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[2021] Dan Vas – Shopify Freedom


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Shopify Freedom Course. How To Start A Successful Branded Dropshipping Store That Will Change Your Life Forever.

What if you could start a successful profitable 6-7 figure Shopify business that pays you to live your dream life?
Stop thinking and start doing…

Introducing Branded Dropshipping…

The new and only strategy to build a successful long term online eCom business with Shopify…

No more ‘hype’ or ‘quick short term’ approaches to Shopify and online business…
No more copying and pasting/testing tons of products from Aliexpress…
No more using outdated software tools everyone else is using like Oberlo…
No more spending thousands of dollars on ads testing random products…
No more making your customers wait 2-3 weeks for ePacket shipping…
Learn the exact strategy that I personally created and actively use to build successful, long term Shopify eCommerce brands that deliver real value to customers and stand the test of time.

From Zero To $70K/Month

If he could do it… anyone can
In early 2019, Pham was 23 and studying in college in the Netherlands… but he always knew he wanted more out of life.

As he was searching for ‘how to start an online business’, he stumbled upon eCommerce and Shopify…

After watching a few videos on YouTube.. he simply became overwhelmed. There was so much information… so many videos, so many people and ‘gurus’ talking about the different kinds of strategies to actually build a successful business.

He finally landed on one of my videos one night after college as he was researching the best way to make money with Shopify…

That’s when he learned about branded dropshipping.

After finding out that I was offering a limited-time mentorship program…
He decided to invest in himself and join the Shopify Freedom course and community.

Fast forward to today – he is making over $70,000 per month in sales at a 30% profit margin ($25K/Month+)

I had the opportunity and the pleasure to interview my student Pham about his amazing success in the course…

Click on the link below to hear Pham’s story and learn how Shopify Freedom changed his life.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Answer: You don’t.
I can’t guarantee that after joining the program you will go on to change your life and achieve massive success. In fact, nobody can make those kinds of guarantees and if you see someone doing that – run very far away.

However… what I CAN guarantee for you is that…

If YOU are committed to starting a successful online business with Shopify…

If YOU want much more out of your life than a boring 9-5 job…

If YOU want to see the day when you wake up in the morning, with no alarm clock… Nobody telling you what to do.

You unlock your iPhone, you refresh your Shopify sales and you see that you’ve already made more money in your SLEEP than working an entire day at your previous 9-5 job…

If that’s what you want…

Then I promise that the Shopify Freedom course and community will give you every single step that you need, all the latest strategies and techniques, as well as the unlimited mentorship along the way to help you reach that level of freedom, as well as build a real successful long-term eCommerce business that you’re proud of.

Here’s What You Get

Module 1 Introduction

  • The most important fundamental steps in building a profitable worldwide eCommerce store
  • Getting into a relentless success mindset that forces you to succeed
  • Detailed explanation of the entire branded dropshipping strategy
  • The mindset that you need to succeed with Shopify and eCommerce
  • Secrets to endless, unlimited motivation that propels you to your dreams
  • Entire progression of a successful Shopify store from zero to 6-7 figures/year

Module 2 Intelligent Product Research

  • How to find an extremely profitable and valuable product that sells long term
  • Setting up an LLC and business license the right way for taxes and liability
  • Criteria for the perfect Shopify product that can scale to 6-7 figures/year in sales
  • Examples of perfect Shopify products that each have generated millions in sales
  • Estimating how much a competitor’s store is earning in revenue
  • Using Amazon FBA to find successful Shopify products
  • Validating your product to make sure it will actually sell

Module 3 Finding A High-Quality Supplier

  • The exact step-by-step process to choose high quality world class suppliers
  • Learning the right places to find high quality suppliers who are willing to dropship your product
  • Advanced negotiation strategies with Alibaba and Aliexpress suppliers
  • Creating the perfect brand name for your store
  • How to get a sample the right way, as well as how many to get
  • The right way to pay your suppliers so you don’t get scammed and lose your money
  • Sourcing products better than all your competitors

Module 5: Zero To Expert With Facebook Ads

  • How to run incredibly profitable Facebook Ads to explode and scale your Shopify store
  • Everything you need to know to master cold, warm and hot Facebook Ads
  • Developing your marketing master plan + customer avatar (laser targeting the right people)
  • All the best cold interests to target on Facebook for your product
  • Setting up your Facebook Ads account and columns to see all of your data properly
  • The complete blueprint to go from zero to $10K per day in sales with Facebook Ads
  • Optimizing your Facebook Ads and building out a retargeting funnel
  • How to run incredibly profitable Facebook CBO campaigns
  • Fighting inconsistencies and dying, unprofitable Facebook Ads

Module 6: Scaling Facebook Ads From 6 To 7 Figs

  • How to scale your profitable Facebook Ads from 6 to 7 figures/year in sales
  • Every single best scaling strategy for Shopify that took millions in Facebook adspend to learn
  • Things to watch out for when scaling so you don’t blow your ads budget
  • How to develop your own scaling strategy that works for you
  • The 5-in-1, Sidestep, Carpet Bomb, and Breakdown Optimization strategy

Module 7: Elite Influencer Marketing

  • What to know before hiring influencers to market your product
  • How to find and choose the right types of influencers
  • Creating profitable deals with influencers that blow up your sales
  • How to get micro-influencers to promote your product aggressively for free
  • Setting up powerful social media for your brand where customers rave about your products

Module 8: Store Automation & Scaling To 1M/Year

  • Creating a fully automated store & funnel that can scale into the millions
  • Important strategies and techniques to save you time and money in the long run
  • Learning how to manage your cashflow as well as controlling your profit margin
  • Reaching out to a sourcing agent to broker better deals for your products
  • Setting up A+ level customer service for your brand to keep customers coming back

BONUS: Millionaire Mindset Secrets ($2,497)

  • All of the most life changing wealth & success lessons that I’ve learned in my journey from broke to millionaire at 23
  • Rewiring your brain to think like a millionaire
  • What I wish they had taught me in school
  • My recommended reading list that took me from a broke college kid to 7 figures
  • Maintaining and growing success
  • Exclusively available to Ecom and Shopify Freedom students

Sales Page: _https://www.shopifyfreedom.com/shopify


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