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YouTube Legends are created here…

In less than 1 month, you can have a fully monetized YouTube channel earning income from ads, affiliate offers and much more. What are you waiting for?

What Is YT Marketer?

YT Marketer is an in-depth course taught by a 7-figure YouTube marketer that reveals how to quickly create monetized YouTube channels and rank videos above your competitors for massive income from ad revenue and promoting affiliate offers. In fact, you’ll even learn how to get free products to review from other businesses.

All training and case studies are taught in over-the-shoulder video style with nothing left out.

You’ll see the channels, you’ll see the videos, you’ll see everything as I create them from scratch and start earning with ads and affiliate income!


Chris Derenberger – YT Marketer

  • 00-Welcome.mp4
  • 01-Youtube Monetization Training

    • 01-Resource.pdf
    • 01-YouTube Channel Setup.mp4
    • 02-Customizing Your Channel.mp4
    • 02-Resources.pdf
    • 03-Creating Videos.mp4
    • 03-Resources.pdf
    • 04-Job Template.txt
    • 04-Outsourcing Videos.mp4
    • 05-Resources.pdf
    • 05-Uploading Videos.mp4
    • 06-Resource.pdf
    • 06-Watch Time.mp4
    • 07-Resources.pdf
    • 07a-Subscribers Part 1.mp4
    • 07b-Subscribers Part 2.mp4
    • 08-2nd YouTube Channel.mp4
    • 08-Resource.pdf
    • 09-Updates.mp4
    • 10-Getting Approved.mp4
    • 10-Resource.pdf
    • 11-3 Week Results.mp4
    • 12-Analytics & Ad Types.mp4
    • 13-Recommended Niches.png
  • 02-Youtube Ranking Training

    • 01-Understanding YouTube.mp4
    • 02-Resources.pdf
    • 02-Video Optimization.mp4
    • 03-Boost Your Rankings.mp4
    • 03-Resource.pdf
    • 04-Adding CTR.mp4
    • 04-Microworkers Template.txt
    • 04-Note.png
    • 05-MW Advanced.mp4
    • 05-Microworkers Subscribers Template.txt
    • 06-Approving MW Tasks.mp4
    • 07-Case Study #2.mp4
    • 07-Resource.png
    • 08-Keyword Research.mp4
    • 09-What’s Next.mp4


My name is Chris Derenberger and I’ve been marketing online since 2001. I’ve been involved in just about every area of online marketing. I’ve created many products and courses, have owned multiple online businesses including a web designing and SEO business, Amazon FBA business, and my global YouTube ranking service that has hundreds of clients and businesses all over the world.

My primary passion is with YouTube. Since 2013, I’ve been earning 6-7 figures a year just from YouTube ads and promoting affiliate products on my YouTube channels.

In 2014, I started with mass video marketing. I had thousands of YouTube channels and 10’s of thousands of videos ranking for affiliate products. In 2016, I started my own YouTube interaction service that has helped many small and large businesses more than triple their exposure and income.

In 2018, I realized that owning several authority YouTube channels was more profitable and less work than thousands of mass video channels. I now run several fully monetized YouTube channels that promote affiliate products.

I have found the combination of a monetized YouTube channel and affiliate marketing to be the fastest way to earn online as well as the most profitable. And now if you’re ready, I’m willing to share these strategies with you.


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