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[Group Buy] GA4, GTM, BigQuery, and Data Studio Fundamentals


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GA4, GTM, BigQuery, and Data Studio Fundamentals Step by Step – Mini Workshop

Mini Workshop – Learn the fundamentals and build the foundation your need to go deep and learn about these tools.

Do you want to start learning GA, GA4, GTM, Data Studio or BigQuery? If yes then this workshop is for you! Continue reading. If no, then you can close this page!

Learn GA, GA4, GTM, Data Studio and BigQuery Step by Step

Note: This is not a comprehensive course to teach you everything about these tools but this course will give you the push you need by teaching you the fundamentals and getting you started.

Google Analytics 4
Learn the Fundamentals of both Google Analytics 4 and Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager
Learn the Fundamentals of Google Tag Manager. Learn how to track GA and GA4 using GTM

BigQuery skill is in demand. Learn how to use BigQuery with GA4 data.

Google Data Studio
Learn how to visualize your Google Analytics Data by developing charts and reports in Google Data Studio.

Why This Workshop is the way to learn?

Step by Step
It is a step by step process, which means you don’t have to guess what to do next, we tell you what to do.

Practice as you learn so you solidify your learning.

A Few Minutes a Day
We all are busy. Nobody wants to waste time sifting through unnecessary music, monologue, or setups. We have created the content so you can consume it in small chucks of time.

GA4, GTM, BigQuery, and Data Studio Fundamentals

Bonus: Build your WordPress site/blog to practice what you learn

  • 7 reasons why you need a blog
  • Selecting a Domain Name for your Blog
  • Selecting a Hosting Provider
  • Installing WordPress
  • Styling With Themes
  • WordPress Settings
  • Posts V/s Pages in WordPress
  • Customizing Theme
  • Widgets and Menus

Day 1: Introduction – The Foundation

  • Day 1: Digital Analytics ecosystem and how various tools fit in.

Day 2: Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) Foundation

  • Day 2: What is Google Analytics, How it works and Account Structure
  • Day 2 Assignment

Day 3: Google Tag Manager Foundation

  • Introduction
  • What is a Tag and a Tag Manager
  • How Google Tag Manager Works
  • Google Tag Manager Account Setup
  • Implementing GTM in WordPress
  • GTM interface overview
  • GTM Admin Panel Overview
  • GTM Workspace overview
  • Day 3 Assignment

Day 4: Implementing Base Google Analytics and GA4 tracking

Tracking Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager Debugger

Day 5: Universal Analytics Reports

Google Analytics Demo Account
Reporting Interface
Overview of Home screen
Audience Report
Demographic Report
Acquisition Overview Report
Behavior Report
Assignment 5

Day 6: Event Tracking in Google Analytics

Event Tracking in Google Analytics – YouTube video example included
External link tracking example (optional video from my GTM course)
Week 1 Recap and Q&A

Day 7: Conversions and Goals in Google Analytics

Conversion Reports
Goals in Google Analytics
Day 7 Assignment

Day 8: Campaign Tracking

Camping Tracking with UTMs
UTM Values to Channel Mapping
Campaign Builder
Bonus – Google AdWords and Google Analytics linking
Day 8 Assignment

Day 9: Views in Google Analytics

Google Analytics View and FIlters
Day 9 Assignment

Day 10: Google Analytics 4 Data Model

Day 10 Intro
Google Analytics 4 Data Model
No Assignment Today

Day 11: GA4 Base Tag Setup

Page View and Enhanced Measurement Events
Day 11 Assignment

Day 12: GA4 Overview

Google Analytics 4 Interface Overview
Day 12 Assignment

Day 13: GA4 Event Setup with Google Tag Manager

Introduction to GA 4 event tracking
GA4 Recommended Events
Day 12: Assignment

Day 14: GA4 Event With Parameter Setup

GA 4 Event Parameter Setup
Day 14 Assignment

Day 15: GA4 Explore

Day 15 Assignment

Day 16 – Introduction and Getting Started

Section Introduction
Introduction to Google Data Studio
Getting Started with Google Data Studio (Signup Screen)
Day 16 Assignment

Day 17: Connecting Google Data Studio with Google Analytics

Google Data Studio Interface
Connecting Google Analytics to Google Data Studio
Day 17 Assignment

Day 18: Developing Reports in Google Data Studio

Creating your first report
Adding Page to your report
Day 18: Assignment

Day 19: Filters in Google Data Studio

Introduction to Filters
Applying a Filter to a chart
Applying a Filter to a Page
Applying a Filter to a Report
Day 19 Assignment

Day 20: Date Range for your reports

Changing the date ranges
Day 20: Assignment

Day 21 – What, Why and How to Signup

What is BigQuery and Why it is required
BigQuery Signup
Assignment Day 21

Day 22: BigQuery + GA4

Google Analytics 4+ BigQuery Integration
Day 22 assignment

Day 23: BigQuery Interface and GA4 Data

BigQuery Interface
GA4 Data in Big Query
GA4 Data Field reference
Day 23 Assignment

Day 24: Write SQL Query to select the data

Selecting the Data
Day 24 assignment

Day 25: Dealing with Events and User Property Data

Dealing with Nested Events and User Property Data
Day 25 Assignment

Day 26 Recap & Q& A

Q&A session

Anil Batra

Anil is a Digital Marketing and Analytics professional with 18+ years of experience. He has worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 and has helped them improve marketing results as well as develop data-driven culture. He has vast experience in Web, Email, Social, Display, Search, Paid Search, and CRM.
He holds a B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from India and an MBA from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Anil has taught and trained several Marketing and Analytics folks in past 18 years of teaching at UBC, University of Washington, and Bellevue College, and speaking engagements at various conferences as well as his blog. He conducts several training sessions and workshops on various topics in Digital Marketing and Digital Analytics. He has also served on the Board of Digital Analytics Association (DAA) and was instrumental in starting the DAA Symposiums.

Anil has worked and trained teams at the following companies:

Estee Lauder
Wall Street Journal
Anil has taught over 30,000 students from 152 countries.

Sales Page: _https://academy.optizent.com/courses/ga4-gtm-bigquery-data-studio-foundation

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