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[Group Buy] Extreme Estrogen Detox For Men


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Just released: The Extreme Estrogen Detox for Men by Dr Anthony Jay, PhD and Mark Iron.

Do you ever wonder why professional athletes are so much more muscular than the average person? Certainly, genetics factor in.

How about why some people seem to have limitless energy and enthusiasm, while others struggle to make it through the workday?

A lot of that comes down to high optimal testosterone.

As science now shows, men today are estrogen dominant and have no clue. This lowers testosterone and puts you in fat-storing mode.

Not to mention you are tired and apathetic. The first step is to detox estrogen from your body and why Dr Anthony Jay, PhD and I built this 7-step estrogen detox.

Testosterone is a hormone made primarily in the testicles, but small amounts also originate in the adrenal glands right above your kidneys. It’s responsible for male characteristics like muscle mass and strength, body hair and fat distribution, sex drive, fertility and red blood cell production. Testosterone levels typically peak during puberty and early adulthood but slowly decline after age 30.

If you’re reading this, the odds are good that you have a testosterone deficiency. Many studies have shown that men in the 1940s had double the testosterone men do today. And as you age, your chances of developing low T only increase.

Does it sound like something else in the modern world a contributing factor of low testosterone?

So why should you care about keeping your testosterone high?

You may not want to be a professional athlete or spend hours in the gym every day (although if you do, testosterone can help there too!). But when men bring testosterone up, it changes everything—more money in your career, more creativity and energy…you just feel better! I don’t know any man who doesn’t want that.

It all starts with detoxing estrogen.

You’ll have the steps PLUS a members area to ask questions as you go. We are here to help and support you as you go.

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