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Visual Impact Kettlebells (Home Workout Program)

How an Obvious Design Flaw of the Kettlebell Turns Out to be its Biggest Strength… Burning Calories and Shaping the Body Better than Modern Gym Equipment.

“What an awkward design.”

This is what I thought to myself when I first saw the kettlebell back in 2001.

In my mind, kettlebells were inferior to dumbbells and barbells in EVERY way.

  • The weight couldn’t be adjusted.
  • The weighted ball would rest against your forearm when pressing or curling.
  • There was a weird balancing issue.
  • It was inconvenient for almost every standard gym exercise.

They really only appealed to the hardcore crowd.

Kettlebells were first adopted by men & women who enjoy dark Dungeon-style gyms filled with spit buckets, chalk, and smelling salts.

Okay, SLIGHT exaggeration.

Pavel Tsatsouline is largely responsible for getting kettlebells into the hands of people in the US.

He’s a former Russian Spetsnaz (special forces) trainer.

Pavel brought the kettlebell and shared his methodology with the US in 2001 with his book, “The Russian Kettlebell Challenge”.

Kettlebells caught on first with Olympic lifters, powerlifters, CrossFit, and the military.

In the early 2000’s you would see them in a place like Gold’s Gym, but never in a gym like 24 Fitness.

I figured people just liked them because they were more “hardcore” than regular commercial gym training.

They didn’t seem to fit the demographic I train…

I never considered kettlebells to be a good tool to get the slim and fit “Visual Impact” look.

I don’t train people to look like a CrossFit athlete or a Powerlifter.

(Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

The Visual Impact methodology focuses on gaining strength and muscle definition while maintaining a slim, sleek and stylish physique. It is based upon principles I’ve used to train male and female fashion models the past 10 years.

I didn’t see where kettlebells would fit into this.

The design really did seem flawed.

The kettlebell has an offset center of gravity since the center of mass is 6-8 inches away from the handle.

When you lift a barbell or a dumbbell the weight is centered in your hands evenly.

The way the kettlebell is designed, the handle always gets pulled in the direction of the weighted ball part.

This kettlebell “design flaw” turns out to be its biggest strength.

You see, when you lift a dumbbell or a barbell, the majority of the force is transferred vertically.

Take the deadlift for instance…

The barbell is pulled straight down in a vertical path by gravity.

An exercise like the kettlebell swing is different.

With kettlebell swings, you get a strong horizontal component that is hard to duplicate with barbells and dumbbells.

*It’s technically considered a “centripetal ballistic exercise”.

At the bottom of the movement, the weight pulls down and BACK.

To reverse this momentum, the glutes have to fire hard.

It can require a force measuring several times the weight of the kettlebell to reverse the momentum.

A 20-pound kettlebell can require as much as 100 pounds of force (or more) in order to get propelled forward again.

This force mainly comes from your glutes.

Throughout the movement, the glutes also have to fire hard to stop the body from getting pulled forward.

It turns out that the kettlebell swing is an incredible glute exercise.

This is a hinge – not a squat.

Your quads are barely involved at all.

This is a good thing because most people are quad dominant.

Sitting too much causes our quads to remain strong while making it hard to contract the glutes properly.

Some call this “dead butt syndrome”.

Kettlebell exercises can awaken dormant glute muscles and can build and shape your butt WITHOUT bulking up your thighs.

This is just one advantage of the odd kettlebell design.

It’s also very hard to duplicate with a barbell or a dumbbell.

I was WRONG about the kettlebell.

The person who pointed this out was a long time friend I have known for 10+ years… who also happens to be one of the world’s top kettlebell experts.

His name is Chris Lopez.

Chris moved to Costa Rica over 6 years ago with his wife and 5 kids.

He lives in a remote surfing village on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and his only piece of workout equipment is the kettlebell.

He stays in top shape year-round with kettlebell training.

Chris is 43 years old but looks closer to 25.

He’s been training with kettlebells since 2003, but also has impressive kettlebell credentials.

  • In 2010 he was trained by Pavel Tsatsouline in person to get his RKC certification.
  • In 2014 Chris became the very first Canadian to get certified by Strongfirst (Pavel’s current company) as an SFG Kettlebell Instructor.

He’s the only High-Level kettlebell instructor I know with these credentials…

…who trains with nothing but kettlebells.

Here are just a few highlights from the course:

  • How to get an incredible Full Body workout with just one single kettlebell and the #1 TIP for picking out the perfect kettlebell weight.
  • The reason why kettlebells will work your fast-twitch fibers using a relatively light kettlebell… allowing you to move like a MUCH younger person WITHOUT stressing your joints.
  • Unlike a barbell, a kettlebell is a FIXED weight: these are the 5 main variables you can adjust to get KILLER results and challenge yourself when the weight never changes.
  • How kettlebell lifts performed in the right way torch calories, and why you don’t necessarily have to do traditional “cardio exercises” at all to burn calories and lose body fat.
  • How to make a kettlebell feel 5-10 times heavier than its actual weight… which can increase strength as effectively as an exercise with a much heavier barbell.
  • Why kettlebells have been the preferred method of training in Russia for 300+ years. In fact, in 1913 a Russian magazine reported: “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics.”
  • Any decent brand of kettlebells can be used for our workouts, but these are the 7 top-tier kettlebell brands that we consider EXCEPTIONAL… grab any of them without hesitation.
  • Fast-twitch Type 2 Muscle Fibers require the most energy to fire, meaning they burn calories at a high rate… here’s how to target these with a kettlebell and burn as many calories as possible.
  • How the “Kettlebell Clean” exercise will improve shoulder health by training the neglected external rotation function of the shoulders (just make sure you maintain THIS elbow position).
  • Why less is more: how to burn calories and get lean while doing WAY less work than you are capable of in an exercise session.
  • A simple and SAFE no impact 20-minute explosive workout that will make you sweat like an intense cardio session… without ever experiencing “burn” or fatigue in your muscles.
  • A movement many call the “Tzar of Kettlebell Exercises” that is hard to master, but will STRENGTHEN your body from head to toe. Hint: It’s not the kettlebell swing.
  • How to incorporate “Density Training” into your kettlebell workout and why this GREATLY increases the fat-burning potential of those workouts.

High Carb Fat Loss

How to Lose Weight Feasting on Delicious Carbs.

We have been tricked…

…into believing that carbs are the reason so many people are struggling with excess body fat.

We are told to reduce carbs and increase fats if we want to lose weight.

Here’s the irony:

Your body RARELY stores carbs as body fat to any significant degree.

Almost all of the fat you see on your body comes from the fats you eat.

Your body doesn’t even change or convert the fat you eat before it gets stored as body fat.

Eat a lot of saturated fat?

Saturated fat is what will get stored on your body.

Use a bunch of vegetable oil?

Your body fat will contain that same type of fat.

For the most part…

Your stored body fat is simply the reserve tank for the excess dietary FAT that you EAT.

Where does the body store carbs?

Excess carbs get stored in your muscles as glycogen.

The only time your body attempts to convert carbs into fat is when your muscles are 100% full of glycogen.

Your muscles rarely reach this point.

The average person can store up to 1,500-2,000 calories of glycogen. It takes sustained extreme overfeeding of carbs before your body begins the process of converting carbs to fat.

There is a lot of rehashed and recycled info on the Internet, this isn’t another “cookie cutter” program.

Here are a few more highlights from the course…

  • A secret “hack” to quickly scan an ingredient label and tell if a food has an optimal amount of fat.
  • Why many people mistakenly give up right when their body is primed to get rid of stubborn body fat and get lean. The COUNTERINTUITIVE way to tell if you are losing body fat.
  • Health ADVICE from a doctor who trained cardiac surgeons until the age of 95. He lived to the age of 104 and STILL drove at the age of 103!
  • What happens when you combine too many FATS with carbs. The reason this can cause insulin resistance and diabetes… and how switching to a high carb low fat diet can quickly correct this problem.
  • The precise STRATEGY to make yo-yo dieting a thing of the past. How to steadily lose weight without EVER backtracking and regaining that body fat.
  • For those wanting to drop fat rapidly: A simple, yet extremely effective meal plan to follow Monday through Thursday. This leaves flexibility to eat more and socialize on the weekends while making progress each and every week.
  • How to successfully follow this diet whether you are a vegan or a meat eater. Mark is VEGAN and Rusty is NOT.
  • Mark’s whole food vegan diet template for getting lean without hunger. How he is able to stay lean eating a surprisingly large amount of calories.
  • Rusty’s diet template of mixing in more processed food along with meat. How to get lean shopping in the “regular part” of the grocery store.
  • …and MUCH more.

All people who get our course also get invited into a private Facebook Group.

It’s turned into an active and positive group where people share recipes and success stories, etc.

Our members live all over the globe.

Visual Impact Fat Loss Boost Diet

Lose 6 Months of Flab in Only 14 Days… “Photoshoot Preparation Diet Plan” Forces Your Body to Burn Body Fat as Quickly as Physically Possible

I’ve worked with fashion models on and off for the past 15 years.

My specialty is helping naturally attractive people look their best, when it matters most.

They don’t always make it easy on me.

Lots of times they take extended breaks in between jobs.

A summary of what is covered:

  • An aggressive 14-day diet plan for losing fat without muscle.
  • An easy formula for figuring out your daily protein requirements.
  • Allowed foods to add to your grocery list.
  • Meal prep strategies.
  • How to tweak this to make it work for a vegan diet.
  • Exercise recommendations.
  • Special event preparation tips.

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