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Sexy Weekend Sale 2022 *222 for all 4*

Exclusive access to ALL 4 Masterclasses from 2022.

Each of these classes are a deep dive into topics not specifically covered in Multi-Orgasmic Man.

Save 49% equivalent to $216 USD by bundling all 4 classes ($222 total instead of $438 when purchased individually).

  1.  Awakening the Sexual Center, Balancing the Pelvic Floor. Inside this training you will learn – 
    • How to Use Self-pleasure to Train Yourself to Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Amplify Pleasure
    • Simple Routine to Release Pelvic Floor Hypertension and Calm the Nervous System
    • How to Breathe with the Pelvic Floor to Activate the Sexual Center and Increase Orgasmic Potential
    • How Pelvic Floor Issues are a Common Cause of Premature Ejaculation, Erection Issues and Pelvic Pain  – and How to Fix These
  2.  Primordial Alchemy, Amplify your Manifestations. Inside this training you will learn – 
    • Learn to harmonize yourself daily with the rapidly changing universal energies

    •  Clear the blocks that are holding most people back from manifesting their ideal reality

    • Get clarity on the difference between chasing shallow material objects as a way of avoiding a deeper feeing of emptiness, and manifesting in alignment with your true being, leading to rapid development

    • Learn Primordial Qigong, a very powerful spiritual/alchemical form created by Zhang Sanfeng, original founder of Tai Chi
    • Learn a quick, efficient yet powerful 15 minute daily ritual that will accelerate your spiritual path and amplify your desired manifestations into reality

  3. Yoni Healing: How to Touch a Pussy to awaken love, pleasure & healing. Inside this training you will learn – 
    • How to activate the 5 female orgasmic hotspots: the Clitoris, the G-Spot, the A-Spot, The K-Spot, and The Cervix
    • How to awaken her yoni to help her experience heightened levels of pleasure and orgasm, and bliss
    • Why your energy state and intention is important to creating desire in your partner
    • How to dissolve blockages in her womb space, to unlock her feminine desire and orgasmic potential
    • How to make her squirt
  4.  Cosmic Orgasm: Activating the Prostate (coming soon!).

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