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Tradacc – Volume Profile Formula and Other Courses


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This is the first course that teaches you the basics of Volume Profile.

Unlike classic technical indicators that use past prices and no indication of the reasons for price moves…

The Volume Profile is a professional charting tool that provides real-time market-generated information.

This gives you a real vision of what can happen in the future.

The Reality Is These Strategies Are Inefficient Due To 3 Major Problems That Tecnical Indicators Hide And That No One Is Talking About…

Technical indicators are referred to as lagging indicators because of how they are designed to work.

The market does something, an indicator takes that information, puts it into a formula, and plots out a line or a dot or something visual.

Following this as your core strategy puts you at a massive disadvantage, first by following it because in hindsight they usually display very clear patterns but those patterns or signals are only visible after some time has passed, and as it is being plotted… the signal isn’t there.

And secondly, because market information is changing fast. How can you compete if you are getting secondhand information…?

Following other people’s signals.

Trading requires you to develop a radical sense of personal responsibility.

If your main strategy is to outsource the responsibility and the decision making… You are doing something that is not sustainable.

The classic technical indicators have only 2 dimensions: price and time.

What is missing is the “quality” of the price and that is given by the volume of transactions.

It’s the volume of transactions that validate the price and gives you indications of where the price will go.

If you don’t have this third dimension you are trading blind and all price movements are surprising.

We could go on and on…
But to sum up a lot of topics, trading is not a set of rules that you need to just follow for massive success.
It’s a skill that you have to learn.
If you think that you have made trading errors because of the problems mentioned above, keep in mind this is not your fault.
The main responsibility falls on the trading education industry.
They are working with trading brokers, conspiring to drive in retail traders the concepts that trading is a matter of looking at the indicators, so it’s easy and can be learned in a weekend and you just have to push the button when “this happens”.
It’s in their interest that newbie traders believe trading is simpleso they buy courses and open trading accounts.


Let’s be honest, trading is truly the dream job.
You do it from wherever you are, whenever you want, total freedom.
It’s independent of any financial crisis (you make money in trading no matter what).
However, you cannot do trading following the deceiving advice of technical indicators and generally of what the sellers of trading accounts and courses tell you.
This because you will lose your money.
The sooner you wise up and learn the Volume Profile, the sooner you realize the real potential of trading as a profession.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In The Volume Profile Formula™ Video Course.

The 6 Figure Volume Profile Strategy

How to consistently profit from the market and why it works.

View the Market in “Matrix Mode”

See only what professional traders see.

Volume Profile Formula

The Blueprint for finding winning Trade ideas.

Next Level Trade Management

Identify successful entries, exits, and targets while controlling your risk.

The 6 Figure Trading Mindset

Psychological secrets to scaling your account like a pro.

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