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Amy Porterfield – Digital Course Academy 2023


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Before I tell you all about this program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

Digital Course Academy is for dreamers like you. You have no shortage of ambition but you are tired of trading dollars for hours and ready to build a business that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, make a whole lot more money, and work wherever, whenever, and however, you’d like.

Whether you’re…

  • A service provider who’s reached a very real ceiling that knows creating a scalable digital course is your ticket to helping more people, creating time freedom, and diversifying your income streams
  • A corporate employee (with the heart of an entrepreneur) tired of being confined to a cubicle and fully aware you’re capable of so much more
  • A budding entrepreneur who wants to build an online business the smart way with a digital course (and sidestep the time-for-money trap of hourly rates and a client-strapped calendar)

You’re in the right place!

Digital Course Academy will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating and launching a profitable digital course.

And I’ll prove it! (Keep scrolling, my friend.)

By the end of this program you will have…

Nailed Down Your Course Topic

based on what you already know and what your audience will gladly pay for (so you can stop stalling over whether your idea is “good enough”)

Validated and Pre-Sold Your Program

before recording a single lesson, to make sure your audience is excited to invest all while giving yourself a motivating cash and confidence injection

Developed a High-Converting Webinar

presentation and irresistible offer that authentically enrolls the best prospects into your course

Expertly Recorded Your Course Content

even if you’re a total technophobe, have a teensy budget, or have never recorded a single video in your entire life

Crafted Your Course Marketing Plan

that makes bringing in highly qualified leads and sales feel super intuitive (and really good on the heart)

Crafted a Compelling Sales Page

and post-webinar email funnel to amplify your course sales and make sure your hard-earned prospects have the best possible chance to convert

Here’s what you get when you enroll during this limited time period:

  • 6 Implementation Modules

    showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your expertise into a wildly successful digital course that people want to pay for.

  • The Webinar Fill-Up Formula

to make sure you never deliver to an empty room again, and instead get a packed house full of perfectly-targeted, “ready to buy” prospects.

  • Next level email marketing, sales page, and social media strategies

    to amplify your results and get up to 3x the enrollments.

  • A complete, step-by-step launch plan

    showing you how to pre-sell your course (before recording a single lesson!) and how to create and launch a high-converting marketing suite that ethically (and authentically) enrolls more students than you ever thought possible every time you deliver it.

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