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Austin Dunham – The BodyWeight BodyBuilder 2.0


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I Take The Guess Work Out Of The Equation And Make Building Muscle Easy For You!

Never be left in the dark again

You can learn how to create your own workout routines or follow the one I lay out for you. (Working out can finally be simple again).

Make Your Life Easy and Convenient

Have the luxury of being able to use this program wherever you’re at and on any device you want.

Over 73 Movie Quality video instructions demonstrating the moves

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t build muscle with their body weight is because of bad form. You won’t have that problem

Made for the Beginner AND the Pro

Detailed instructions showing how to progress in all calisthenics moves as well and make progress in record breaking time.

So Why Are You Even Here?

Let me take a guess…

  • You’re really into Calisthenics (or thinking about trying it out).
  • You want to build an amazing body for yourself and incredible, gravity defying strength

If that’s not you. Please look elsewhere.

But if that is you. I’m here to help.
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What’s Up Guys!

I’m Austin Dunham and…

I’d like to be honest with you for a second.

You see I wasn’t born muscular.

There are people out there lucky enough to be born with muscles. You know the type.

The guys who have a six pack in the 6th grade and get all the girls throughout their entire life.

I wasn’t that fortunate. Then it happened…

On September 1st 2014, I had a sudden realization.

What was it? I’ll tell you in a second.

You see, back in high school (my senior year actually) I was soooo skinny. It was ridiculous.

I was so small to the point where the girls in my school were bigger than me. Hell, even my twin sister could have bench pressed me back then.

The embarrassment was nearly impossible to deal with, So I had to make a change for the better.

I knew I wanted to be bigger and stronger so I tried lifting weights…

Can you guess how that turned out?

Lifting Weights Wasn’t Getting Me Results and it was cutting into my time!

Maybe you know what I’m talking about?

I spent hours online looking for something that would just tell me what to do. What was the problem?
Fitness can be so damn confusing.
Every time I would work out I was wondering if I was even doing the exercises correctly.
Plus, the gyms were always packed with people and you have to wait so long just to use a machine.
I had other responsibilities I still needed to handle. But I still wanted to get ripped!
The gym wasn’t helping and I knew there had to be a better way.
It was a nightmare of an experience and I spent all that time just to get nothing out of it.
Lifting weights is a waste.
I wanted to feel confident, energetic, look amazing and still have time to live my life.
So I put in 3 and a half years of research and practice
and I figured it out!
But what was the solution?

The Answer Jumped At Me Like A Rabid Dog!

And I was ready for it.

I attacked it with full force because I knew I wanted this for myself just like you do.

Getting the body of your dreams doesn’t have to be confusing.


If I could simplify this process for you would that help you?

Imagine reaching your fitness goals in record breaking time.

That’s what I managed to accomplish and it’s what I want to help you do.

Calisthenics Is The Key!

And 39 Pounds of Pure Muscle Was The Result

I didn’t just build muscle either.

I became a better person, made more friends, and started to become so much more confident.

People stare and take pictures of me when I work out! Why? Because no one else does this kind of stuff and gets these results (seriously).

Whenever I go to the gym, I even have the weight lifters asking ME for advice now. Can you believe it?

The work I put in paid off and I want to pass the benefits onto you.

The way I feel inside beats anything else and I want that for you.

It’s time to make exercise simple again just like our ancestors did.

If you haven’t hit your fitness goals it’s not even your fault


The fitness industry is complicated for a reason. Think about it…

If you knew that you didn’t need a gym in order to get in shape would that be good or bad for them?

They would crumble!

Plus, all the information out there is so complicated and spread out over thousands of google search pages, it makes it nearly impossible to figure this out on your own.

So keep your head high because it’s not all your fault. In fact…

The more complicated it is, the more you need to keep trying new workouts, supplements, and diets.


There were small truths inside of all the information out there. And I took them all together, simplified them, and put them in this easy-to-follow program.

You won’t believe what I found out…

  • Building muscle is actually easy
  • You don’t even need a gym membership if you don’t want one. And you can STILL get ripped and build muscle
  • You don’t have to waste hours at the gym in order to get in shape
  • Shedding fat is going to be easier than you ever remembered
  • Your workouts can actually be fun and you’ll still get results
  • Working out with your body weight is much better on your body (it’s a more natural way of working out).
  • ​Cardio doesn’t NEED to be running
  • The world is your gym!

Inside The Program You’ll Learn…

The Secrets Behind Progressing From Beginner To Pro

There’s no need to fear not being able to do any cool power moves. I’ll show you step by step how to progress from the basics like a pull up all the way to the advanced stuff like a muscle up.

Over 73 exercise examples (HD Movie Quality)

Form is everything when it comes to working out with your body weight. Which is why I’ve included 73+ videos showing you various exercises and the proper form for each!

The major key you need in order to build muscle using your body weight

This is the part that most people skip out on but i refuse to. Building muscle with your body weight is almost impossible without this secret and it’s what got me from 131 to 170 pounds in record breaking time.

Jump Start Tips. (How to progress quickly when you’re just starting).

If you’re just starting out it’s going to take some time in order to do some things. In this program I’m going to teach you how to cut that time down in half. (You won’t even recognize yourself in a couple months time).

Why cardio sucks and how to work around it.

Running is just boring and hardly even works. It’s not even necessary and there are so many better ways to burn fat and take care of your health. Which is exactly what I’ll teach you. (Let’s make working out fun again).

How to blast through plateaus with speed (this is what worked for me)

Don’t you hate that stuck feeling? Like you’re putting in so much effort but not getting anywhere? Me too! Which is why i put together a segment showing how to break through those walls. (This has worked for me and so many of my clients in the past).

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