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I’d like to start this off with some good news to any and all who – like me when I was a kid – may have been spooked by this ad:

After analyzing 1,000’s of FMRIs, I can confirm without a doubt that drugs do not in fact turn your brain into a fried egg.

Now, I am making some assumptions here, mainly that at least a few of the brains I’ve viewed were exposed to some type of “drug” – cocaine, marijuana, caffeine, heroin, oxy or other – and that I have yet to see 1 fried egg up there.


What I can share with you is what happens to your brain after following a neuroflux program such as these actual before and after FMRI scans of a client’s brain:

The top left pic shows the brain from the side and the other 3 pictures are the corresponding slices as if you were looking up at the brain from below. 

These scans were taken with the patient wearing a CO2 mask to simulate an exercise condition, which should result in brain blood vessel dilation and increased blood flow.

The important things to notice are the change in amount of teal (low blood flow) versus white (high blood flow) as well as left-right symmetry.

KEY POINT: to be healthy, your brain needs blood – which brings oxygen and nutrients to nourish it – while also removing “waste” (metabolic by-products).

As you can see, the after pics show much more white (indicating greater blood flow) as well as better symmetry (especially the bottom left) where white is more balanced left to right.

This is one reason why people dealing with post-concussion syndrome can have no symptoms at rest but have symptoms with exercise – the brain needs more flow and if it’s not getting it, it hurts or is otherwise problematic.

Now, here’s some GREAT NEWS for you…

While the absolute levels of white are (obviously) less than in the exercise condition, these images clearly show a greater level of blood flow (white) and better left-right symmetry of the brain after neuroflux at rest.

So whether you’re binge-watching something on Netflix, eating breakfast and even sleeping, you’re getting more blood flow to the brain. Significantly more. Every second of every day.

Do you think this might be beneficial for your brain?

Every day we rest way more than we exercise. So if deficiencies in blood flow or imbalances exist at rest, it basically means the brain isn’t getting the blood flow it needs to keep the cells healthy.

Pretty impressive for just a few months of work, eh? 

Greater Blood Flow + Better Symmetry = A Healthier Brain

Whether you have inadequate flow or imbalances – you might experience improved focus and concentration, more powerful “multi-tasking”, better single leg balance, improved ability to track objects with your eyes like tennis balls or your kids trying to make a break for it, a resolution in low level headaches and more…

… the truth is I can’t say for sure what will happen for you, but what I can say for sure is this: improving brain blood flow as shown (not to mention activation and brain-body integration) will keep your brain “alive” and healthy and is akin to what regular cardio does for your heart and brushing your teeth does for oral health. 

That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to participate in my new course The Foundation…

If you’ve got just 20-30 minutes, 4 days a week, you can literally FLOOD your brain with fresh oxygen-rich blood, contributing to better brain health, performance and longevity. 

The Foundation is a structured, progressive and easy-to-follow program based on drills I use everyday to heal patients from years of post-concussion symptoms and for regular people to million dollar athletes to optimize performance.

Now, the way I see it, you really have just 2 options:


Do nothing and let the natural age-related decline in blood flow take its course on your brain.


Signup for The Foundation to maximize flow and get on the path to better brain health, performance and longevity. 

If you choose option #2, I’m pumped for you! Let’s do this!


Restore balance

Traumatic injury, overuse and disuse can all lead to imbalanced brain development and function. The Foundation restores balance so all areas of your brain work in harmony.

Enhance function

Improve cognition, memory, balance, posture, visuomotor ability, coordinated movement and more through progressive training of important neural and vestibular pathways.

Combat neurodegen

​Slow and even reverse the natural age-related decline in perfusion aka blood flow for both cellular and functional longevity.

The 3 pillars to optimal neurological function and longevity

  • ​FLUX

Flux is defined as “to flow” or “continuous change and movement” and like every cell in your body, brain cells require blood flow and a varying stimulus for optimal function and health. Blood flow eliminates the waste products of metabolism and increases oxygen and nutrient supply facilitating cellular health and performance. Every exercise in The Foundation was chosen based on data gathered from actual patients via functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) to provide the biggest bang for your buck in optimizing blood flow to the greatest total area of your brain.

Course overview

In Week 1 you’ll be introduced to the 4 fundamental drills that will revitalize your brain including background information on the benefits of the drill and an in-depth instructional video on how to properly perform the drill. Once you’re comfortable and confident with these fundamentals, you’re ready to dive in…

Each week of the 8-week course you will:

  • Be presented with a new routine for the week with every rep, set and variation outlined with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and videos so you know exactly what to do, how to do it and when
  • Progress the drills in volume and/or complexity to force your brain to adapt and grow stronger and more efficient – Daniel is a pioneer in bringing the principles of strength and conditioning like periodization to neurological training and you will be on the cutting edge

The course has been designed to easily fit into your busy life with drills you can do anywhere that require no equipment.

Because of the progressive nature of the routines, in Week 1 the routines will take 15-20 minutes to complete and by the end of the course the routines will take 25-30 minutes.

Just like a periodized training program for muscular strength or hypertrophy, this progressive design forces your neurological system to adapt with the end result being your brain becoming more efficient, more powerful and having greater endurance.

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