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Nick Kolenda – Sales Psychology


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Sales Psychology

A unique method to sell any product or service more effectively

You just launched a new product.

After weeks of networking, you manage to schedule a meeting with an important buyer. Now comes a new challenge: Convincing this person to buy it.

You prepare some talking points, and you feel ready. But when the meeting finally arrives…

…you feel awkward.

What do you say? How can you pitch your services without feeling sleazy? And how can you influence this person to buy?

I compiled a new sales methodology to solve these hurdles. In this course, you’ll learn how to communicate your product in a way that (a) feels easy and natural, and (b) influences the prospect to buy.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to find relevant prospects
  • Exact words to say in your emails and phone calls
  • Clever strategies to overcome objections
  • Simple tweaks to proposals that can win the sale

You can apply this knowledge yourself or share these steps with your sales team, freelancers, or anyone else who communicates your product.

Nick Kolenda – Sales Psychology

Part 1: Sales Materials

  1. Layout — 4:36
    • The best layout for sales pages. How to nudge visitors to click your purchase button.
  2. Pricing — 5:07 —Preview
    • Where to place the price. Why you should visually distinguish the price from the button.
  3. Benefits — 4:05
    • How to uncover all of the reasons why people are buying your product. A simple method to determine your sales copy even if you don’t know what to say.
  4. Copy — 3:11
    • Why you should move from broad to concrete. Keep minimal content on the surface of a page, yet detailed information below the surface.
  5. Videos — 8:25
    • Best thumbnails for videos. How to dilute the imagery of not buying. Simple tricks for preview videos.
  6. Social Proof — 5:22
    • When you need social proof. Three traits that make social proof more effective.
  7. Case Study—SaaS – Part 1 — 3:32
    • How SaaS businesses can sell more effectively. Common mistakes with sales copy. Which images to avoid.
  8. Case Study—SaaS – Part 2 — 8:00
    • How to structure your headline. Why inserting “you” can backfire. Importance of replacing broad generalizations with concrete examples.


Part 2: Lead Generation

  1. Isolate a Market — 2:34
    • How to segment markets into a manageable size. How to find businesses that match these traits.
  2. Find Value — 2:52
    • How to find something that would be immediately valuable to your list of prospects.
  3. Deliver Value — 4:19
    • How to deliver this value (and exactly what to say).
  4. Pitch and Close — 5:53
    • How to set up a call with this person. How to pitch them on a small project.
  5. Deliver and Seed — 3:06
    • A simple, yet powerful trick to transition from a small project to a larger (more expensive) project.
  6. Case Study – Design Agency — 7:01
    • How agencies can follow this step-by-step process to sell their services.


Part 3: Closing a Sale

  1. Sales Calls — 5:22
    • The most powerful strategy in sales (which very few people are doing).
  2. Asking Questions — 4:30
    • Which questions you should ask (and why). How to leverage these questions to overcome objections later.
  3. Objections — 8:14
    • The 7 categories of objections. How to prevent objections from manifesting.
  4. Sales Proposals – Part 1 — 4:25
    • Why you should never write “Sales Proposal” on the cover. How to get prospects to choose your business (instead of the competition).
  5. Sales Proposals – Part 2 — 8:15
    • Which topics to include. How to make it persuasive. Simple tricks to optimize your deliverables and pricing.

Part 4: Bonuses

  1. More Videos
    • Watch 1.5+ hours of additional insights into selling
  2. PDF: Course Notes
    • Important takeaways from each part of the course
  3. PDF: List of Questions for Prospects
    • What should you ask prospects? And how can you use these answers to optimize your pitch?
  4. PDF: Template for Sales Proposal
    • An example proposal to help you create your own proposal.
  5. Mystery Bonus
    • A surprise that is worth the entire price of the course.

Sales Page: _https://www.nickkolenda.com/courses/sales-psychology/


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