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[GroupBuy] Ron White – Black Belt Memory


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Memory = More $$, Less Stress, Better Grades

  • ​Give Speeches Without Notes Build confidence and gain respect
  • Remember names, birthday & details Develop important relationships
  • Add more words to your vocabulary in a week than most do in a year
  • Learn a foreign language in a flash
  • Memorize jokes instantly become the life of the party
  • Memorize your favorite poem, quote or scripture even if it is 200 lines!
  • Memorize stats Become an genius on any sport you chose
  • Retain what you learn from seminars and classes.
  • Memorize a deck of cards in only minutes (remember what cards have been played in a game)

Course Outline

The Black Belt Memory course is 7 modules (or belts).

White Belt – Intro to memory. 5 steps to memorize anything

Yellow Belt – Memorize massive amounts of data easily and numbers

Orange Belt – Foreign languages, passwords, business & school uses, definitions, vocab, formulas

Blue Belt – Names and Faces

Purple Belt – Spanish, Russian, languages, poems, quotes, verses

Brown Belt – Memorize playing cards, advanced number memory, impressive memory games/demonstrations, memorizing books (word for word or point by point)

Black Belt – Advanced training, Black Belt Memory skills. How to impress others with memory skills, learn anything in 1/3 the time

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  • 300% Increase in memory GUARANTEED.
  • Meet 30 people in 15 minutes & remember names GUARANTEED.
  • ​Hear 101 words ONCE and be able to repeat in exact order! GUARANTEED.
  • ​Increase public speaking confidence giving speeches from memory (without notes).
  • ​Memorize chapters of books to learn any topic 10x faster.
  • ​Recall product knowledge to advance your career.
  • ​Memorize 100s of verses in a day not a year.
  • ​Remember what you learn from classes to maximize time and money spent on learning.
  • ​Trust your memory as you confidently learn anything new.
  • ​Routinely recall 100 digit numbers to impress your friends. Remember phone numbers, facts, details.
  • ​Develop a sharp and healthy brain as you age.
  • Learn phrases in Russian, Spanish & Japanese easily with fun videos.
  • ​Discover the 5 steps to memorize anything.
  • ​Memorize complicated math formulas to take the fear and stress out of math and science.
  • ​Remember pages of notes for a test and be relaxed while doing! You will remember more as well!
  • ​Improve grades and reduce stress for students.
  • ​Discover the secrets to how the memory experts memorize decks of cards in 60 seconds.
  • ​Memorize any poem, quote and recall on demand.
  • ​Remember 10 key points from every chapter of every book you read.
  • ​Become a subject matter expert on almost anything in days not months.
  • ​Be seen as the ‘go to’ person because you are knowledgeable and prepared.

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