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SerpLogic – The Definitive Guide to Building Authoritative Backlinks and Dominating SEO


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The Definitive No Bullsh#t Guide to Building Authoritative Backlinks and Dominating SEO

I’m coming at you with something very special. Something I have been working on for a while, pouring a tremendous amount of energy and time into, in order to deliver something that will benefit every person that acts quickly.

Yes, this is very limited, but I will get into that at the end.

What am I offering? It’s an eBook, but that term doesn’t do it justice. Yes, it’s an electronic book that can be read on a computer or mobile device, but it’s not your typical flimsy SEO eBook filled with a few pages of fluff that’s really just an advertisement disguised to generate leads.

In fact, there are no offers in the eBook. There are no links to my agency’s services in the eBook. There are no affiliate offers in the eBook. There aren’t any partner offers in the eBook.

It’s 100% value-packed, designed to help those that read it — from experienced SEOs and website owners to complete noobs — improve their links building and SEO. It’s more than 100 pages of information pulled right from my brain and first-hand SEO and link building experience, which now is at the decade-old mark.

Just a quick little recap of my experience in the SEO world:


  1. The first person to Introduce Russian SAPE links to the industry, which were some of the most powerful links that dominated the affiliate marketing world.
  2. Launched, scaled, and sold a successful SEO agency for multiple six-figures.
  3. Former BHW forum moderator.
  4. Wrote and published more than 100 free guides on this blog and marketing forums throughout the years.
  5. Launched and scaled a new SEO agency to seven-figures in less than two years.
  6. Became one of the premier link building agencies in the industry in record time.
  7. Have some of the world’s top marketing agencies reselling my agency’s link building.
  8. Received several multiple-seven-figure acquisition offers for my current agency.
  9. Have been approached by major SEO industry publications such as Ahrefs and writen for their blogs.


Now, writing an eBook was never something I planned on doing. Honestly, it was never even a blip on my radar.

But, then I began seeing several eBooks pop up on other marketing sites and forums I frequent — places that never used to allow this type of product. eBooks used to be reserved for Warrior Forum. In fact, I used to make fun of all the WSOs that were pure trash — 5 page PDFs filled with pure nonsense.

It was clear there was a market for SEO eBooks and I became sick of seeing a complete lack of valuable information. So I buckled down and created a monster of an eBook, overflowing with valuable information.

This is a far cry from a traditional flimsy eBook filled with thin-content.

This monster comes in at more than 100 pages.

There is no need for me to say anything else. Seeing the eBook’s content is all it should take…

Chapter 1: Build Your Website Foundation BEFORE You Build Links

  1. Design to Reach Your Conversion Goals
  2. Optimized for Speed and Load Time
  3. Tracking and Analytics to Measure, Analyze, and Optimize Results
  4. Google Search Console Performance and Indexing Audit


Chapter 2: Interlinking

  1. How to Build Links On Day One
  2. Silo Linking: Main Keyword and Long-Tail Variation Pages
  3. Advanced Interlinking to Pass Authority
  4. Link Out to Authority Sites and Resources (Don’t Be Afraid to Leak Juice)


Chapter 3: How to Identify “Good” Links for Maximum SEO Gains

  1. Understanding What Makes a Link Relevant & Desirable
  2. The TRUTH About Moz’s Domain Authority (DA)
  3. Ahrefs Domain Rank + Majestic Trust Flow & Citation Flow Explained
  4. No-Follow vs. Do-Follow
  5. UGC Attribute
  6. Sponsored Attribute
  7. High Traffic Domains > Third Party Unicorn Metrics


Chapter 4: Low Hanging Fruit

  1. Directory Link Building (Bonus: 12 Do-Follow Links You Can Build Today)
  2. Social Media Profiles Links (Build Them ALL – Fill Up Google Page One with Brand Name)
  3. Supplier, Vendor, Service, and Software Links
  4. Score High Authority Podcast Links Without Starting a Podcast


Chapter 5: Press Releases (Links + Leverage)

  1. The Best PR Distribution Partner (Includes Business Insider)
  2. How to Get Press Release Links That Are Direct Links (Not Trackable/Analytic Links)
  3. PR = Use for Brand Authority – NOT for Exact-Match Link Building
  4. How to Write a Press Release That Will Get Distribution on Major Websites
  5. Winning Press Release Template (Write a PR in 15 Minutes)


Chapter 6: Linkable Content Assets

  1. If You Build it (Content Asset) They (Links) Will Come
  2. How to Hire Professional Writers (Stop Buying Low-Quality Content)
  3. How to Write Content for Pre-Determined Link Targets
  4. Why Infographics Are Still the Best Content Asset
  5. Bonus: Direct Access to Top Infographic Designer ($100 Cost) That Top U.S. Agencies Use and Resell for $3,500


Chapter 7: Help a Reporter Link Building

  1. How to Get 3-5 Authority Links Monthly
  2. Contributor Magnet Method (Add Contributors to Your Blog Weekly)
  3. Free Long-Form Blog Content Hack (Unlimited Blog Content)


Chapter 8: Competitor Traffic Sniping

  1. How to Find Your Competition’s Top Traffic Pages
  2. Outrank Your Competition: ‘Copy x Enhance x Double’ Strategy


Chapter 9: Guest Blogging

  1. Complete Instructions to Secure 25 High Authority Guest Posts and Contributor Accounts within 30 Days
  2. Complete Instructions to be an Entrepreneur.com Contributor in 30 Days
  3. Complete Instructions to be an Inc.com Contributor in 30 Days
  4. Complete Instructions to be a Forbes.com Contributor in 30 Days
  5. Complete Instructions to be an AdAge.com Contributor in 30 Days
  6. How to Develop Your Own ‘Voice’ Without Prior Writing Experience
  7. How to Hire a Ghostwriter if You Don’t Want to Write Yourself
  8. Bio, Headshot, and Tips to Get Your Foot in the Door Anywhere


Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Hacks to Snag High Authority Links Your Competition Doesn’t Have

  1. How to Get Wikipedia Links
  2. Google Alert Link Building Strategy
  3. ‘Now Hiring’ Link Building Hack
  4. Discount & Special Offer Link Hack


Chapter 11: How to Build .EDU Links

  1. Scholarship Link Building Hack
  2. Internship Link Building Hack
  3. Student Discount Link Building Hack
  4. Bonus: List of 154 .EDU Sites You Can Target Today


Chapter 12: Local Link Building

  1. Score Links from Local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, etc. Affiliate News Station Websites
  2. Become the ‘Local Expert’ in Any Niche with a Media Kit
  3. Local Nonprofit Next Level Link Building (Most Powerful Authority Boost)


Chapter 13: Google Search Console for Performance, Crawling, and Indexing

  1. Google Search Console Basics
  2. How and When to Submit URLs [New and Recrawl]
  3. How to Identify New Keywords You Can Rank Higher for in Less Than 15 Days
  4. Map Out Your Link Building & Content Strategy Using Search Console Data


**Bonus** Chapter 14: Secrets to Scaling and Flipping a 7-Figure SEO Agency

  1. Investing in Content Marketing to Make Your Brand Known
  2. Hire Staff to Prioritize Customer Service
  3. Specialize in One Offering and Dominate (AKA: SerpLogic’s Link Building)
  4. Systemize Your Entire Agency’s Operation Allowing You to Walk Away

Sales Page: _https://www.serplogic.com/ultimate-guide-link-building


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