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What I Can Do For You

Project 24 was designed to help YouTubers at every level to improve their skills as YouTubers, Content Creators, and Internet Entrepreneurs.

Get Views

Learn how to pick the right video topics, write compelling titles, creating highly-clickable thumbnails to get more people to your videos.

Increase Watch Time

YouTube is constantly evolving, and the strategies needed for success may be totally different from even 6 months ago. Learn the most recent updates to better adapt to the changes and engage viewers.

Make More Money

Learn all the best strategies for earning an income from your YouTube channel with methods far better than ads, including affiliate marketing, info products, and memberships/Patreon.

Get Help

Gain access to the amazing Project 24 community, full of others who have successfully done what you’re trying to do right now.

Grow Your Channel

Gain more real followers by mastering the key subscribe-ability factors for your channel. It does no good to have a million subscribers if 99% of them don’t watch your videos. Identify exactly what works for you and your audience.


Connect with other content creators in your industry and find opportunities to work together to grow your channel.

What’s Inside Project 24:

The Full YouTube System
Success on YouTube doesn’t have to be a mystery or an endless grind; it can actually be very predictable. A channel maker needs

  • the right ideas
  • the right market position on YouTube
  • the right execution.

All three of those things can be learned and mastered!

When you combine them with the right process you have a formula for a channel that grows and makes money, predictably. That’s my aim with The

Project 24 YouTube System, which includes:

A Complete 7-Phase System
Proven system for building a successful YouTube channel from brand new, or wherever you are right now, to making a full-time income+

Topic Selection for Success
How to select video topics that you know will succeed BEFOREHAND, no matter you channel size

Channel Monetization
How to monetize your channel–REALLY make money–through info products, affiliate marketing, YouTube memberships/Patreon, and more. We have entire mini-courses dedicated to each to help you do it effectively.

Additional Resources in Project 24:

Blogging Course

A HUGE part of our work at Income School is -ahem- helping people provide well for their families by teaching them to make money online (hence the name). An extremely valuable way to do that is to build a website that wins Google search results and generates passive income via ads and other monetization methods.

In the blogging course, we teach you step-by-step how to do, so that once your site is built and you’ve made helpful content, you can sit back and hardly lift a finger and it’ll keep making income.

Patreon Course

Step by step guidance to build a Patreon/YouTube membership, how to get people into it, and how to keep them as paying members.

Final Cut Pro Course

New to editing? Or want some of our best hints, hacks, and trick to editing YouTube videos? This mini-course was built for that, and even if you don’t use Final Cut Pro, many of the same techniques apply to whatever editor you use.

Info Product Course

Creating your own information product(s) is one of the most profitable options for any YouTube channel, and we have an entire course dedicated to teaching how to build, market and sell your own.

Affiliate Marketing Course

Another GREAT option for channel makers like you is to utilize affiliate marketing, so that when you recommend a product or service on your channel, you get a commission. The tricky part is doing it well, and we made an entire course to help with that.

Who is Project 24 for?

Unless you’re earning more from your YouTube channel than you want to, Project 24 is for you.

True Beginners

You might not have a YouTube channel. You may not even know how to create one. You need someone to show you step-by-step how to get started.

We have a course designed to walk you through the basics. We’ll help you choose a basic filming and editing setup and teach you how to create your first video and upload it to YouTube.

Then you’ll be ready to start learning the skills you need to succeed on YouTube.

Struggling Creators

You have a channel, but despite your best efforts, it’s not growing how you expected. You may even be frustrated, wondering if YouTube is really for you.

The skills-based approach of The YouTube Course is designed to give you everything you need to succeed. We’ve evaluated hundreds of channels and identified specific skills that their creator is lacking.

We designed this course to help you take your channel from where it is to where you want it to be.

Successful YouTubers

You have a channel, and it’s going great! You may even be earning a full-time income from it. But you want to take it to the next level.

Project 24 is designed so you’ll be able to level up your skills, revenue streams, and channel authority, no matter where you start from.

Whether its connections, strategic advice, or additional insights for your niche or audience, you’ll find it here.

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