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Google Ads Agency Toolkit
By ClickMinded

Productize and Scale your Agency with Google Ads SOPs

Streamline client onboarding processes, offer new productized services, delegate tasks, and train new employees.
The Google Ads Agency Toolkit is a collection of strategy templates, with step-by-step instructions on how to launch, execute and scale world-class, highly profitable Google Ad campaigns from scratch, for you and your clients.

Here’s what’s inside the Google Ads Agency Toolkit

Over 300 pages of detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs and templates to flawlessly execute Google Ads campaigns for your clients.
Last Updated: Sep 2022

Stop trading time for money and massively scale your agency

If you’ve been in the agency game for a while, you’re familiar with all the challenges of offering and scaling up Google Ad campaigns for your clients

  • You have a team, but you’re the only one with the knowledge to setup new campaigns.
  • As the team grows, you lack the time to guide them on campaign strategy and execution.
  • You’re documenting the processes but there’s just too much to write with so little time.
  • Surprise! Google updated their UI (yet again) — it’s near impossible to keep up with all the changes.
  • Hiring new employees and getting them up to speed becomes difficult because documentation is incomplete and processes are not streamlined.
  • All of these make it harder to sign on new clients and grow your business.

How to scale better and faster without sacrificing time.

There are only so many hours in a day… As long as YOUR OWN TIME is a limiting factor, you won’t be able to scale your agency as much as you want.

This was a huge problem for us when we were growing our business.

We tried looking for a solution online

But no one was sharing what we really needed: the nitty-gritty details of how to perform tasks and build processes that actually help you build and grow a business.

Most digital marketing content is just cheap entertainment disguised as information

All these articles sound good in theory but are not actionable at all. We wanted something that we can hand off to a new hire, get them up to speed, and have them execute campaigns independently with little oversight.

But it all changed when we started creating and using SOPs

From strategy, analytics setup, campaign execution, to reporting. We have spent hundreds of hours creating documents, walkthroughs, and templates on how to run complex Google ad campaigns for our business.

With Google Ads SOPs, you can easily scale your operations without spending more of your own time doing it

Easily delegate complex Google Ads projects

Just hand SOPs to freelancers or virtual assistants. No technical knowledge required. If they can read and use a computer, they’ll be able to successfully complete the task with 99% accuracy.

Instantly offer new, high-ticket services to your clients

Follow proven processes to add new service offerings and close larger deals with comprehensive package services.

Drastically reduce time to train new employees

Use SOPs to get new employees up-to-date in record time. They will go from 0 to tracking billable hours faster than ever.

Build repeatable systems that make money on autopilot

Customize SOPs to fit your agency’s needs and leverage them to build systems to grow your agency without trading your time for money.

Increase client retention

Impress and delight clients by including SOPs in your deliverables. Put your own branding on SOPs and take all the credit for them!

Save time and money

Don’t spend time and resources figuring out technical details. Combine your strategy with our SOPs to launch your campaigns and get results in record time.
Sales Page:_https://www.clickminded.com/google-ads-toolkit/
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