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Inside You’ll Discover Six Types Of Texts That Deliver Girl After Girl To Your Front Door… 


That sexual spark. All those exciting emotions she feels when she meets you.

Poof. Within a few days or even hours they’ll be gone and she may not even remember who you are.

The good news is… Once a girl feels that spark for you, it gets coded into her forever. So it’s never really gone.

Unfortunately, when most men try to reawaken the spark, they turn girls off and push them away.


Rekindlers make it easy to bring back that sexual spark with a vengance.

Here Are A Few Of The Rekindlers You’ll Discover Inside…

  • Fire her Golden Trigger and you’ll bring her back to the moment she first felt that sexual spark with you.
  • The Inside Joke goes under the radar but always gets a laugh. (Each time she laughs, it jogs her memory and makes her feel that horniness again.)
  • Text her one of these 5 Jump Starters and you’ll reignite that flame.


Maybe she was head-over-heels in love with you. Maybe it was just a baby crush. Or maybe she had a good time with you but didn’t think you were her type.

No worries. Based on a hypnosis technique called “response potential,” Stokers feed that spark…

… Turn it sexual (if it wasn’t already)… And grow it into a simmering flame between her legs.

Here Are A Few Of The Stokers You’ll Discover Inside…

  • 3 texts that turn that spark into uncontrollable butterflies.
  • Tell her to do this over text and you’ll turn those butterflies into a tingle between her legs.
  • Girls say they’d never fall for this but it always turns that tingle into a need for sex – especially over text.


Ever had a girl who just wanted to be text buddies or kept flaking on you?

When you use a beggar…

… She’ll fantasize about her first date with you way before you ever ask her out.

Keep using the beggar on her and she’ll beg to meet up.

Here Are A Few Of The Beggars You’ll Discover Inside…

  • The Obsession Loop makes her think about her future date with you 24-7. (The more she thinks about it, the harder she’ll beg you for a date.)
  • Give her the Gift of Missing You and she’ll obsessively check her phone and impatiently wait for your texts. (Step-by-step instructions inside.)
  • 3 beggars that create the desire and buid the trust needed to get her to finally meet up.
  • Each time you DM her this nickname, you’ll bring her back to when she met you and make her fantasize about seeing you again.


These are the lazy man’s way of getting laid. Breadcrumbs drop little hints and clues that cue her subconscious mind to do 90% of the work on her own.

Drop some Breadcrumbs and…

… She’ll rekindle the spark, turn it into a passionate flame, and fantasize about her first date with you all on her own. She’ll literally seduce herself into your pants.

Here Are A Few Of The Breadcrumbs You’ll Discover Inside…

  • Don’t think she remembers you? Send her this one word-text and she’ll die to know who you are and end up bringing back the spark (and turning it sexual if it wasn’t already) all on her own.
  • When you get her number, text her this ASAP and each time she rereads it, she’ll make herself hornier.
  • Plant the Seed Of Doubt and she’ll obsess over if and when you’ll ask her out.

White Rabbits

They lead her down the rabbit hole.

They pull her out of her world and into yours.

These seemingly innocent texts make her do things she’d normally never do.

They make her break all her good-girl rules.

Here Are A Few Of The White Rabbits You’ll Discover Inside…

  • What if you aren’t her type and she doesn’t want to respond to you? Send her this and she’ll text you again and again. (Each text she sends, psychologically commits her to sex with you.)
  • Use the Secret Date and she’ll wonder and fantasize about where you’ll take her. (The more she does, the more likely she is to break each and every one of her good-girl rules with you.)
  • Worried that she’ll flake? A few days later, follow it up with the Big Reveal and she’ll eagerly research the place you’ll take her. (The more time she invests, the more committed she’ll be to showing up.)
  • If a girl ever cancels on you, send her this one-word White Rabbit and it will never happen again.

Sex On Demands

No more dressing up.

No more burning a hole in your pocket.

Use these texts…

… And you’ll skip the date…

… And she’ll come straight to your front door.

Here Are A Few Of The Sex On Demands You’ll Discover Inside…

  • This one text makes girls angry but gets them straight to your place.
  • Text her this white lie and she may hate you (but you’ll give her subconscious mind permission to sleep with you).
  • A text that makes prudes skip the date, break their good-girl rules, and come straight to your place.

Text To Bed May Not Be For You If…

  • Your text game is so insane that every girl in your phone is begging you for dates and sex.
  • You’re a woman. (You’ll be absolutely livid that I’m giving men this kind of power.)
  • You want to hurt, abuse, or rape women. (With great power comes great responsibility. I’m putting some nuclear psychological weapons in your hands. Ones that make it way too easy to take advantage of girls.)

Text To Bed May Not Be For You If…

  • You’re sick and tired of text and DMs going nowhere.
  • You’re ready to turn all the contacts in your phone into dates with hot girls.
  • You want to turn texts into sex and skip the date and have girl after girl delivered to your front door.

Here’s What Makes Text To Bed Different From Other Courses…

It’s The Only Course That Brings Back The Sexual Spark Over Texting…

Maybe you’ve taken some other courses and met some cute girls.

And maybe you even triggered that sexual spark in them and got their number.

But what happened when you texted them?

I’m willing to bet you never saw most these girls again.


That sexual spark was gone.

There are some great online dating courses. But let’s be honest…

They work only if the girl digs your pics.

Text To Bed is the only course that brings back the spark she felt when she met you and turns it sexual if it wasn’t already.

What if you’ve never met her and she doesn’t think your profile pics are hot?

No problem. Inside you’ll discover the psychology behind why Text To Bed is so effective at triggering that sexual spark in girls you’ve never met.

It’s The Only Course That Makes Her Beg To See You…

Maybe some other courses have gotten you some dates.

Let’s be brutally honest…

On average, how many times do you have to ask a girl out to get a “yes”?

And how many of those girls end up flaking?

Text To Bed is different because it turns the tables.

Instead  of you wondering if she likes you and begging her to meet up with you, it puts you in control.

Text To Bed makes her eagerly wait for and desperately beg you to ask her out.

It’s The Only Course That Delivers Her To Your Front Door…

Maybe you’ve gone through some other courses.

Maybe you’ve gotten some girls to go on a date with you.

But what if you could skip the date and go straight to your bed?

No expensive dinner or drinks.

No stress over where to take her or what to talk about.

Just her delivered directly to your front door.

Follow the Text To Bed Formula…

And you’ll skip the date…

… And she’ll come directly to your front door.

Get Text To Bed Right Now And You’ll Also Get These 3 Bonuses…

3 Questions That Turn Her Slutty…

Have you ever heard a woman say, “I’m not that kinda girl”?

Maybe she isn’t.

But if you ask her these 3 questions…

… You’ll instantly bring out her inner slut and she’ll feel compelled to do all kinds of dirty things with you.

But to the outside world, she’ll still be a good girl.

And with other men, she’ll still be the same prude who never puts out.

To quickly turn things sexual, ask these questions over text or on a date with her.

To turn her hyper sexual, combine these questions with White Rabbits.

5 Minute Make Out Formula…

Have you ever worried that if you tried to kiss a girl, she’d pull away and things would get awkward fast?

Imagine if you could be 100% certain that she wouldn’t reject you.

Imagine if you could create a weird, little obsession in her.

An obsession to kiss you.

The 5 Minute Make Out Fromula creates this kind of obsession in women.

Use it and she’ll kiss you under five minutes.

One Free Month To My Seduction Academy…

I spent an entire year getting to bottom of what prevents most men from succeeding with women. I discovered that it boils down to 24 sticking points that hold men back.

I spent another year developing a Seduction Academy that turns each of these sticking points into strong points. Some of these sticking points you’re well aware of. But others are so subtle and hidden, you probably don’t know they’re holding you back.

Each month over the span of one year, you’ll receive an audio course that address a different sticking point and turns it into a strong point.

At the end of the year, you’ll have lifetime access to my Seduction Academy and won’t be charged again.

I’m so confident you’ll absolutely love, massively benefit from, and feel that my Seduction Academy is one of the best investments you’ve ever made, that I’m giving you the edition free of charge.

Here’s what your first edition includes…

Wet On Command:

What if you can’t trigger that initial sexual spark with a girl?

I’ve got you covered.

Wet On Command is scarily effective at instantly triggering that sexual spark.

Big Warning: If she thinks you’re ugly, a loser, or a complete idiot, Wet On Command won’t change that.

She’ll still think these things about you.

But she will get uncontrollably horny… so horny, she’ll make her panties sopping wet – even though you haven’t yet laid a finger on her.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover Inside…

  • Use the Vacuum Effect and you’ll trigger her chase mechanism. (The harder she chases, the wetter she gets.)
  • What if she finds you revolting? (Do this and you’ll manufacture sexual chemistry inside her in minutes.)
  • Tell her this and she’ll be scared she’ll lose you. (The more scared you make her, the more she’ll feel that sexual spark with you. Inside you’ll discover why.)
  • The Richard Branson billionaire secret. (It may not make you rich but it will get her horny.)
  • Already got her turned on? (Use fractionation on her and your words alone will double horniness in seconds.)
  • And much much more…

If you love Wet On Command (which I’m sure you will), keep it and stay subscribed to our Seduction Academy. Each month for the next 12 months you’ll receive another edition of the Seduction Academy and you’ll be automatically charged $99.97.

If it’s not for you (which I highly doubt) you can cancel at any time with no questions or hassles and keep Wet On Command just for trying it out.

In other words, you get to keep your bonus edition even if you cancel right after receiving it.

To cancel your membership to the Seduction Academy simply email us at: support at realworldseduction dot com

Here’s Something To Keep In Mind…

I’d bet there’s at least one hottie in your phone right now who went cold on you. Maybe she even ghosted you completely.

What if Text To Bed gets that girl to text you like crazy?

What would that be worth to you?

Let’s up the ante a little…

What if Text To Bed gets you just one date with a girl who normally wouldn’t have gone out with you? What would that be worth to you?

Now let’s really up the ante…

What if Text To Bed get you dates with hottie after hottie and those dates turn physical fast?

What would that be worth to you?

Now let’s up the ante even higher…

What if you no longer have to spend money on drink or dinners? What if you don’t even have to take girls on dates?

What if Text To Bed gets hottie after hottie delivered directly to your front door and into your bed?

What would that be worth to you?

Be honest. A thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars? A million dollars? For most guys it would be priceless.

When I started out, there weren’t any courses like this available. It took me 15 years of hard work in the single scene trenches to figure this stuff out. I would have saved a lot of time, sweat, and hard work if something like this was available when I was starting out.

I know that after your first success you’ll be thinking, Boy am I glad I made this investment.

After your second, third, fourth, and so on, you’ll think, This was one of the best investments of my life.

Unless you become a monk, there are always going to be women you’d like to meet, attract, and date… girls you’d like to fuck… and friends you you’d like as lovers…

Are you going to know what to do and say to succeed? Or are you going to let these opportunities pass you by without ever finding out what could have happened?

Just think what would be possible if you possessed these skills.

Click the “Instant Access” button below and take your first step towards becoming irresistible to the women you want and deserve.

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