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  • You want to create a scalable online business
  • However, you don’t know how to find the right niche and services
  • You want to find a unique high ROI traffic machine
  • You do not know how to automate the whole drop servicing process


  • You are getting hundreds of clients on autopilot
  • Your whole business is automated so you don’t need to do everything yourself
  • You have perfected client acquisition and created system to do it on auto-pilot

I have turned this around and so can you!


8 years ago I started trying different online business ideas. Creating different blogs, products, services and even investing thousands of dollars into building a mobile app.
However, none of it really worked…
Then I took a step back and immersed myself into learning everything there is digital marketing and online business, and that is still what I do every single day to this day.
And then it all changed!
Instead of creating new business ideas and building products without knowing if anyone is interested in them, I started testing all the strategies I was learning.
It took me months and months of trial and error to understand what is working and what is not and how things can be improved.
But it started working! The more I learned the more I started getting interested in this and now digital marketing is pretty much all that I talk about.
After all this hard work I managed to build an online venture that allows me to work from anywhere I want and do what I really love to do.
I have been traveling around the world for the past few years while working online, and I absolutely love it!


1. Client Buys A Service

You create a website with different services that clients can purchase from you.

2. Freelancers Fulfill The Orders

Once someone orders a service you outsource (drop service) that service to be done for a much cheaper price.

3. You Keep The Difference

You make whatever the difference is between the price you set on your website and what you paid freelancers.


Higher Return On Investment

Selling services to a cold audience is not the easiest task. Fortunately, creating a sales funnel can convert cold audience to warm audience.
No matter what method you choose to acquire clients, you want to make sure that you have the highest conversion probability.
If you manage to increase your conversion rates from 1% to 5%, it will not matter what traffic method you are choosing as the conversion rate will make any traffic method cheap. 


This academy is packed with actionable strategies, teaching everything step by step how to create a a successful drop servicing business.
From the technical side to the advanced methods of increasing conversions and getting more leads that turn into customers. It is basically looking over the shoulder of what I have done with my business.

Finding Perfect Service

Learn how to find a profitable service that no one can compete with and your clients are dying to buy.

Creating A Sales Funnel

Learn how to set up a Drop Servicing sales funnel, helping you acquire leads, nurture them and turn them into clients.

High Conversions

Learn how to use different strategies to warm up your potential customers in order to increase conversions

Automating Processes

Learn how to set up automations, so you don’t constantly need to be working on small things.


The amazing thing about this academy is that you will save yourself years of hard work and thousands of dollars of investment trying to do all of this from scratch yourself.
I will show you how exactly I find the services and clients for my own businesses and how I structure everything to run smoothly.
It took me a long time to create all of these frameworks, but now you can take these proven systems and apply them to your own business!


I know this might seem like a lot of money, but you really have to calculate how fast it will pay off.
You can literally make your money back with as little as 1 sale!
Learning how to find good niche, good and cheap freelancers, increasing your conversions, acquiring customers easily and so on and so on, can not just save you a ton of time, but also help you make a lot more money.
Yes, you will need to pay $497, but you will actually save up a lot more than that compared if you would go through all the trial and error trying to learn all of this yourself.


1. Profitable Service formula

1. How To Find Biggest Problems

2. Fiverr Research Secrets

3. Most Profitable Services

4. Reverse Engineering Hack

5. Adaptation Method

6. Win-win method

7. Mashup method

8. Profitable Service Equation

9. Tool Adaptation Strategy

10. SAAS Method

2. Selling Like A Pro

1. Testing Different Services

2. Automation For Testing And Scaling

3. Pricing models

4. Professional Delivery

5. Automating Client Relationships

6. Sales Page 11 Must Have Triggers

7. Services Mistakes To Avoid

8. Defining Customer Avatar

9. How To Analyze Competitors Website

3. Hire Perfect Freelancers

1. Find The Cheapest Freelancers

2. Perfect Job Application

3. Application Hack

4. Interview Process

5. Testing Method

6. Super Cheap Payments

7. Setting Up Communications

8. Setting Up Workflows

4. Creating A Sales Machine

1. Packaging Services

2. Getting First Sales

3. Outreach Campaigns

4. Content Marketing Hack

5. Re-connecting With Clients

6. Affiliate Marketing Method

7. Find The Cheapest Freelancers

8. Influencer Marketing Method

8. Platform Method

5. Drop Servicing Funnel Blueprint

1. Sales Funnel In-depth

2. Ultimate Lead Magnet

3. Creating A Lead Magnet

4. High Converting Sales Pages

5. Sales Page 11 Must Have Triggers

6. Funnel Hacks

7. Conversion Rate Optimization

8. Lead Nurturing

9. Converting Clients

10. Same Client More Money

11. Price Testing

12. Building Credibility

13. Always Happy Client Technique

14. Copywriting Hacks

15. First Sale Method

6. Automation Blueprint

1. Creating Systems

2. Creating Working Procedures

3. Automating Management

4. Maximize Quality Decrease Costs

5. Tools To Use For Your Team

6. Minimizing Mistakes

7. Automating Order Fulfillment

8. Scaling Automation

9. Easier Task Delivery

7. Ninja Hacks

1. Supercharged Testing

2. Additional Products

3. Extra Revenue No Extra Work

4. Inflow Of Orders

5. Partner Method

6. Application System

Sales Page:_https://archive.is/FqnJj#selection-675.0-695.109


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