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What we have developed is the first applicable method to understand and control what is inside the female mind. It is the result of hundreds of hours of research, both scientific research and real-life experiments, and hundreds of interviews with women. By the end of the program, you will have a game plan for every different type of woman on the planet, from identifying your type, to how to get her completely devoted to you.

You will know exactly what to do to get the women you’ve always wanted.

Here’s What You Will Get Done:

  • You will be able to see INSIDE THE MIND OF ANY woman you choose.
  • You will be able to influence their behavior on a supernatural level
  • You will enter an elite secret society
  • You will be able to decipher its secret language.
  • You will be able to release your inner nymphomaniac
  • You can quickly identify which of the 8 types of women she is
  • You will be able to adapt your strategy to focus your efforts on the specific type

Module 1. Introduction

Module 2: How the female mind works

  • The Difference Between Men and Women
  • The Primitive Brain
  • Conflicts of the Feminine Mind
  • Types of Women

Module 3 . The Formula of Attraction

  • The Laws of Attraction
  • Step 1 – Recognition
  • Step 2 – Curiosity
  • Step 3 – Connection
  • The Golden Rule

Module 4 . Non verbal techniques

  • Being noticed before you say a word
  • The special eagle observation technique
  • The secret approach formula used by the FBI to gain the trust of enemy spies without saying a single word
  • The eight foolproof ways to approach a woman that are impossible to ignore

Module 5. Verbal Techniques

  • Secret 5-step formula that induces anyone to approach you without you saying a single word
  • What to say, when to say it, and what signals to send to reprogram the limbic system
  • 15 innocent questions that generate instant curiosity and attraction in the female mind.
  • 3 weird affirmations that can be used both in person and in Whats…
  • The 21 questions that will NEVER let the conversation die down or the mood cool down.
  • A simple technique of 3 innocent questions that will make her think of you every night before bed and comment about you to absolutely all her friends
  • The 12 types of tested and validated messages that you can simply copy and paste
  • The 3 magic words that automatically get attention when a woman is really hot and totally ignoring you

Module 6 . Advanced Techniques

  • The Limbic Hypnosis Technique
  • The 5 triggers of metapersuasion that make a woman literally obsessed
  • The only way to get that hot girl you’ve always wanted to be your girlfriend without seeming anxious

Module 7 . Concluding remarks

  • Nurturing and Sustaining Long-term Relationships
  • The perils and advantages of digital relationships
  • Important Information
  • Closing