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How to Thrive Without Doctors, Hospitals, or 911…

In a crisis, US hospitals could be swiftly overwhelmed. Reducing us to the level of a 3rd world country…

Without a doctor for miles.
No working clinics.
And zero reply from 911.
What then?

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dr. Radu Scurtu to give you the ultimate survival medicine guide.

Because there’s no education like adversity. And Dr. Scurtu has worked in some of the toughest places on earth. Where shortages, overcrowding, and surgery by flashlight were the norm. Exactly what you’d face when SHTF…

Just keep in mind what you’ll see and read below is only the tip of the iceberg and there’s far more inside ‘Survival MD’.


How to Survive When Hospitals Fail…

With high-resolution images, carefully detailed diagrams, and step-by-step instructions on:

  • First on The Scene? Here’s What to Do… Including a 4-step body check so you don’t miss anything lethal.
  • State-specific Diseases and How to Heal Them Covering it all, from mosquitoes to frostbite, ticks, heatstroke and more.
  • 3 Subtle Signs of Kidney Failure Critical in a water shortage. And why you must avoid this fruit at any cost.
  • How to Stockpile Stacks of Antibiotics, Painkillers, Meds and More, Without A Prescription. 100% legal. Plus, the very best items to stockpile – even if you don’t need them.
  • Plus…

The Best Medical Skills To Have in A Crisis

Because even if you walked into a fully stocked hospital, it’d still be useless unless you knew what to do. That’s why ‘Survival MD’ covers:

  • How to Treat Wounds, Breaks, & Burns Including gun shots, stab injuries, seven types of bone fracture, and more…
  • Stop Blood Loss – FAST! Using a simple, no-equipment trick that halts 80% of bleeding in just 5 seconds.
  • 3 Red Flags A Victim Is Brain Damaged And how to predict death with 83% accuracy using the Glasgow Coma Score.
  • How to Amputate A Limb And avoid flesh-eating necrosis anyone over 50 is at high risk of catching.
  • Quickly Fix a Dislocated Shoulder Just like a professional. Whether it’s your arm or a friend’s.
  • And even MORE. Such as…

The Most Powerful Remedies Lost to History

That scientists worldwide are rediscovering as a potent, inexpensive, and safe alternative to mainstream medicine. Including…

  • How to Soothe A Sore Throat or Cough With a tasty syrup that works better than many store-bought meds.
  • Regulate Chronic Pain By adding this ordinary herb to a tasty glass of wine.
  • How to Make Soap & Sanitizer at Home From everyday ingredients like oil, water, or alcohol.
  • 8 Ways to Relieve A Mouth Infection Thanks to a familiar kitchen spice that soothes toothaches and kills bacteria.
  • Help Beat A Cold or Flu With a fragrant brew cherished by Kiowa, Cheyenne, and Pawnee healers.
  • And more. Including…

How Not to Get Sick in A Disaster

Because if 2020 has proved anything it’s that disease is still our #1 enemy. And that prevention beats cure. Including….

  • 19 Must-Have Items for Your Hygiene Kit Featuring how to turn vinegar into a potent antiseptic that kills salmonella, E. coli, influenza and more.
  • How to Make Toilet Paper from Scraps For when the rough pages of ‘Moby Dick’ just won’t cut it.
  • 5 Effortless Ways to Dispose of Household Waste Including how to DIY an outhouse, waste burner, compost bin and others.
  • How to Make Toothpaste at Home Using baking soda, salt, and a secret super-effective ingredient.
  • Own A Glass Syringe? Here’s Why… Because unlike disposable models you can safely reuse it. Plus, two more hidden benefits…
  • And more. Like…

The Worst Mistakes to Avoid When SHTF

After all, accidentally harming a loved one, while trying to help, is a nightmare come true. That’s why Dr. Radu also covers:

  • The Right Way to Give CPR – Even to A Baby This method is easy to remember and could triple a victim’s survival odds.
  • How to Do the Heimlich Maneuver And why doing it wrong can (literally!) break a loved one’s heart.
  • When You Must Never (Ever!) Put A Wet Bandage on A Wound And when it actually speeds up healing…
  • Which Meds Lead to Instant Death – If You’re Forced to Stop Taking Them And those you can quit cold turkey.
  • How NOT to Take A Pulse Any why getting this wrong could see you marked as a “beating heart corpse”.
  • And, finally…

First Aid Basics Everyone Must Know

Because even if you ignored 99% of this guide, these tips and tricks could someday save your life, or that of a loved one. Including…

  • The Top 10, 25 & 50 Medical Items to Own Based on your age, health, and geography. And why even healthy souls need an inhaler.
  • The TeCaMoLo Shortcut to Identify Any Medical Issue Used by professionals worldwide.
  • Emergency Triage Essentials… Including how emergency services color code patients.
  • The 8 Best Antibiotics to Stockpile Including dosage facts – and several that can be stored without refrigeration.
  • The 9% Rule for Calculating A Body’s Burn Area And why at 45% you won’t make it. Even in a hospital circled by experts.
  • And much MUCH more.

There’s Almost Too Much To Describe, Including…

3 Common Ingredients That – When Mixed – Save 2 million Lives A Year
How to Use A Defibrillator & Read An ECG
That can improve your survival odds by over 90%. If you act fast enough.

How to Check for Internal Bleeding with the “Blood on The Floor And 4 More” Method.
Plus the 3 places it’s most likely to affect you…

When the Sound of Snow Is A Telltale Sign of Pneumonia
The Fish & Bird Antibiotics Fit for Human Use
And how to avoid an overdose.

The Best Way to Tie an Improvised Tourniquet + 11 More Surgical Knots
How Often Do You REALLY Need to Bathe?
Pro tip: less than you think. And when being too clean exposes you to disease.

When It’s 100% Safe to Take Drugs Past Their Expiration Date
How to Treat an Allergic Reaction
Why Only 8% of Americans Survive A Heart Attack Outside of the Hospital…
And how to avoid the “bystander effect” where crowds watch it happen, despite your cries for help.

The Secret NASA Astronauts Use for Long-Term Survival
And why you’ll want this procedure, even if you’re healthy.

How to Safely Reinflate A Punctured Lung
Reattach A Tooth with Salt Water.
When Foot Sores Are an Imminent Sign of a Heart Attack
The ABC Methods of Emergency Response
And why this technique could be what keeps somebody you know alive.

When Never to Stich A Wound…
As it could lead to infection. Plus, how to avoid an ugly scar…

How to Deliver A Baby…
How to Repair a Torn Tendon
A major killer for primitive people left unable to walk – Achilles included.

7 Ways to Treat & Prevent Radiation Poisoning
Bolster Bowels Vs. Issues Like Diarrhea, Awkward Gas, Constipation & Others…
With the help of a driveway weed.

The Best Medical Response Kits for Preppers to Buy
How to Safely Treat Someone in Shock
What NEVER to Do with A Recovering Addict
Plus the $8.98 product – more addictive than heroin – sold at Walmart that can tempt a sick loved one to drink gasoline.

And more!

All designed to give you the ultimate 80:20 guide to survival medicine. Without wasting time on one-in-a-million threats.

Instead, Dr. Radu focuses only on those dangers most likely to harm you, as proven by his extensive experience in developing nations in Africa, Eastern Europe after the fall of communism, and even state-of-the-art systems, like those in Germany or France, where Dr. Radu currently works as a hospital surgeon.

Plus, if you secure your copy today, for a limited time only…

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