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What is the Epic Relationship Course?

Epic Relationships takes a counterintuitive approach developed by world-renowned sex and relationship coach, Caitlin V.. This fun, module based program allows you to finally connect to your partner on a deeper level than ever before. Caitlin V guides you to strengthen your connection and love for each other, and teaches you how to have even the hardest conversations with love, understanding, and ease.

We’ve all heard the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”…

But if you’ve ever been in a romantic relationship… You know that’s far from the truth.

Poor communication is the number one reason that relationships fail.

Over her decade plus in the field… Caitlin V. has worked with hundreds of couples to solve the most challenging relationship issues imaginable and bring couples closer together…

And she’s learned that communication issues are at the root of 99% of these relational problems.

Epic Relationships gives you access to over a decade’s worth of research and science-backed techniques that unlock the ability to overcome any relationship struggle. Not only that, we make it simple and fun to apply these proven methods in your day to day life.

Gain access to the world’s leading sex and relationship coaching, all dedicated to elevating your relationship to whole new heights.

Learn to finally connect deeper with your partner, and tackle all of life’s issues together with clarity and unity…

Whether you’re on the brink of a break up or simply looking to fall in love all over again… Epic Relationships will strengthen your bond and allow you to see each other in a whole new light.

Hi, I’m Caitlin V

I’ve been a leading sex and relationship coach for over a decade, and trust me when I tell you… I’ve seen it all.

I’ve worked with couples that were sure that there was no hope for their sexless marriages…

I’ve worked with couples that couldn’t get through a day without getting into a fight…

I’ve worked with couples who would sit down for a date night and have no idea what to say to each other…

And I’ve taught them all how to transform their lives and fall for each other all over again.

No matter where your relationship is currently at… I can guarantee that more is possible.

I’ve built my career around the belief that everyone deserves the type of love we see in the movies…

The “can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t keep our hands off each other” type of love…

So many people think that those types of connections fade.

They think that it’s only possible in the honeymoon stage, or when you first start to get to know someone…

But I couldn’t disagree more…

And I’ve dedicated my life to helping couples realize that too.

Because like I said… We all deserve to be loved deeply, seen deeply, and understood deeply.

And when you learn to develop a bond that deep? Well, that spark simply can’t be extinguished…

And it all starts with communication.

It’s been my dream to make my coaching more accessible for all couples, and I’ve spent years developing this program to be just as effective as the top one-on-one coaching in the world… Without breaking the bank.

I’ve teamed up with Monica Jayne, another leader in the field of sex and relationship coaching to bring you the last course you’ll ever need to improve your communication and finally unlock what’s possible for your love story.

Epic Relationships takes a revolutionary approach to overcoming any relationship issues and learning how to communicate and love each other the right way.

This isn’t a band-aid for your problems. It’s an approach that’s designed to affect the very foundation of your relationship… And it’s the last solution you’ll ever need.

Is Epic Relationships Right For You?

Every relationship is unique… And no relationship is perfect.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 6 months or 12 years… Each stage of a romance brings its new challenges…

 Maybe there’s tension around the topic of finances…

Maybe there’s jealousy and distrust in your relationship…

Maybe you’re healing from the pain of betrayal or a huge blow-out disagreement…

Or maybe you just bicker a lot and want to have a greater sense of joy and harmony in your bond…

Maybe none of this describes you, and your relationship doesn’t have any major issues… Maybe you just secretly know in the back of your mind that there has to be more out there. More love, more connection, more passion…

Epic Relationships is a program designed to get you on the same page… Regardless of what book you’re writing together.

The amazing thing about learning these simple but rarely taught communication skills is that they not only have the power to solve the darkest problems… But they also have the power to bring more love and excitement into a relationship that’s already going steady.

Every video in this program is designed to get you deeper into your connection with your partner…

Because even if you think you know everything about them… I guarantee that there are doors within them that you haven’t opened yet.

I’ve seen this happen with couples that have been together for two years… And I’ve seen it happen with couples that have been together for twenty.

This program is unlike anything else out there because it takes a totally unique approach to solving your issues and strengthening your bond…

“Most of what’s out there focuses on the negative.

You might have tried other things to get closer to your partner and found that not only do they not make a difference… They actually start more fights.

And if you think about it… it’s not surprising.

Most common knowledge suggests that if you want to solve a problem… The key is to focus on the problem at hand.

If you’re bored in your relationship… You focus on the boredom and how to get rid of it.

If you’re recovering from a betrayal… You focus on the betrayal and try to overcome it.

But that’s only a part of the solution…

And it’s rarely pleasant to go through.

Epic Relationships teaches you how to face the darkest parts of your relationship… But it also teaches you how to build the positives in a way that is fast, easy, and genuinely enjoyable.

So often, bettering or fixing our relationship feels like work.

This is probably what you’ve been taught…

Relationships take work…

Well, I disagree.

Relationships take effort.

And effort doesn’t have to feel like work.

It can be fun, revitalizing, and leave you feeling lighter and closer than ever before…

Regain Passion And Connection With Your Partner In 5 Easy Steps… These Are The Pillars Of An EPIC Relationship

Module 1 – TRUST

Learn how to rebuild and maintain trust in your relationship

Module 2 – SAFETY

Discover exactly how to reestablish a true feeling of emotional security with your partner


Finally learn the tools to see and be seen by your partner with true love and admiration


Deepen your romantic connection with psychology-backed tools to get you closer than ever before


Learn how to tackle any and all topics as a team and finally eradicate fighting for good.

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