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Square Secrets™

Square Secrets™ teaches you how to truly understand Squarespace in a way that would otherwise take years to learn – trust me I’d know! You’ll learn website strategy, design best practices, and the exact tutorials you need to build nothing-like-the-template Squarespace sites! Bye-Bye boring cookie cutter websites!


This training is for you if…

  • You’ve built a site or two before, but their sales skills leave a bit to be desired. They’re just not working quite like you hoped.

  • You’ve heard you should build sites with ‘website conversion strategy’ in mind but don’t actually have a clue how to do that or what that really means.

  • You want to build sites correctly, with sales strategy in mind, from the very start.

  • You want to nail website sales skills so you can improve your own site and sites for web design clients down the road too!

Sound familiar? If yes, this training has got you covered!


→ How to prep your customer to buy, credit card at the ready, even before they land on your site

→ The essential elements most sites are missing, which when fixed, leads visitors to hit that ‘Buy Now’ button 5x faster

→ 1 small but crucial tweak that will make or break your ability to make sales online

→ Learn my favorite sales tactic that will drastically increase any product or service’s sales numbers!

Cool story, Paige!

Tired of hearing all the “insider tips & tricks” without any real life examples to back it up? I’m taking you behind-the-scenes, showing you a case study of a recent website redesign done for The Creative Law Shop® where we DOUBLED their Black Friday Sales!

I’m sharing the exact best practices & proven strategies I used to double their sales, plus how to take those principles and apply them to your own site!

Ready to 2X your site?

Register now for the free training!

Meet your host!

6 years ago Paige hopped on a one-way flight to Germany for love.

She quickly realized however that without speaking German, her job options were well …

Nada. Nix. Niente.

So she looked online, found Squarespace and a new creative passion for building clean, beautiful, client-charming websites.

After a whole lot of trial & error she built a new career online as a Squarespace website designer that worked with her life abroad.

Now she helps other women do the same; put their creative talents to work as Squarespace website designers, a career that can work with your life commitments, no matter if that’s a life abroad, looking after family at home, or just being so over a boring AF 9-5.

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