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ClickMinded – SOPs Library (873.4 MB)

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  • Analytics and Tracking SOPs


    • SOP 009_ Adding Google Analytics to a site (using GTM)_.docx
    • SOP 015_ Excluding own traffic from Google Analytics_.docx
    • SOP 021_ Setting up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics_.docx
    • SOP 033_ Verifying that you’re tracking subdomains correctly in Google Analytics_.docx
    • SOP 035_ Displaying subdomains in your Google Analytics Reports_.docx
    • SOP 036_ Setting up cross-domain tracking with GTM_.docx
    • SOP 046_ How to add Google Analytics Annotations to keep track of business events_.docx
    • SOP 049_ Implementing and Analyzing Heatmaps on your Website_.docx
    • SOP067 – How to add Google Analytics to a Shopify Store_.docx
    • SOP077 – How to Configure Search Console data in Google Analytics_.docx
    • SOP079-Create Quick and Beautiful Google Data Studio Dashboards and Reports_.docx
    • SOP082-Set up Google Analytics alerts to monitor your main KPIs _.docx
    • SOP089-How to Reverse Engineer Your Competitor_s Traffic Sources_.docx

  • Content Marketing SOPs


    • SOP 016_ How to create awesome blog posts outlines_.docx
    • SOP 034 – Start and manage your editorial calendar_.docx
    • SOP 052_ How to create editorial guidelines for guest bloggers_.docx

  • Email Marketing SOPs


    • SOP 001_ Basic Email Testing_.docx
    • SOP 029 – Set up an amazing welcome email with MailChimp_.docx
    • SOP 030_ Grow your email list with a content upgrade popup_.docx
    • SOP 039 – Sending bulk outreach emails with Gmail_.docx
    • SOP 048 – Creating an email address with your own domain name_.docx
    • SOP086-How to Reverse Engineer Competitor_s Email Marketing Strategy_.docx

  • Operation SOPs


    • SOP 004_ Add Google Tag Manager to a WordPress Site.docx
    • SOP 008_ Initial WordPress setup_.docx
    • SOP 024_ Install Sumo in any site using GTM_.docx
    • SOP 037_ Getting started with team password management_.docx
    • SOP 053_ How to backup and restore your WordPress website_.docx
    • SOP 058 – How to Optimize WordPress to Speed Up your Website_.docx
    • SOP064 – How to manage user access for Google Analytics 360 Suite Products (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize)_.docx
    • SOP065 – How to add Google Tag Manager to a Shopify Store_.docx
    • SOP066 – How to add Google Tag Manager to a Squarespace site_.docx
    • SOP083-How to install third-party tools on your site using GTM_.docx

  • Paid Acquisition SOPs


    • SOP 005_ Install the Facebook Pixel in Your Site_.docx
    • SOP 006_ Creating UTM URLs to Track Your Campaigns_.docx
    • SOP 007_ Creating a Cart-Abandonment Remarketing Campaign Using Facebook Ads_.docx
    • SOP 010_ Create a Facebook Ads Account using Business Manager_.docx
    • SOP 013_ Adding Google Ads Global Site Tag to a site (using GTM)_.docx
    • SOP 014_ Creating a Google Ads Account_.docx
    • SOP 017_ Setting up Facebook Conversion Tracking_.docx
    • SOP 025_ Adding Google Ads conversion tracking to a site (using Google Tag Manager)_.docx
    • SOP 031_ How to create a Lookalike audience on Facebook_.docx
    • SOP 038_ Setting up an abandoned-cart campaign with Google Display Network_.docx
    • SOP061 – How to launch a lead generation campaign with Facebook Lead Ads _.docx
    • SOP062 – How to manage user roles for Facebook Assets (Ad Accounts, Pages, Pixels, etc) _.docx
    • SOP063 – How to perfectly manage user access for Google Ads accounts_.docx
    • SOP068 – How to add a Facebook Pixel to a Shopify Store_.docx
    • SOP069 – How to structure your Facebook Ad Account_.docx
    • SOP070 – How to select your Facebook Ads Campaign Objective_.docx
    • SOP073 – How to apply a naming convention to your Facebook Ads Account_.docx
    • SOP074 – How to select your Facebook Ads Targeting_.docx
    • SOP075 – How to plan your Facebook Ads Campaign_.docx

  • SEO SOPs


    • SOP 002_ Perform an On-Page Optimization Audit on an existing page_.docx
    • SOP 011_ SEO Keyword Research and Mapping_.docx
    • SOP 012_ Launching a Guest-Blogging Link-Building Campaign_.docx
    • SOP 018_ Create an SEO-Friendly Blog Post_.docx
    • SOP 019_ Launching an Guestographic Link Building Campaign_.docx
    • SOP 020 – Setting up Google Search Console_.docx
    • SOP 022 – Youtube Video Optimization_.docx
    • SOP 026 – Resources Page Link-Building Outreach_.docx
    • SOP 027 – How to perform a URL audit on your site_.docx
    • SOP 032_ Create an automated search query report_.docx
    • SOP 041 – Find on-page optimization opportunities on a website_.docx
    • SOP 050_ Migrating an existing WordPress website towards SEO-friendly URLs_.docx
    • SOP 051 – How to Implement and verify 301 Redirects on a WordPress website_.docx
    • SOP055 – How to Setup and Optimize an XML Sitemap_.docx
    • SOP 057 – How to Setup the Perfect Robots.txt File_.docx
    • SOP 071_ How to launch a link building campaign for your existing content_.docx
    • SOP076 – How to perform a backlink audit on your website_.docx
    • SOP080 – How to disavow harmful links to clean your backlink profile _.docx
    • SOP084 – How to Map Your Sales Funnel _.docx

  • SOP Recipes


    • R001-Writing SEO Friendly Blog posts that Convert_.docx
    • R002- Boost the ranking of an existing page on search engines_.docx
    • R003 – Get ready to run paid ads on Facebook_.docx
    • R004 – Launching a new Facebook Ads Campaign_.docx
    • R005 – Set up an A_B test tool on your website_.docx
    • R006 – Quickly generate leads without a website_.docx
    • R007 – Add a lead generating popup to your website_.docx
    • R008 – Set up Google Analytics tracking from scratch _.docx
    • R009 – Launch a WordPress blog for your business_.docx
    • R010-Send bulk personalized outreach emails through Gmail_.docx
    • R011 – Kick-off your content engine_.docx
    • R012 – Setup the basic SEO technical foundations for your website_.docx
    • R013 – Build links for existing content_.docx
    • R014 – Get ready to run paid ads on Google_.docx
    • R015-Generate leads with a landing page and Facebook Ads_.docx
    • R016 – Create a Facebook Ads Strategy_.docx
    • R017 – Apply a naming convention to your marketing data_.docx
    • R018 – Prioritize and Run A_B tests on your site_.docx
    • R019 – Tighten up your account security _.docx
    • R020-Kickstart your social media presence_.docx
    • R021-Perform on-page optimization on your website_.docx
    • R022-Recover abandoned carts through paid ads_.docx

  • Sales Funnels SOPs


    • SOP 047_ How to Create a Lead Generation Landing Page_.docx
    • SOP 059 – How to Setup Google Optimize to Run A_B Tests on Your Website_.docx
    • SOP060_ How to Structure, Run, and Analyze an A_B Test on your Website_.docx
    • SOP 072 – How to prioritize your funnel experiments_.docx

  • Social Media SOPs


    • SOP 028_ Add social sharing links to your site_.docx
    • SOP 040_ Automate sharing your latest WordPress blog on social media_.docx
    • SOP 042 – How to get traffic from Quora_.docx
    • SOP 043 – Performing a social media audit_.docx
    • SOP 044_ Starting a Social Media Calendar_.docx
    • SOP 056_ How to Setup a Social Listening Campaign_.docx
    • SOP 23_ How to create social posts from a blog post_.docx

  • Tools


    • ClickMinded – Editorial Guidelines Template _.xlsx
    • ClickMinded – Landing Page Creation Briefing Template_.xlsx
    • ClickMinded – UTM Builder Template_.xlsx
    • ClickMinded SOP Library – SOP073 – Naming Convention Generator _ Cheatsheet_.xlsx
    • Link Opportunities Worksheet_.xlsx
    • SOP Library – ClickMinded Facebook Ads Campaign Planner_.xlsx

ClickMinded – SOPs Library

Massively grow any business with digital marketing SOPs.
The ClickMinded SOP Library is a collection of digital marketing strategy templates, with step-by-step instructions that you can use to grow any website.

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