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Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation Program (24.86 GB)

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  • 1 Welcome And Private Facebook Group

    • 1-Welcome To The Program.mp4
    • 2-Why You Should Be Excited About YouTube.ts
    • 3-The Four Main Types Of YouTube Channels.ts

  • 2 Choosing Your Perfect Niche

    • 1-Niche Overview And Niche Idea Generation.mp4
    • 2-Niche Validation Research.ts
    • 3-What Is CPM And How To Factor CPM Into Your Niche Research.mp4
    • 4-How To Examine How Much Other Channels Are Making.mp4
    • 5-Highest Paying CPM Niches.ts
    • 6-List Of 200 Profitable Niches And Final Notes On Choosing A Niche.mp4
    • 200_Profitable_Niches_List_-_Bye_9_To_5.pdf

  • 3 The YouTube Basics

    • 1-Creating Your YouTube Account And Channel Name.ts
    • 2-YouTube Menu Navigation.mp4
    • 3-Setting Up Your YouTube Channel.mp4
    • 4-Google Adsense Account Overview.mp4
    • 5-How To Create Unlimited Channels.ts
    • 6-How To Download YouTube Videos.mp4
    • 7-How To Download Videos From Other Social Media Platforms.ts
    • 8-Best Way To Download Videos.mp4
    • 9-How To Upload Videos And Schedule Them.ts

  • 4 Passing Monetization Review

    • 1-Monetization Review Overview.ts
    • 2-Passing Monetization Review For Free.ts
    • 3-Passing Monetization Review In Two Weeks.ts
    • 4-Get A Monetized Channel INSTANTLY.ts
    • 5-Passing Monetization Review Additional Methods.mp4
    • 6-How To Make Sure Your Channel Will Pass Review.ts
    • Monetization_Review_Flowchart.PNG

  • 5 Video Topics Research For Unlimited Video Ideas

    • 1-Video Topics And Keyword Research Overview.ts
    • 2-Update] How You Will Use This Research To Blow Up A Small Channel.ts
    • 3-VID IQ Overview.ts
    • 4-Important Keyword Research Deep Dive.ts
    • 5-Free Tube Buddy Extension For Studying Keywords.ts
    • 6-Additional Free Keyword Research Website.mp4
    • 7-My Case Study Of $2,000 In 3 Days With One Video.mp4
    • 8-Important Topic Research On YouTube.ts
    • 9-Amazing Method For Unlimited Video Ideas.mp4
    • 10-Another Great Keyword Research Too.ts

  • 6 Creating And Editing Your Videos

    • 1-Creating And Editing Videos Overview.mp4
    • 2-Free Software For Editing Videos.mp4
    • 3-How To Create And Edit Videos Tutorial.ts
    • 4-Editing ID Matches.ts
    • 5-Where To Get Royalty Free Clips For Your Videos.ts
    • 6-Where To Get Royalty Free Music For Your Videos.mp4
    • 7-Where To Get Royalty Free Images For Your Videos.mp4
    • 8-Other Ways To Find Content For Your Videos.ts
    • 9-The EASIEST Way To Create Your Videos.ts
    • 10-How To Add Voice Overs Without Your Voice Or Outsourcing.ts
    • 11-How To Create Content For A Personal Brand Channel.ts
    • 12-Great Video Editing Software.ts
    • Script_Templates_For_Videos_-_Bye_9_To_5.pdf

  • 7 SEO Secrets And Strategies For Truly Going Viral

    • 1-Biggest Factors For Going Viral.mp4
    • 2-How To Hit The Biggest Viral Factors And Get Suggested.mp4
    • 3-How To Rank In The Search Results.ts
    • 4-Analyzing And Implementing YouTube Analytics.ts
    • 5-Anatomy Of High Click Through Rate Thumbnails And Titles.ts
    • 6-How To Create Engaging Thumbnails.mp4
    • 7-Great Thumbnail Creation Software.ts
    • 8-The Best Strategies For Growing Your Channel From Zero.mp4
    • 9-Using Captions To Boost SEOm.ts

  • 8 Additional Monetization Techniques To Boost Your Income

    • 1-How To Put Ads On Your Videos.mp4
    • 2-Secrets For Boosting Your Ad Revenue.ts
    • 3-Additional Monetization Methods You Can Implement.ts
    • 4-Translating Your Channel To Boost Revenue.mp4
    • Bright_Side_Channel_Languages.pdf

  • 9 My Three Niches Case Studies

    • 1-My Niche #1 Case Study.ts
    • 2-My Niche #2 Case Study.ts
    • 3-My Niche #3 Case Study.ts

  • 10 Outsourcing And Automation

    • 1-Overview Of Outsourcing And Automation.ts
    • 2-Automation And Assembly Line Parts.ts
    • 3-Where To Outsource and Build Your Team – Method 1.mp4
    • 4-Where To Outsource and Build Your Team – Method 2.mp4
    • 5-How To Organize Your Team And Assembly Line.ts
    • 6-How To Scale Your Automation And Assembly Line Channels.mp4

  • 11 Affiliate Marketing Overview

    • 1-Affiliate Marketing Basics.mp4
    • 2-Overview of Affiliate Marketing on YouTube.ts
    • 3-What Affiliate Marketing Can Do For You.ts
    • 4-Affiliate Marketing Niches and Networks Overview.ts
    • 5-Case Studies Of 6 Figures Affiliate Marketing On YouTube.ts
    • 6-An Important Thing To Know About Affiliate Marketing.ts

  • 12 Joining And Navigating Affiliate Marketing Networks

    • 1-What Are Affiliate Marketing Networks.ts
    • 2-The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks To Join.ts
    • 3-Amazon Associates Overviewm.ts
    • 4-JVZoo Overview.mp4
    • 5-Clickbank Overview.ts

  • 13 Strategies For YouTube Affiliate Marketing

    • 1-Ranking YouTube Videos And Targeting Niches.ts
    • 2-Using Product Review Videos.ts
    • 3-Case Studies And Strategies For Using Product Reviews.mp4
    • 4-Using Your Own Products.ts
    • 5-Niches And Products Case Studies.ts
    • 6-Choosing Your YouTube Niche For Affiliate Marketing.ts
    • 7-High Ticket Products You Can Promote.ts
    • 8-Important Thing To Understand About Affiliate Marketing.mp4

  • 14 How To Increase Click Through On Your Links On YouTube

    • 1-Link Shorteners.ts
    • 2-mportance Of Link Placement.mp4
    • 3-Creating And Placing Engaging Calls To Action.mp4
    • 4-How To Get The Audience To Click Through And Buy.ts
    • 5-Creating Landing Pages And Collecting Emails.ts

  • 15 Affiliate Marketing Strategies Not Using YouTube

    • 1-Affiliate Marketing With Google – Websites And Blogs.mp4
    • 2-Affiliate Marketing With Facebook And Facebook Ads.mp4
    • 3-Affiliate Marketing With Instagram.mp4
  • Conclusion 9to5.mp4
  • Conclusion 9to5.ts

  • Mastermind Webinar Replays Bonus

    • Webinar #1.ts
    • Webinar #2 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #2 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #2 Part 3.ts
    • Webinar #3 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #3 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #4 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #4 Part 2.mp4
    • Webinar #5 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #5 Part 2.mp4
    • Webinar #6 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #6 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #7 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #7 Part 2.mp4
    • Webinar #8 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #8 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #9 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #9 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #10 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #10 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #11 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #11 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #12 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #12 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #13 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #13 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #14 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #14 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #15 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #15 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #16 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #16 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #17 Part 1.mp4
    • Webinar #17 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #18 Part 1.ts
    • Webinar #18 Part 2.ts
    • Webinar #19.ts

  • Personal Branding

    • #4394 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • 1-Welcome! What We Are Going To Learn.mp4
    • 2-Ways Of Creating Content And Getting Over Camera Fear.ts
    • 3-Selling On Teachable Vs. Selling On Udemy.ts
    • 4-Teachable Overview And Pricing Plans.mp4
    • 5-Udemy Overview And Pricing Plans.mp4
    • 6-My Udemy Data And Analytics.mp4
    • 7-You DON'T Need To Be An Expert To Sell Courses!.ts
    • 8-Why People WILL Buy Your Courses.mp4
    • 9-How To Choose Your Niche.mp4
    • 10-Case Studies Of Successful Course Niches That Are Making TONS Of Money.ts
    • 11-How To Create A Course On Teachable.mp4
    • 12-How To Create A Course On Udemy.mp4
    • 13-What To Put In Your Courses.mp4
    • 14-How To Price Your Courses.mp4
    • 15-How To Use Coupons And Sales Effectively.ts
    • 16-How To Create An Effective Sales Page To Get More Sales.mp4
    • 17-How To Use Affiliates To Get More Sales.ts
    • 18-How To Create And Record Videos.ts
    • 19-Creating Your Brand Name And Image.ts
    • 20-What To Do In The Beginning Stages Of Building Your Channel.mp4
    • 21-How To Use Your Youtube Channel To Sell Courses.mp4
    • 22-Building Courses and A Channel Without A Camera or Microphone.mp4
    • 23-Creating A Facebook Group Page and Group.ts
    • 24-How To Leverage Your Facebook Group To Make Money Selling Your Courses.mp4
    • 25-Creating Your Instagram Profile.ts
    • 26-How To Leverage Instagram To Make Money Selling Your Courses.ts
    • 27-How To Advertise On Google Adwords.mp4
    • 28-Showing You My Adwords Ads And Results.mp4
    • 29-How to advertise on Facebook and create Effective Facebook Ads.mp4
    • 30-How To Advertise With Instagram Influencers And Create Effective Ads.mp4
    • 31-When To Do A Sale.mp4
    • 32-The Psychology Behind Effectively Selling More Courses And Scaling Your Income.mp4
    • 33-How To Show Proof Even If You Haven't Experienced Success.mp4
    • 34-Using Affiliate Marketing To Increase Your Income.mp4
    • 35-How To Handle Customer Service.mp4
    • 36-Tax information.mp4
    • 37-Conclusion Video.mp4

  • Shopify Dropshipping

    • #4393 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • 1-Shopify Dropshipping Basics.mp4
    • 2-Creating Your Account And Choosing Your Plan.ts
    • 3-Navigating Shopify.mp4
    • 4-Setting Up Your Store And Theme.mp4
    • 5-Setting Up Oberlo.ts
    • 6-Niche Idea Generation And Case Studies.ts
    • 7-Studying The Competition For Niche Ideas.ts
    • 8-Creating A Custom URL Domain.mp4
    • 9-Creating A Custom Store Logo.mp4
    • 10-Creating Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use.mp4
    • 11-Spying On The Competition For Product Ideas And Pricing Ideas.mp4
    • 12-Finding Products and Importing Them From Ali Express With Oberlo.mp4
    • 13-Pricing Products, Product Descriptions, and Creating Collections.mp4
    • 14-How Many Products And What Price Range Of Products.mp4
    • 15-Managing Inventory and Collections In Bulk.ts
    • 16-Setting Shipping Prices And Edit Shipping Price By Product or Location.ts
    • 17-Adding Important Apps and Plugins To Increase Sales.mp4
    • 18-Creating Your Facebook Ads Account And Facebook Store Page.mp4
    • 19-Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel.ts
    • 20-Facebook Ads Overview, Targeting The Right Demographi.mp4
    • 21-Conversions Campaign Vs. Engagement Campaign.mp4
    • 22-Secret For Thousands Of Cheap Engagement For Less Than $0.01 Per Engagement!.ts
    • 23-Creating And Posting Your Facebook Ad.ts
    • 24-Studying Facebook Ad Results And Analytics.ts
    • 25-How To Test Multiple Products On Facebook And Scale Winning Products.ts
    • 26-Testing Different Product Descriptions, Prices, And Ads.mp4
    • 27-How To Fulfill An Order.mp4
    • 28-How To Provide Customer Service And Deal With Returns And Refunds.mp4
    • 29-Leveraging Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.mp4
    • 30-Instagram Influencers And Shoutouts Case Studies.ts
    • 31-Secret Psychological Tips To Increase Sales.ts
    • 32-Private Labeling.mp4
    • 33-Upselling and Free Plus Shipping Selling Tactics.ts
    • 34-Setting Up Store Taxes And Reporting Taxes For Earnings.mp4

  • Tube Made Easy & Advanced Masterclass

    • #4395 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4396 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4397 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4398 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4399 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4400 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4401 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4402 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4403 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4404 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4405 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4406 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4407 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4408 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • #4409 – 'members_bye9to5official_com'.jpg
    • 1-Tube Made Easy Introduction.mp4
    • 2-Overview of The Strategy.ts
    • 3-Case Studies.mp4
    • 4-How To Download Videos.mp4
    • 6-How To Download Instagram Videos and Use Them.mp4
    • 7-Notes On Choosing A Niche.mp4
    • 8-Choosing A Niche And Finding Videos To Post With A Special License In ANY Niche.mp4
    • 9-Finding Good Videos To Post In ANY Niche.ts
    • 10-Important Secret For Finding Videos To Use.ts
    • 11-Why This Method Works SO WELL!.ts
    • 12-Other Good Niche Ideas = Montages And Top 10s.ts
    • 13-Additional Monetization Techniques for Affiliate Links.mp4
    • 14-CC Videos Vs. Montages.ts
    • 16-GREAT NEW Software For Creating AWESOME Videos.mp4
    • 17-Things To Keep In Mind When Editing Videos In 2020.ts
    • 18-Free Video Editor I Use Tutorial.mp4
    • 19-Removing Intros and Outros From Creative Commons Videos.mp4
    • 20-Creating Your Own Intros and Outros For Creative Commons Videos.ts
    • 21-Removing Watermarks From Videos And Adding Your Own Watermarks To Creative Commons Videos.mp4
    • 22-Editing Music To Avoid ID Matchescom.mp4
    • 23-Editing Speech To Avoid ID Matches.mp4
    • 24-How To Export An Edited Video.ts
    • 25-Note On Editing Videos.mp4
    • 26-NEW BEST RANKING.ts
    • 27-My NUMBER ONE Secret For Getting More Views And Getting Videos Found When Starting Out.ts
    • 28-How To Create A Thumbnail And Choose Effective Thumbnails.ts
    • 29-Psychology Of Choosing Effective Thumbnails.mp4
    • 31-My Secret Youtube SEO Algorithm Title and Tags Secrets.ts
    • 32-Deep Diving Tags, Niches, and Tools for Ranking Videos.mp4
    • 33-Tools For Studying Your Competition.mp4
    • 34-Psychology of Choosing Good Titles.ts
    • 35-How To Grow Your Subscribers and Viewers Quickly and Organically.ts
    • 36-My Number One Secret For Multiplying Ad Revenue By Ten.mp4
    • 37-Secret To Getting Past Demonitization and Duplication Bots.mp4
    • 38-My Niches, Considerations When Choosing A Niche, and Standard Vs. Creative Commons License.ts
    • 39-Finding Videos To Post, Making Thumbnails, SEO Tags and Titles For Niche #1 Case Study.mp4
    • 40-Niche #1 Case Study Part 2.mp4
    • 41-Finding Videos To Post, Making Thumbnails, SEO Tags and Titles For Niche #2 Case Study.ts
    • 42-Finding Videos To Post, Making Thumbnails, SEO Tags and Titles For Niche #3 Case Study.ts
    • 43-In-Depth Student Success Case Study.mp4
    • 44-Conclusion.mp4

Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation Program 2020

Are you interested in starting or scaling a YouTube channel, without having to show your face or become a YouTuber?

Do you want to increase your revenue, freedom, and become your own boss?

You’ve spent countless hours searching for the right business. You finally stumbled across “Doing YouTube without making videos” and you know this is finally the answer you’ve been looking for.

You love the idea that it’s very lucrative, doesn’t cost any money to get started, doesn’t take much time to work on, it doesn’t require any technical skills or experience, and you don’t have to be on camera or use your voice.

Sounds simple enough, but now you’re not sure what the next step is.

“How do I start my channel? What niche should I choose? How do I monetize my channel? How do I put my videos together and do it without having to be a YouTuber? What is the secret to doing this quickly so it doesn’t take me all day?”

“Most importantly, how do I scale my channel and crush the YouTube algorithm?”

Because you don’t want to spend years trying to learn how to do this the hard way. You want a simple, proven system and a systematic roadmap that’ll get you there FAST.

Learn The Exact Secret Formula Jordan Uses To Make 6 Figures On His 4 YouTube Channels Without Showing His Face
What Makes Doing YouTube Without Showing Your Face The Best Business Model In 2021?
Everyone knows YouTube can be very lucrative, but most people think you need to be a YouTuber with a crazy personality to reap the benefits of YouTube.

That could not be farther from the truth.

With this new way of doing YouTube, absolutely ANYONE can succeed from ANY country in the world because it doesn’t take any technical skills or experience, fancy equipment, or a personality to make it happen.

“The systematic roadmap is simple – all you need to do is find interesting videos, mash them together, make small tweaks, upload it, and use the correct title, thumbnail, keywords, and other algorithm secrets and do it the right way. If you do that, you crush it on YouTube over and over again.”

Sounds like something you could easily do, right?

The best part is that this business costs zero money to start or scale, takes very little time to set up and run, and does not deal with the hassles of selling anything, having inventory, running advertisements, doing customer service, or being a YouTube personality with millions of people watching and judging you because you can be completely anonymous.

Not only that, but every single video you post is a new revenue stream that will continue to pay you on autopilot for years to come. Those revenue streams will just continue growing exponentially every single time you upload.

This business model is also much less time consuming than being a typical YouTuber because a YouTuber needs to come up with an interesting topic, write their script, shoot the video, edit it, and upload it. On top of that, you’re only going to go viral if you’re ENTERTAINING.

With my method you’re cutting out the most time consuming parts and finding the shortcut to sustained success on YouTube.

Not only that, but you’re almost sure to go viral because you’re picking and choosing entertaining videos in viral niches without you having to be personally entertaining.

“Then if you want to, when you’re ready you can scale this to the moon by outsourcing and automating the ENTIRE process. Basically, you cheaply hire qualified people to do the work and you make all of the profit. By doing this, you can scale your business to an unlimited amount of channels without doing any of the work!”


The process is simple, but as you know there are hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels to compete with. What you need is a proven, step by step, systematic roadmap to dominate every aspect of YouTube from A – Z.

There are many things you need to learn to crush YouTube and reach the life of your dreams.

“You need to learn and understand from the inside out how to identify what niches work best, what topics inside of those niches you should do, what videos to use, where to get the videos, how to properly edit them to make them unique and keep them within YouTube rules and guidelines.

Then you need to learn the secrets for crushing the YouTube algorithm, how to make your videos go viral, how to rank your videos in the search results, how to make YouTube suggest your videos, how to create engaging thumbnails, how to pass monetization review quickly, how to study your analytics and make necessary changes, the secret to earning 10 times more money than other YouTube channels, how to raise your CPM, how to place the ads on your video, how to automate, outsource, and scale your channels, and much more.”

“Many of these things are simple, but doing them all correctly in the right order makes all of the difference between a channel that makes an absolute killing, and a channel that makes nothing.

That is what you get with Jordan’s Bye 9 To 5 Tube Monetization & Automation Program. You get a systematic, easy to follow, step-by-step roadmap showing you exactly how to crush it on YouTube over and over again.”

This course gives anyone who is sick of the full-time corporate lifestyle and is tired of searching for something new a chance to build an online business of their own. If you want to become an entrepreneur and achieve the financial freedom to do what makes you happy in life without having a boss, this is your way out.

We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, and countries to join the Bye 9 To 5 Family and learn the skills and techniques necessary to make their dreams of being an entrepreneur a reality.

Why Did I Create The Tube Monetization & Automation Program?

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I received a Master’s degree in Business Psychology. This led me into student loan debt working as a business analyst at First Data. I realized very quickly that sitting in a cubicle working 60 hour weeks, getting 2 weeks a year for vacation, while making someone else rich was not the life I wanted to live.

During this time I began exploring online sources of income so that I could break myself away from the shackles of being a corporate slave and free myself to travel the world and live life on my own terms. One boring Thursday afternoon in the cubicle I stumbled upon a small YouTube channel posting simple videos without showing their face.

These videos were getting millions of views, and I quickly realized that in five minutes I could have put together the videos they were posting. I began searching other similar channels and then it hit me, tons of channels were making a killing on YouTube posting simple videos without ever showing their face, and I was missing out.

“I started my first YouTube niche channel that day, and the rest is history.”

Doing YouTube without showing your face is a massive opportunity for people like you and me who dream of starting their own online business, breaking free from the corporate world and living life on their own terms.

Through tons of trial and error I figured out the perfect way to systematically build and monetize niche channels with simple videos, blow them up and make them go viral quickly, all without ever showing my face.

How Numerous Trials And Errors Led Me To Discover The Failsafe Business Model That Changed My Life Forever.
Shortly after this, I developed this failsafe business model that changed my life forever. I created a second channel. Then a third channel. Then, I scaled all three channels faster than I could even believe. I was quickly transformed into a niche YouTube channel master and this exploded my business at an unbelievable rate.

After achieving the life of my dreams I realized that this is one of the easiest paths to success online, if not the easiest.

It dawned on me that I was nothing special and any average person could do this just like I did. All they needed was a simple, systematic roadmap they could follow to achieve the results I did.

Three and a half years ago I vowed to make it my mission to free as many people as possible from the corporate drone lifestyle, and this program and Bye 9 To 5 was born.

“Three and a half years ago I started teaching this to other people and became the pioneer of doing YouTube without making videos. I quickly grew the largest and longest running program and community that exists in the world for doing YouTube without making videos.”

Today I am blessed to say I have helped a total of over 7,000 students who have come through my program. Many of them have become their own boss and now live the life of their dreams, and some of them at the very least make some extra cash to help pay the bills.

It has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life by far.

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