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[GroupBuy] Steve Larsen – OfferLab Pro: Become a $10M/Year CMO


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Is Your Product Awesome…

Need Help Launching It Online?

Inside OfferLab Pro, you’re gonna get the handholding companies need to reach the next level online. You’ll follow the powerful, proprietary system Steve J Larsen developed over the last 5 years, to make his last 46 products a success (resulting in over $9m, in 3 years).

It’s the same system he personally uses to create massive launches online, practically forcing his products to be successful…


It’s expensive, and you have to be ready to do the work! Your results are not guaranteed. You’ll be required to share your progress with other members as well as explain what did and didn’t go well (Just as they’ll do with you.)


• At 6 figure/yr in revenue
• A functioning, completed product
• Paying customers
• 100% commitment … you’re all in!
• Coachability
• Embraces the “get it done” ethos


• Offline businesses, who won’t go online
• <1 year in experience as an entrepreneur
• People who won’t invest in their marketing systems
• People who won’t follow proven frameworks for their industry
• People who want someone else to do all the “thinking-work”
• People who aren’t committed to the next level


Because my superpowers are in helping companies that are already at $100k/yr revenue and those are the people that are already in the program. In order to ensure the quality of the programming remains at par with our member’s needs and expectations, we will only accept those that meet the above criteria.


You will need to complete the OfferLab Pro application form that will ask you 10+ questions relating to you and your internet company.

Once received, one of two things will happen…

1) If we feel as though you may be a good fit for the community, someone from my team will schedule a call with you. Don’t worry — there will be no pressure to make any immediate decisions.

2) If we don’t think now’s the time or that OfferLab Pro can’t be helpful, we will let you know kindly and will likely direct you to some helpful resources.

Here’s What You’re Gonna Get
IF You’re Accepted Into OfferLab Pro:

OfferLab Pro – 6 Month Immersive Program

OfferLab Pro – Immersive Program And 6 Month Pathway

The meat of OfferLab Pro is Steve’s famous 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula. The Workbook, which will upgrade your Offer (big time), help you design your Launch, and find the Evergreen cash inside your business is broken down into 12 modules with FAQs.

Month 1-2: Upgrade your funnel and offer
Month 3: Design your launch campaign
Month 4-5: Execute your launch
Month 6: Turn on evergreen sales

Start with Steve’s proven Offer Creation methods so you can improve the value of what you sell, physical or digital, subscription or one-time, product or service.

Use Steve’s Copywriting framework to collect various story-assets from your life and then find a professional copywriter do the heavy work for you.

Then, turn on the money! Cash campaigns are Steve’s bread and butter and you’re gonna design the same as a student. This is the PURPOSE of OfferLab Pro.

NOTE: The reason for Steve’s success is NOT because he was the ‘Lead Funnel Builder At ClickFunnels’. It’s because he knows how to run cash campaigns…

2-Day LIVE OfferLab Intensive With Coaches

In this private intensive workshop, Coaches will work through the lucrative offer, money message, and cash campaigns models. But it’s ALL at the pace of YOUR needs. You’ll get the answers you need to move forward and create success. You can attend physically or virtually (attending physically is strongly recommended).

The major output of the two days is Steve’s 12-Part “Build-And-Launch” Formula, which will let you take your business idea to almost any funnel builder, copywriter, and designer to get created with confidence. You’ll leave with your campaign calendar designed and questions answered.

NOTE: Reminder that this is a workshop. They’re PACKED. Coaches stop a lot and to walk around the room answering questions and are worth the price of admission alone.

Onboarding Call With OfferLab Pro Coach

Every business and founder is unique. Start your membership strong with a call from one of the OfferLab Pro Coaches and get advice on the best place to start Steve’s formula and your 6 months with us.

The Coaches are extremely skilled and have been through Steve’s aggressive vetting process to be part of this incredible program.

OfferLab Pro Private Community

• Weekly Community Q&As With OfferLab Pro Coaches
• Monthly Masterclass with Steve
• Live Offer, Funnel, And Launch Planning with Steve
Steve designs every one of his funnels in front of you! Learn straight from Steve while he follows his own”Build-And-Launch” Formula to build his own funnels. The OfferLab Pro Private Community is the only place he does this. Can’t make a call? All calls are recorded.


The CMO’s Rolodex

[Steve’s Personal Rolodex Of Experts Who Build His Own Funnels]

Congratulations! You’re FIRED from doing everything yourself!

OfferLab Pro just re-hired you as the CMO of your own business. Your only role is to develop your Offer, Message, and Campaign, and then hand your project off to better builders than yourself… like a real CMO. This is exactly how Steve “builds” every funnel he puts out. Welcome to simplicity!

The “Build-And-Launch” Formula is everything that Steve’s Rolodex asks from him BEFORE they can do what he’s hired them for. Now you know WHO to hire to get your project done.

2 VIP Tickets To Steve’s Next Live Event

Everyone who’s accepted into the OfferLab program will receive 2 FULL VIP Tickets to Steve’s next upcoming live event (life or virtual). Can’t make the next one? Use it for the following one!

My Funnel Stache

Right after leaving ClickFunnels, Steve didn’t wanna forget all the small funnel-building tricks that he learned next to Russell Brunson (because there ARE tricks). So he rebuilt every one of the most common funnel-types in huge detail, in front of a LIVE audience so they could ask questions.

This is a collection of the highest grossing, most commonly used funnels at ClickFunnels. Includes the course of Steve building it live and the email sequences that go with it. So whether you wanna build funnels yourself from a powerful template, or hand the task to another, this is one of the coolest things Steve is handing you. It sold for $3,000 as its own course for about 2 years.

One Year, Premium ClickFunnels Membership

Steve BOUGHT your next year of Premium ClickFunnels for you. Your ClickFunnels Account includes ALL of FunnelFlix, EVERY Hack-a-thon, and ZOOM Support AND ClickFunnels onboarding call (yup)… Steve’s used his connections at ClickFunnels to get your next year completely covered. This is a brand new bonus Steve’s worked out over at ClickFunnels.

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Delivery time: 12 -24hrs after paid


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