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Simple Habits by Matt D’Avella – Slow Growth Academy


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Simple Habits

Take control of your life.
This course will equip you with the tools to help you finally push through procrastination, stay motivated, and keep yourself accountable to build habits that last a lifetime. You have the potential to create lasting positive change in your life.

So, what’s this course all about?

The 5 biggest things you’ll learn in this course.

  1. How to successfully build any habit of your choice.
  2. The mindset you need to stay motivated towards your goals.
  3. The 4 specific tactics that will improve your discipline.
  4. How to get true accountability that will help you stay on track.
  5. How to create a habit plan for the first 30 days and beyond.

You should take this course if…

  1. You’ve struggled to build habits in the past.
  2. You fall deep into the black hole of procrastination.
  3. You’re dedicated to self-growth and committed to unlocking your potential.
  4. Your friends know you as Captain Chaos.

You shouldn’t take it if…

  1. You’re looking for quick habit hacking tips.
  2. You think it’s going to be easy (habit change takes work).
  3. You’re not ready to get serious about taking control of your life.
  4. You’d rather poke yourself in the eye than work on yourself.

How to build habits for life

Anyone who’s made a New Year’s Resolution knows just how difficult lasting change can be. So, what does it take to build habits for life? I’ll share how to get clear on your “why” so you’ll be committed for the long haul, and I’ll teach you how to get back on track when you’ve failed. Half the battle is predicting when you’ll slip up so you can adapt accordingly.

Learn strategies to break bad habits

Building new habits is one thing, but breaking bad ones is an entirely different story. Whether you’re trying to reduce your screen time, quit social media or cut back on sugar, this course will teach you how to create a plan for effectively dismantling your bad habits.

Stay motivated with daily text messages

Get 30 days of opt-in text messages to keep you accountable to your habit. Each morning I’ll personally send you one text message that’s intended to inspire, motivate and give you rocket fuel as you kickstart your habit. You can re-start your 30 days of texts whenever you’re feeling unmotivated or trying to build a new habit in the future.

Simple Habits 107 minutes of premium course content.


How one habit changed my life (6:59)
Get the most from this course (4:09)

Build Your Foundation

Why habits are so effective (8:01)
A minimalist approach to change (7:45)
The Truth about Motivation (9:15)

Create Your Habit Plan

The First 30 Days (6:44)
Determine your habit consistency (6:43)
The Two Day Rule (4:06)

The Keys to Habit Discipline

Control Your Environment (5:25)
Rewards and Anti-Rewards (5:32)
The Power of Accountability (8:52)
Invest in Yourself (6:04)
How to Break Bad Habits (4:29)

How to Maintain Habits for Life

The Truth about Progress (6:09)
Post-Pandemic Habits (3:21)
How to Embrace Change (5:07)

The Finish Line

Take this with you (1:52)
Let’s celebrate! (7:45)

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