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Mindworx – Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing (8.2 GB)

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  • 01 – Welcome

    • #12402 – 'MINDWORX Academy'.jpg
    • 01 – Welcome to the course.mp4

  • 02 – What is Behavioral Economics

    • 2-Introduction to Behavioral Economics – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 3-Why Behavioral Economics in Marketing – part 1 – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 4-Why Behavioral Economics in Marketing – part 2 – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 5-Why Behavioral Economics in Marketing – part 3 – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 03 – Analyze the Decision Making Context

    • 6-Analyze the Decision-making Context – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 04 – Drivers of Behavior

    • 7-Introduction to Drivers of Behavior – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 8-Uncertainty – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 9-Social Proof – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 10-Reciprocity – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 11-Perceived Effort – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 12-Loss Aversion – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 05 – Choice Architecture

    • 13-Introduction to Choice Architecture – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 14-Friction – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 15-Choice overload – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 16-Defaults – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 17-Salience – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 18-Creativity and Behavioral Economics – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 06 – Perception of Price and Product

    • 19-Introduction to Perception of Price and Product – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 20-Fairness – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 21-Anchoring – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 22-Decoy and Middle Option – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 23-Power of Free – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 07 – Test and Iterate

    • 24-Test and Iterate – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 08 – Marketing Tools

    • 25-Iconosquare – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 26-CrazyEgg – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 09 – Case Studies

    • 27-Lemonade by Dan – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 28-Bathroom Scale by Dan – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 29-Direct Mail Campaign by Rory – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 30-Babies of the Borough by Sam – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 31-Call Center Scripts by Sam – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 32-Better Hand Hygiene by Sam – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 33-Selling French Fries by Sam – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 34-Designing Job Ads by Matej – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 35-Sales Funnel Conversions by Matej – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 36-Landing Page by Matej – MINDWORX Academy.mp4
    • 37-Creating Healthy Habits by Matej – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 10 – Thank You

    • 38-Thank you – MINDWORX Academy.mp4

  • 11 – Worksheets

    • MWA_Anchoring.pdf
    • MWA_ChoiceOverload.pdf
    • MWA_Decoy.pdf
    • MWA_Defaults.pdf
    • MWA_Fairness.pdf
    • MWA_Foreword.pdf
    • MWA_Friction.pdf
    • MWA_Loss-aversion.pdf
    • MWA_Perceived-effort.pdf
    • MWA_PowerOfFree.pdf
    • MWA_Reciprocity.pdf
    • MWA_Salience.pdf
    • MWA_Social-proof.pdf
    • MWA_TestAndIterate.pdf
    • MWA_Uncertainty.pdf

Mindworx – Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing

Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing
On-line masterclass
Which can set you aside
Transform the way you consider advertising
Measurably enhance your outcomes
What’s this Masterclass about?
This Masterclass reveals precisely the right way to use insights from 4 many years of analysis in client psychology and behavioral economics to extend conversions.
You’ll get a step-by-step framework on the right way to apply 24 strongest psychological ideas into your adverts, touchdown pages, emails, gross sales funnels and every part in between.
Produced in 4 totally different components of the world
2 years in the making
Created by world’s main specialists in the sphere
What you get in the Masterclass
Step-by-step framework on the right way to apply 24 strongest ideas from client psychology and behavioral economics to extend conversions:
The core format and foundation for the entire Masterclass. Every video is crammed filled with useful, immediately relevant information from 4 world-class specialists.
Customized-created for this Masterclass. It provides a wealth of useful insights to the video lectures — together with helpful suggestions and enjoyable information that add depth and richness to your understanding of client psychology.
Step-by-step framework ADAPT on the right way to apply behavioral insights and a set of guiding questions associated to every precept. These questions will direct you in the direction of options you wouldn’t in any other case consider.
Every precept is illustrated by a variety of enterprise examples and case research. This fashion you’ll instantly see how the ideas might be utilized and what outcomes they carry.
One other strategy to spotlight your new expertise (and sign your upgraded value to your shoppers, clients, colleagues, and executives), issued upon finishing the Masterclass and passing the ultimate quiz.
Who’s it for?
It’s best for you if…
You’re a marketer and also you need to improve conversion charges of touchdown pages and gross sales funnels
You’re a contract advisor and also you need to get forward of the competitors and produce new insights to your shoppers
It is advisable design performing B2B or B2C advertising and gross sales methods
You write copy for web sites, direct emails, on-line adverts, and many others
You’re a behavioral economics practitioner and also you search for new case research and inspirations
Why “Behavioral Economics” in advertising?
Merely put, behavioral economics is a completely sensible area about how individuals make choices and what drives their habits. It provides you the instruments to grasp, predict, and affect them.
So long as you do your small business with people, you’ll without end profit from this data.
Due to this Masterclass, you’ll be taught:
That 90 — 95% of buy choices are unconscious. And the right way to form these choices.
What’s occurring in your clients’ minds. And how one can simply affect what they purchase, the place they click on or how they react.
How you can use the examined & confirmed findings to enhance your outcomes.
Who’re your instructors?
On this Masterclass you get entry to 4 of the world’s main specialists in behavioral economics at present. And their mixed experience which they’ve spent many years to amass, check and excellent — whereas shaping shopping for choices for a few of the largest corporations on the market.
Masterclass content material in element
The 8 hours of content material are divided into 7 chapters.
Every chapter accommodates a number of video lectures accompanied by data crammed eBooks.
How you can get essentially the most out of the Masterclass?
First watch the video lecture (10 — 20 minutes)
Then learn the corresponding eBook (20 — 30 pages).
Listed below are the 7 chapters:
What’s BE and why does it matter for entrepreneurs?
Increasingly, advertising and communication have gotten a science. A science about what makes clients tick, how they behave and make choices. Right here, Rory will clarify why entrepreneurs should study behavioral economics and why normal approaches to advertising and promoting are slowly dying.
Full of unusual examples, astonishing case research and eye-opening insights, all wrapped in Rory’s unmistakable humorousness.

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