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If you could go back in time,would you change *this* moment?

There was a moment – a month, a year, or even 10 years back. You sat in a room. Palms
sweating. Nervously waiting to hear the door open again…

Then… a moment of quiet anxiety when your seemingly well-intentioned (and woefully illprepared) doctor came in and pulled out a notepad.

You watched eagerly as he quickly jotted down something on the paper, ripped it off the
pad, and handed it to you.

Prednisone, Cyclosporine, Azathioprine…


The moment lasted maybe 2 seconds (but seemed like it lasted a lifetime).

You remember the “it’s going to be okay” smile that he cracked as you took the paper from his hand. And the instant sense of relief you got when you left the ofce.

It was the promise of a better life..

He promised you could “beat” your autoimmune disease with a synthetic cocktail of chemicals more foreign to your body than anything it’s ever encountered.

Maybe you asked yourself…

“Do I have to depend on these meds for the rest of my life?”

Yet, your doctor’s trusting smile and promise of “better days” pushed those doubts into the back of your mind.

It was that smile – and that promise…

… that kept you from realizing you’d just been given a life-sentence.


You need to know that that critical *moment* wasn’t your fault.

For myself (and the thousands of people I’ve treated)…

We’d give anything to travel back in time and make a more informed choice.

A better one.

Yet we also know that we made the choice we truly believed was best for us at the time.

Really… the ONLY choice we had.

Now… I can’t offer you a re-do… but I can offer you a shot at recovery…

What’s Inside theCourse?

Module 1:What’sAnAutoimmune Disease & HowDoes it Develop?

This module will break it all down and explain what autoimmune disease is and what it’s doing to your body. My goal, ultimately, is to help you understand and get you back to feeling your best.

Module 2: The Three I’s:Irritation,Inflammation, and Infection

Every single autoimmune disease follows the same path. First, there’s an irritant. Then, the immune system responds with inammation. Lastly, if left unchecked, the inammation leads to an infection (your disease). It’s important to understand how you got your disease, so you can then “back your way out of it, ” and beat it.

Module 3: HowGut HealthAffectsAutoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease begins in the gut and is healed in the gut, but how? The gut is your 30+ foot long tube called the
digestive tract or gastrointestinal tract thats forms a protective barrier between your intestines and the outside world. If this goes bad,your immune system follows.

Module 4:What TriggersAnAutoimmune Disease?

We’ll discuss the biggest autoimmune triggers Americans are exposing themselves to. Like fast food diets, pharmaceutical drugs, things in your home, environment, water, and even antibiotics (to name a few).

Module 5: Doc Nuzum’s Detox Protocol

Dr. Nuzum developed a specic protocol for his autoimmune patients which has helped them with every kind of
autoimmune disease known. It begins with stabilization, then proceeds via detoxication.

Module 6:Whatto Do Now(a.k.a. Fortification)

After you’ve stabilized and are seeing your symptoms vanish, what’s next? Well, you need to strengthen your body and immune system to be effective at ghting off any future attacks. This is the nal stage called “fortication.”

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