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Renegade Dating Blueprint by Troy Francis


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– Want to improve your dating success?

– Love to meet multiple high-quality girls for relationships or short-term flings?

– Tired of getting turned down for dates or relegated to the ‘friendzone’?

– Jealous of those guys who seem to have all the luck, and swoop up the best-looking girls right in front of your face?

– Recovering from a bad breakup or divorce where you lost the woman who was the love of your life?

– Unsure what to say or how to act in social encounters with women – especially those you find super-attractive?

– Want to finally understand the real dynamics and psychology behind male-female relationships?

I’m Troy Francis, internationally-known dating writer, coach and expert.

I started learning the secrets of dating back in 2005, met many of the world’s leading experts in the field and travelled the planet (from NYC – Berlin – Moscow) observing them and learning their secrets.

In 2013 I started writing for a top men’s website and became their head dating writer.

I also run my own daily website (realtroyfrancis.com), put out a weekly podcast, a daily email, and Tweet regular advice for guys.

I have also written for sites as diverse at VICE, Quora, The Guardian, HuffPo and many more.

In my career to date I’ve written 11 books related to men’s dating advice or personal development (which is of course central to dating success).

For the first time ever you can get all of them in a single bundle.

Here’s what you get in the bundle:

– How To Be An Assh*le – a tongue-in-cheek look at Machiavellians and dark triad traits and the amazing ways these can improve your dating. 

– Renegade Dating Domination Vol 1 – a collection of articles that will rapidly improve your dating life and understanding of the current dating scene. 

– 50 Shades of Game – a series of THREE books that let you into the secrets of the swinging parties, naughty nightclubs and erotic dance venues. 

– Still In The Game – a book packed with actionable advice on dating for the mature man who’s tired of messing around and just wants results with great women. 

– The 7 Laws of Seduction – my ‘text book’ of the fundamentals of dating. This alone is worth the price of the bundle. It’s an easy, step-by-step guide to help you meet the girls of your dreams. 

– Text Game Mastery – a primer on precisely how to most effectively message the girls you meet on your phone and over social media apps. 

– Approach Her Like Chad – how to embody the spirit of the ‘chad’ / natural guy who approaches beautiful women without a care in the world 

– CUCKED – a 128-page book on the player lifestyle versus monogamy 


– Relentless Productivity – How to be relentlessly productive in ANY area of your life from business to dating 

Perhaps the most comprehensive and well-written collection ever released in the world of dating, this bundle is my ‘life’s work’ so far and will give you the unique insights and extreme (and little-known) tips and techniques that you need to meet and date higher-quality girls than you ever thought possible.

In total these books are worth $250 (at minimum), so when you buy this bundle you are paying about a SIXTH of what they could be priced at (and maybe soon will be).

So buy the bundle now before I change my mind and put the price up 😉

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