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Liam James Kay – Master Native Ads (3.17 GB)

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Download Liam James Kay – Master Native Ads (3.17 GB) from Marketing


  • 01-Home

    • 01-Home.mp4

  • 02-Start Here – Building The Foundation

    • 01-Winning Mindset.mp4
    • 02-Why Native Ads Are A Gold Mine.mp4
    • 03-Winning Native Campaign Formula.mp4
    • 04-Walkthrough Live Campaigns.mp4
    • 05-What You WIll Need To Succeed At Native.mp4

  • 03-Week 1 – Finding A Winning Offer

    • 01-My Winning Offer Checklist .mp4
    • 01-My Winning Offer Checklist.pdf
    • 02-Finding Winning Products on Adpexity.mp4
    • 03-Finding Winning Products on Adbeat .mp4
    • 04-Getting Approved By Affiliate Networks .mp4
    • 05-Alternative Ways To Find Winning Product .mp4
    • 06-Do This If You're a Beginner .mp4
    • 07-Tasks To Do This Week.pdf

  • 04-Week 2 – Crafting Your Campaign

    • 01-Your First Campaign Breakdown .mp4
    • 02-Setting Up Your Tools For Success.mp4
    • 03-Ripping Winning Elements.mp4
    • 04-Brainstorming Unique Creative Angles .mp4
    • 05-Getting The Click – Images .mp4
    • 06-Getting The Click Conversion-Headlines .mp4
    • 07-The Secret To Profitable Landing Pages .mp4
    • 08-This Week's Tasks.pdf
    • 09-14934153_1606394369975LP_Pack2_5.zip
    • 09-Landing Page Templates (Ripped).pdf

  • 05-Week 3- Running Your Campaign

    • 01-Running Your Campaign Buying Data .mp4
    • 02-Budget Bankroll Bidding .mp4
    • 03-The Secret To Success on Natives .mp4
    • 04-Setting Up Your Camapign Flow in Voluum.mp4
    • 05-Creating Your Native Campaign.mp4
    • 06-The Killing Phase -Campaign Optimisation .mp4
    • 07-The Killing Phase -Walk Through.mp4
    • 08-Live Funnel Optimzation .mp4
    • 09-Auto-Optimizing Your Campaign .mp4
    • 10-Blacklisting Widgets & Saving Money .mp4

  • 06-Week 4 – Optimising and Upscaling

    • 01-Analyse, Optimise & Scale .mp4
    • 02-Whitelisting for PURE PROFIT .mp4
    • 03-Run of Network Campaign Rules .mp4
    • 04-Re-Optimisating Your Campaign .mp4
    • 05-Conversion Optimisation .mp4
    • 06-Upscaling to The Moon.mp4

Liam James Kay – Master Native Ads

In the advanced training program I will personally teach you how to start, run & optimise your first Native Ads Campaign. Teaching you everything from finding high converting affiliate products, building landing pages, creating ads & my secrets to finding profitable placements.

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