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[Group Buy] 3-Step YouTube™️ Video Ads Workshop by Qadeer Wagriya + OTO


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3-Step YouTube™️ Video Ads Workshop by Qadeer Wagriya + OTO [YouTube Video Ads Swipe Library]

What competitors?

Inside: The Unique, “3-Step YouTube™ Video Ads Workshop” – That is Responsible for Generating a lot of Sales, and Obliterating My and My Clients’ Competitors on YouTube

Copy the exact same strategies we use to launch, optimize, and scale incredibly successful YouTube™ video ad campaigns for entrepreneurs like John Crestani, Niel Malan and Scott Oldford…

Inside this letter, you’d find a foolproof, unique, and yet very simple to follow YouTube Ads Workshop that ensures success at YouTube advertising.

I have been where you are right now.

I was running YouTube ads on a whim.

Last night it was this targeting option – tonight it’s something different because some obnoxious guru of questionable integrity tossed a free tip to me in a group where everyone was fishing for new students.

Pretty soon I realized that I was done with that nonsense, I dove deeper into paid traffic, lead generation, ad optimization and scaling strategies, and I found out a few hacks that I thought would work.

I put them to test, and I tweaked. and I tested, and I tweaked until I hit what I call King Solomon’s gold mines…

A perfect YouTube ads strategy that encapsulates everything like an octopus: clients, devices they use, Google apps they use, ad optimization, scaling, and a host of sub-strategies under each of the 3 main strategies that I am going to reveal – for the first time ever – only to see you guys steal them in broad daylight.

If you’re a business owner, you can apply them to your YouTube ad campaigns, and immediately start generating laser-targeted leads and convert them to paying clients profitably.

If you want to learn how to run, optimize and scale YouTube video ads that would enable you to launch your own YouTube ads agency and scale it profitably – you can use this training to hit 5k to 10k to 25k months … that too while hardly spending a few hours on it every day.

My name is Qadeer Wagriya!

What you are going to discover inside this letter is – what John Crestani and Scott Oldford believe to be – the world’s best YouTube ads blueprint created ever.

The reason why it’s no longer available at $1.99 and why the price has gone up to $37 is that NOW you get to watch a step by step plan of how to implement everything.

From ad copy to tracking all the clicks and sales!

Since 2018, when I saved my friend and partner Ahmad’s marriage from being ruined (because Facebook™ was going gangster on media buyers and admen back in those days) – we’re using the same system to generate leads for ourselves and our clients – on profit and scale.

Famous South African internet marketer and 2-comma club’s member Niel Malan brags about how my ad optimization and scaling strategies brought his Cost Per Lead from $10 on Facebook™ to as low as $1 on YouTube™.

All I did was implement this same system that you can also learn.

And I never stopped – we generated $1.5m+ funnels from scratch for course-creators, consultants and entrepreneurs just like yourself.

Introducing – “YouTube Video Ads Workshop” – the quickest and surest way to obliterate your competitors on YouTube

Quite a jump between 0.09 and 0.24 EPC …
“This is great, thank you for sharing! Quite a jump between 0.09 and 0.24 EPC (earnings per click) and that can make or break the funnel! Helps me also realize that it is all in testing and not waiting to perfect things before taking to market and start throwing traffic at things.” – Sennikov

So, what makes this workshop a 3-step whirlpool of a sheer fluke that you create INTENTIONALLY?

Well, here are the 3 steps – and in each step, there are sub-steps that take you deeper into a particular strategy and show you how to implement micro-decisions that make the difference.

This workshop has been designed to …

Take you through each and every important step of the mechanism that we’ve been using to beat our competitors and our customers’ competitors.
Walk you through different examples of successful sales funnels that we made for our clients – including a $1.5m+ funnel.
Showing you in real-time how different kinds of funnels can be set, how audiences can be created and tags can be customized.
Here’s all you need to know about YouTube Ads Workshop … our core offer, that you’d buy today, IF you wanna unsuck your YouTube ads game.

Module #1 – Leverage Google Tag Manager

You can do a great job at ad copy and creatives. You can set your audiences seamlessly and create campaigns flawlessly, but your campaign would suck like a wee suckling if you didn’t get the tags right.

My partner Hafiz Ahmad takes you through different Google Tag Manager features and shows you how to set up different tags that actually show you how your campaign is working.

The Whole Purpose of this Module is to ENABLE You to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Don’t you wanna be able to sell more with less time spent, save your ad spend while you track each and every event happening there, and beat your competitors because their ad game won’t be as laser-target as yours?

You can achieve all this IF you buy this training.

And the first module will not only show how the tag manager works, but you’d see my partner setting those tags LIVE.

  • Get total control of the number game and take leverage of detailed data insights…
  • See each and every event from the number of people watching the ad to those who book a call…
  • Know what sells and what doesn’t…
  • Gauge the strength of your sales copy…
  • Learn how to have a conversion-focused approach that is informed by data…

Module #2 – Make Bull’s Eye Audiences with the help of Google Analytics

Do you want to make sure that each and every penny and each and every second that you’ve got is spent on the exact kind of people who make your perfect target audience?

This is the only way to beat your competitors who target every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

In this module, Ahmad will show you how we can target the exact ideal customers that every businessman dreams of, and looking for your services or products.

This module is also a LIVE see-it-over-my-shoulders kinda training … we hate fluff just as much as you do.

The purpose of this module is to 10x your targeting game, help you REACH ideal customers, and keep your time, ad spend, and efforts from being wasted on tire-kickers.

  • Learn how to set custom audiences…
  • Discover the crucial audiences that you MUST set before launching your campaign…
  • Learn the exact same audience naming conventions that 7-figure marketers use and that saves a lot of time and ad budget and hassle…
  • Learn how to target the specific type of people in specific areas with specific behaviors or keyword searches…

Module #3 – Optimize and Scale Your Campaigns like a Pro

Don’t you want to be able to learn when to stop scaling (to avoid losses in terms of time, ad budget, and efforts) and when to scale like a pro thru-hiker on the Appalachian trail?

You’d giggle when you’d see that your competitors are scaling when it’s the time to hold and holding back on their ad game when it’s time to scale.

Have the pure happiness of seeing your competitors losing the game as you win.


Sales Page:  _https://ytadsworkshop.com/lptrck-ytadsbp-v1

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