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The Wing Girl Method – Confidence Booster Package


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In nature, when weakness is displayed it is attacked. The lion hunts the slowest gazelle, the one that is the easiest prey.

The shark attacks the fish that has erratic swimming movement or looks injured.

Kids in school often pick on the kid who won’t fight back or shows weakness. Humans are also wired to attack weakness by nature.How often does the jock or the Prom queen get bullied? Never.

Confidence is nature’s signal that “I am not weak.”

When you display body language and speak with certainty like a man, you are sending females a primal signal that “I am not weak and when things become difficult, I will have them under control.” Confidence can also come in the form of Pseudo-Confidence. Pseudo means “false.”

Women can sense false confidence, nature teaches them that too. So, it has to be REAL confidence.

So, ask yourself: “Do I look like the slowest gazelle?” If the answer is “yes”, then you have made the right choice by getting this program!

Be yourself, be real, and don’t look like the weakest Gazelle and remember, women LOVE a man with confidence!


1. Introduction To The Confidence Booster Package

When asked, women often respond the number one thing they want in a man is confidence! I asked Ms. USA 2004, Shandi Finnessey this question twice and she kept saying “confidence.” So, I explored the root of this common answer among women.

2. The 3 Discovery Guidebooks

I always say “You can’t turn anyone else on until you can turn yourself on.” So let’s find out how to turn yourself on

The Confidence Booster Package contains 3 Guidebooks.

In each guidebook you will work on discovering YOU. The more you know about YOU, the more clear you can be on what you want from others, especially women. Discovering you helps you own your character, your beliefs, your wants and your boundaries.


As promised I have put together some amazing bonus materials to further help you boost your confidence levels.

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