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Ziva Rounding (From Ziva meditation)


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Ziva Rounding is the fastest, most powerful meditation technique I know. It gets rid of very old stress in the body by de-exciting your nervous system in a whole new way. It is a more physical practice so it gets rid of old stuff the body has been holding.

No one cares if you’re good at meditation. Everyone cares if you’re good at life.

How kind are you? How present are you? How do you use your gifts to serve the world?

Ziva will help you move beyond dabbling with free apps and into a committed relationship with a technique that will change. your. life.

Invest 2% of your day

Get back hours in your day… without having to ‘clear your mind,’ burn incense or rely on an app.

Get better at life

Deeper sleep, less anxiety, more energy… oh yeah, and better sex. But this is only the start.

Return to who you are

Remember what you were put on this planet to do. And then do it.

The Ziva Technique

Mindfulness – To get rid of your stress in the now

Like when your boss yells at you or your mother-in-law decides to crash at your place.

Meditation – To get rid of the stress from the past.

Yes that all nighter, that breakup and the pandemic have all left an imprint on your cells. (Not to mention the 7 generations of stress we can store in our nervous system).

Manifesting – To get clear on your dreams for the future

Consciously create a life you love using visualization techniques of the world’s top performers (like Olympians and Oprah).

Meet Emily

Watching people step into the most amazing version of themselves using Ziva is the greatest joy in my life (right after the sound of my son’s laughter).

Breastfeeding my way through a bestselling book launch is the thing I am most proud of (right after donating $1MM in scholarships to healthcare workers on the frontlines).

I have dedicated my entire life to either becoming or helping other people become high performers. I define a high performer as someone who wants to leave the world better than they found it. Someone who is committed to being better tomorrow than they are today. Sometimes that means learning, often it means shedding. Shedding stress, shedding lies about ourselves and shedding inherited trauma.

I was fortunate enough to find meditation during my ten year career on Broadway where I was struggling with insomnia, anxiety, premature aging and getting sick all the time. It changed my life so dramatically that I left Broadway, went to India and started what became a three year training process to become a teacher.

That training consisted of eighteen hours a week of meditation, thousands of hours of apprenticing, transcribing books in Sanskrit by hand and studying The Vedas. I am now twelve years and 8,760 meditations deep into my practice.


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