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Lloyd Lester – Speak Her Sex Language


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Lloyd Lester – Speak Her Sex Language

“Speak Her Sex Language” is a book about the two most vital aspects of any long-term intimate relationship – communication and sex.

The ways that these two forces interact in a relationship are numerous, but in this short instruction manual, we are going to specifically focus on the kinds of communication meant to increase desire and stimulate arousal. In other words, it’s all about dirty talk.

Unfortunately for most women, a lot of guys get their cues about talking dirty from porno, repeating the same old tired lines over and over, sometimes even offending lovers in the process!

And trust me, you do not want a pissed off woman in your bed 4seconds before one or both of you is about to come. Talk about anti-climactic.

This book is about a much more nuanced approach to the kinds of sexy talk that can help you get your lover from meh to omg! And turn your sexual banter from an awkward conversation into a hot, two-way filth fest!

Be prepared to face some fears, do some work,and find an entirely new dimension of your sexual relationship to explore.

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