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Todd Brown – A-Z Copywriting Workshop

The marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with their own campaigns is revealing his entire sought-after “playbook” of go-to copywriting strategies

Dear Fellow Direct-Response Entrepreneur,

For years, top players in the marketing space have been asking me to do this…

Well, after 20 years in this business, I’m finally… for the first time ever… revealing everything I know about crafting marketing copy that converts like crazy.

I’m talkin’ about…

The most complete and comprehensive walk-thru of what I do to repeatedly pump-out copy for campaigns and promotions which bring in serious money.

Here, finally, is your opportunity to learn real “world-class” copy secrets only a handful of the savviest marketers even knew existed a short time ago… including the…

Super-Advanced” Skills, Know-How, And Techniques Of…

How to nail the perfect marketing hook every time… so prospects can’t resist the deep psychological urge to dive into your marketing! (“Categorical Criteria Checklist”)

  • How to induce prospects to believe… as a fact… every benefit claim you make about your product! (“Claim Reframing”)
  • How to compel prospects to want your product so badly, they see it as an urgent need, right now! (”Payoff Stacking”)
  • How to assure prospects view you with unquestionable credibility and authority… even if you have zero experience or testimonials! (“The Triple Proof Syntax”)
  • How to drive the marketplace wild with desire for your product… seeing it as something new, unique, and HOT!… even if you’re selling something common or ordinary! (“Mechanism Frontloading”)
  • How to guarantee your copy produces monster sales… anytime you want to whip-up a promotion! (“Copy Sequencing”)
  • Plus… how to stimulate (and manage) a steady flow of fresh and provocative marketing ideas… equipping you to finally experience a string of your own back-to-back-to-back big-money campaigns! (“PI Inversion Method”)

From A-Z, you’ll see me lay-out and detail for you every trick, technique, tactic, & strategy I use to…

Engineer Copy Which Repeatedly Become Million & Multi-Million-Dollar Marketing Campaigns!

And, I’m going to share it all during a one-time-only two-day Workshop.

And I guarantee… it will be unlike any copywriting course, training, or book you’ve gone through.

❌ You’re not going to hear me waste time with the nonsense amateur fill-in-the-blank templates…

❌ You’re not going to hear me waste time covering the same old copy formulas or headline models like “Who Else Wants To…” or “They Laughed When I…”…

❌ And you’re not going to hear me rehash the standard axioms of good copywriting.
Heck no! All of that is already done, and already all over the web.

Not too mention, almost every top marketer today agrees: the “old-school” methods of copywriting don’t produce nearly as well anymore.

And even worse… the “old-school” copy methods are no longer compliant on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. Just ask the marketers who now have banned ad accounts.

So we’re not going to waste any time talking about those common or risky copy techniques.

No. I’m going to give you something different — all the pieces and tactics and tricks and under-the-hood elements… which nobody else is sharing anywhere (cause they don’t know it)… of copy that converts… today.

And fact is…

I’ve never met or seen anyone… not anyone… who knows and uses all the unique copy gambits and devices I do, like I do.

As you probably know or have heard:

My copy approach is radically different…

That’s why it produces such crazy-high sales numbers. And that’s why the best marketers on the planet come to me when they need help with their own campaigns.

So, over the two days of this Workshop, you’re getting access to copy techniques… NOT revealed anywhere else… for engineering marketing messages which almost never fail to bring in serious money.

And in case you’re wondering… yes… the stuff you’re going to learn on this Workshop is not only crushing it right now, it’s also compliant on Facebook, Google, and Youtube.

And I guarantee you…

If you follow what I give you over these two days… you’ll walk away with…

A Level Of Copywriting Know-How Few Entrepreneurs Will Ever Possess!

You’ll know how to theme any marketing piece to seize your prospects’ full attention… getting them to stop whatever they’re doing… craving to hear more of your message.

  • You’ll know how to suck prospects into your marketing… arousing their “buying desires” so they’re eager to respond to your offer and buy.
  • You’ll know how to deploy “differentiated positioning” to present your product… so prospects instantly see it as different and superior to every other option out there.
  • You’ll know how to convince prospects… on an emotional and logical level… that investing in your offer is the smartest move they can make right now… without coming-off pushy or salesy.
  • You’ll know how to do things in your copy… so friggin’ powerful… it’ll make your competitors’ stuff look ridiculous.

And your marketing campaigns will be on an entirely different level: From how they sound… their vibe… the way they move prospects… to how they work to…

Consistently Produce Sales For You At Scale!

And I cannot stress how powerfully these secrets can affect your business, sales, and income. There is no other training or course like this anywhere.

Without question… what you’re about to be privy to on this two-day event will change everything for you. And I do not say that lightly.

Here, in more detail, is what I’ll be revealing throughout the two days:

  • “Soft Copy”: The real secret behind the highest-converting marketing campaigns launched today! (Almost none of the “copy experts” know this… and the ones that do never talk about it!)
  • How to identify the “spot-on” emotional appeal for any marketing campaign… so you trigger your prospects’ most powerful emotional buying driver! (Get this even slightly wrong, and you see less sales!)
  •  The number one rule which absolutely… must be observed… if you want to ensure you deploy a marketing hook which seizes your prospects’ immediate and full attention!
  • How to deploy an “Urgency Trigger” that stops prospects from bailing when they hit your sales page… and get them to consume your full marketing message immediately! (This has nothing to do with countdown timers or scarcity or anything like that.)
  • What to say in the first 350-500 words of a VSL or long-form sales letter to have prospects hanging on your every word… all the way through your offer!
  • “Stealth Payoff Questions” which subconsciously force your prospects to vividly imagine themselves enjoying your product’s benefits! This is…

Unbelievably Powerful, So Please Only Use This Ethically!

NO TESTIMONIALS? No sweat! Deploy some “Payoff Hints” a few times throughout your marketing message… like I’ll show you… and watch as prospects buy your product with complete confidence!

  • Fix boring copy chunks in seconds with this simple “keyboard shortcut”! (It works with any computer… and almost instantly makes your copy more exciting.)
  • The single most persuasive guarantee you can use! (Pop this into almost any offer, and there’s a good chance your sales conversion rate will immediately jump.)
  • The 8 critical “Prospect Risks” your copy needs to satisfy… if you ever want to experience jaw-dropping high sales conversion rates! Skip even one of these, and you’re likely leaving a lot of money on the table.
  • The dead “giveaway” which proves… before you click publish… if your marketing campaign will be ignored by most prospects in your market!
  • The single biggest reason prospects don’t buy! (And the almost fool-proof way to ensure it’s never triggered by your copy.)
  • BANNED! The evidence is overwhelming: Certain “old-school” copywriting methods are now suppressing sales! I’ll tell you exactly what they are on the Workshop.
  • A sure-fire way to guarantee you have a gripping marketing message… every time… even if you’re in a super-saturated and competitive marketplace where prospects have “heard it all”!
  • How to evoke the big four “Attention Emotions” in the first 20 seconds of your marketing… so…

You Hook Prospects And Have Them Salivating To Hear More!

  • Do you know how to use hard-hitting copy within Facebook ads… while remaining fully compliant? You will after this Workshop!
  • 2 specific things prospects need to hear in your copy to feel completely confident buying! (Nine out of ten marketers are absolutely floored by this secret… because… they didn’t have the slightest clue.)
  • STOP DOING THIS: The one thing never… ever… to say in your copy anymore in 2021! (This could be costing you more sales right now than you know.)
  • The 3 second test which proves whether prospects will find your copy easy to understand! (Mark Ford swears this is so valuable… it’s now mandatory for all copywriters at the Agora Companies.)
  • The sure-fire “Alphabet Hack” any marketer can do in seconds… which excites prospects to buy because they see your product as brain-dead simple to use!
  • The most powerful “three-word phrase” you can use in your copy today! It ensures almost everything you say completely bypasses your prospect’s sales filter.
  • Do this… and you eliminate the guess-work of choosing what to include in your headline! (Imagine the hours this can save you!)
  • The little-known “Benefit Triad” used by A-level copywriters which can…

Make Almost Any Product Sound Like A Magical Solution!

  • The weird “Schizophrenic Hack” I use while writing copy… which ensures your finished message sounds as smooth as butter!
  • The single most important thing a marketer can do… before writing a single word of copy… to multiply your chance of having a grand-slam home run campaign!
  • “Two words” to add to a text-based Facebook Ad that’ll hijack your prospects attention as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed… and force them to engage with your ad!
  • A priceless list of common conversion-killing words never to include in your marketing message today! (If you have any of these anywhere in your funnel… get them out immediately! They’re costing you sales!)
  • The only “speed hack” I’ve found to work like a charm so you can bang-out solid copy… fast!
  • The utterly-simple, 30-minute “Spider Reconnaissance System” which tells you exactly what your copy needs to say… so prospects are convinced right now is the time to buy! (Do this before you write anything… and you’ll be stunned by the impact on your conversions.)

And that’s not even everything…

You can see why this Workshop is causing such a stir among marketers in our tribe!

The secrets you’ll walk-away with can cause dramatic improvements… not just to your marketing… but to your business, cash flow, revenue, marketplace reputation, confidence, and… your bankable take-home income.

And once you learn how to use even a few of these proven methods in your copy, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to consistently pump out sales-producing marketing messages.

And the more of these tactics you use, the more potent and persuasive your copy will be.

Sales Page: _https://archive.is/EXdSt

Deliver time: 12-24hrs after paid


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