing. So good, they automatically drive new business right into your lap.

• Not Reliant On Any One Traffic Source: the business MUST be able to generate traffic from multiple sources because if you rely on only ONE – you’re done.

• Managed by One Person the business MUST be managable by essentially one person. But it’s something that you can add a team of virtual freelances if necessary.

• Backend Revenue Potential the business MUST have 6, 7 or 8-figure backened revenue potential. This is on top of the monthly recurring revenue.

• Feeds the Soul the business MUST be something I’m proud off. No cheesy marketing product, no hypey sales! I want a business I’d wear on a t-shirt and something that lights me up.

Yup, as you can see, I really thought this one out. Because after all, we’re talking about a “perfect” business model.

After going through all the criteria, the answer is clear. Crystal clear…

“Niche Association™”
Building a low-hassle, high-profit “Niche Association” with raving fans and dependable, monthly income.

Yes, I love membership sites. And while membership sites hit on most of the above criteria for a “perfect” business, they miss on a few (especially when it comes to retention)

Three weeks ago, I had a conversation with a long time friend and colleague (and someone I’ve casually coached). His niche association now has over 500,000 members. I’m serious.

Every single person I’ve coached who created a niche association has succeeded. This model flat-out works.

My clients have paid me up to $20,000.00 per day for coaching and I’ve never taught this publicly.. until now…

Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Create Recurring Revenue with a Niche Association.. In One Day!
For the first time, you’ll get the roadmap on exactly how to do it yourself… in ANY market

No need to spend 6 months going through a $2,000.00 course or $20,000.00 coaching program.

The Niche Association™ training is a jam-packed one day, 100% fluff-free intensive workshop that’ll deliver my unbeatable, 22+ years of proven track record of recurring revenue success… and hand it to you on a silver platter.

Here’s just a few of breakthroughs you’ll have during this one-time only LIVE workshop…

The simple 2-step formula to create the perfect name for your association.. one that’ll stand out from the pack!

How to have unlimited content.. for FREE.. without writing a single word (and discover the perfect amount to deliver)

How to create an entire line of backend, revenue-generating products without lifting a finger. This software does it all for you.

The #1 way to bring in new members… for FREE

How to have the biggest influencers in your space lining up to work with you!

How to create a 6-figure payday in 48-hours.

Do you need a board of advisors? The truth about this tricky subject.

The biggest difference between a membership site and a niche association (and why the association crushes it!)

3 ways to double your membership conversion

The #1 secret to increase retention by almost 90% – and none of your competitors are doing this

Which software is right for your niche association (and which to avoid like the plague!)

And SO MUCH more…

The “Top-Secret” Association Benefit

Here’s something almost never talked about in “marketing” circles.. and that’s building a business that feels good deep down in your soul.

A niche association is something you’re proud of. Something you can share with pride to your friends and family on social media. Something you’d – gulp! – actually wear on a t-shirt.

When you have a business that lights you up, everything becomes effortless.

Why not build a business that serves others AND makes you feel ah-maz-ing?

Will it Work in Your Market?

The answer is YES!

Did you know there are associations serving local, national and International markets?

And every niche is addressed.. from professions (fitness pros, accountants, coaches, attorneys, teachers, etc.) to hobbies (knitting, card collectors, gardening, book lovers, etc.) to groups (moms, dads, military veterans, retired, etc.)

But here’s the best part.. there’s opportunity in EVERY market – no matter how niched.

In fact, the more niched – the better!

However, the faster you move, the quicker your association (and revenue) will grow.

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