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Has Self-Help Fallen Short For You So Far?

Most self-help is too politically correct.

And naive.

As if almost everyone was good and honest. And as if life also wasn’t also a competition -spoiler alert: life is also a competition-.
And that competition isn’t always 100% fair or in the open -spoiler alert: it’s often covert, especially at work-.

Any resource that doesn’t teach you how to win competitions does not serve you well.

1. Most self-help is ineffective: too naive and based on ideals

90% of self-help is too PC and naive to be effective.
It’s based on how things should be, how people wish things were, or how better it would be if things were different.
If you want to advance and positively impact the world you first need to learn how to win in the real world.
Self-development that leaves out power, status, competition, politics, or even manipulation and dark triad individuals’ MO, is bound to be “nice to hear”, but ultimately “useless to advance in life”.

Many courses are also lacking.

“Plain vanilla” people skills courses teach you to socialize nicely, but not to win.
And “charisma courses” teach you to gain attention, but not necessarily results -if charisma doesn’t include power, then you’re closer to a clown than to a high-value man-.

2. More realistic self-help is cynical and turns into you an asshole

The self-help that focuses on the “darker side” of human nature often swings too far in the opposite direction and becomes too cynical.
If you turn into an as*hole, you may do better than a naive too-nice guy, but you’d still fall way short of your potential.

The solution to naive self-help isn’t to swing in the total polar opposite.

Just as naive self-development forgets the “dark”, the cynical self-development forgets the “light” -plus, the shades of grey-.

So if you learn from more cynical self-help you may turn too cynic and “as*hole type”. And you’ll miss out on the best friendships, relationships, and dating experiences.

3. Self-help isn’t practical enough to gain respect, status, love, etc.

Most self-help lacks enough case studies, real-life examples, videos, and interactive tools.
That means that you struggle to turn information into personal transformation, real-life behavior, and ultimately the results you’re after: status, love, lovers, power, promotions, and even personal growth.

Research may be realistic, but not very practical.
“Laws” from popular books on power don’t tell you how to execute the best strategy to get promoted.
For example, you shouldn’t “outshine the master” says a popular book on power with ancient-world examples. But… How should you advance when you are better than your boss, then?

Even the video courses are often people talking in front of a camera -and not showing you how it’s done-.
You don’t get to see how to execute the basics of a high-value man such as “how to enforce boundaries”, “how to handle the coworker who assigns you tasks”, or even “how to tell your girlfriend you’re disappointed”.

This is why self-help is failing you.

Why Nobody Fixed Self-Help Before

Why hundreds of years into self-help, and self-help still under-delivers?

Four reasons are:

1. PC self-help is safer to market: authors are safer and can get better media coverage pretending that topics such as manipulation, Machiavellianism, and power aren’t important.

2. Cynical self-help has strong niche appeals: the many who have been burned, those who see the world as dog-eat-dog and the beginners looking for the “dark psychology shortcut” aren’t ready to hear about true personal empowerment win-win. And marketers are happy to bamboozle them.

3. Few teachers reach mastery level, and to teach mastery to others, at scale, requires a rare combination of motivation, character, skills, and a whole comunity of bright minds.

4. The best of both worlds is for the 1%. Most people remain naive. A few “wake up” and turn overly cynical. And only a tiny percentage grows past cynicism.
Power University is a course for those who want to do the full ride.

This is why self-help is mostly naive, with some realistic self-help, but virtually no elite-level self-development that combines the best of both worlds.

When Lucio was deep in his own self-development journey, he just couldn’t find a single resource that combined the effectiveness needed to compete and succeed, with the skills to develop positive win-win relationships with high-quality people.

So… Are you condemned to be on your own?

Well, until today, you were…

The New Science For Success: Power Dynamics

The new system for social skills.

Power is the ability to get what you want.
And power dynamics is the science of how power is negotiated among people. It’s the application of advanced social skills to all aspects of winning with people to achieve goals.
A foundational understanding of power dynamics boosts how to negotiate, engage, and succeed with people—whether they’re being their best selves or their darker, selfish, more manipulative selves.
This is what was largely missing, and this is what we focus on.

So, similar to how psychology applies scientific principles to the human mind, power dynamics applies scientific principles to social and life success.

Power dynamics is at a similar inflection point. Most people don’t yet even understand how crucial it is to succeed in life. But the early adopters who start now will be years ahead of the competition (and reap big rewards for it).

Power dynamics provides one of the theoretical foundations of Power University.

This Is How We Changed The Game (So You Can Win In It)

With Power University we set out to fix all the issues of self-help.
So that you can enjoy an unfair advantage.

1. Power University is based on reality

We start from a dispassionate look at how things are using science, experience, and testing out what truly works to achieve goals.

2. Power University makes you ruthlessly effective because it’s built for real-world effectiveness

Our goal is to make you effective, with lots of options, and successful -be it in dating, career, or social life-.
For that, we focus on the practical. You will learn exactly what you need to do to achieve goals, and get what you want.

You learn exactly what real-world behaviors make you successful by looking and listening to real-world examples and case studies.

Some of the lessons our students enjoy the most help you get rid of subconscious behavior that makes you submissive, insecure, or “too nice”.
And then you learn to adopt the behavior that makes you high status and worthy of respect, promotions, admiration, and love.

3. Power University integrates ruthless effectiveness with win-win

Finally, we believe that you’re generally better off with high-quality, win-win partnerships, friendships, and dating and relationship partner(s).
So we explain how to develop a high-quality character that attracts and retains other high-quality people.

Win-win generally make most people happier and more fulfilled.

So as our final step you will learn how to use your advanced skills to add value to the world and to the people around.

And with that, which is our final mission, you can also make your positive dent in the world.

4. Power University is built to ingrain habits that stick so you become a high-quality man

You will not just learn, but internalize and become a higher value man.

Power University is built to facilitate personal transformation in both mindsets and behaviors. so that both will stick.

Anything that doesn’t stick is pretty much useless.

For that reason, Power University does not “pump people up” with transient “motivation”.
Instead, we ingrain mindsets and beliefs that lead to long-term actions that stick and compound over time.

So we built Power University to internalize mindsets, ingrain good habits, and become a successful and hig-quality man.

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