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Learn the insider secrets & strategies you must master to build a thriving YouTube channel.

The idea of having a camera in your face without anyone to talk to makes you an anxious bean…

☠️ You’ve been trying to find the motivation to just get started on YouTube – but it still feels impossible for some reason…

☠️ You’ve tried making videos before, but they just aren’t valuable or interesting enough to get views…

☠️ The idea of editing consistently TERRIFIES you…

☠️ You feel like you don’t know enough about anything to even start thinking about filming YouTube videos…

☠️ You hatehatehate the way you look and sound on camera…

☠️ You want to do EVERYTHING and are having a hard time narrowing down content ideas or niche…

☠️ You already feel overwhelmed and burned out af dealing with all the other content you are making…

☠️ You want to make money on YouTube but have 0 idea where to start or how to do it…

In The Big YouTube Breakdown, I’ll guide you through everything I did to build a YouTube channel with over 2 million views.

Just imagine..

You know exactly what kind of videos you love making – and people actually want to watch them from you!

You have a thriving channel with new subs, ad revenue, and comments daily…

You feel confident and excited about your YouTube channel…

Other people call you an inspiration for the awesome videos you make…

Wouldn’t you love to feel that way about yourself and your YouTube channel?

I promise friend: If I can do it, so can you.

Hi, I’m Ashni! 🔥

I started making videos on YouTube in 2017 and I was horrible at it. Like, truly terrible…

I made every mistake in the book:

I thought the rules didn’t apply to me
I thought I was above best thumbnail practices (bright colors? ew.)
I thought style mattered more than substance
I uploaded inconsistently af
I never researched my titles or cared about how “clickable” they were
But I finally figured it out and in the last few months I’ve:

✅ Quadrupled (4x) my ad revenue
✅ Quadrupled my subscriber speed
✅ Doubled the overall growth of my channel
✅ Achieved 28k+ subscribers and over 2 million video views
But best of all – building a YouTube channel has helped me have more freedom in my life. And I built The Big YouTube Breakdown to help you find freedom too.💜

The Big YouTube Breakdown Curriculum

Note: The Big YouTube Breakdown is everything I know about YouTube after 4 years. Course price will increase substantially as more students join.

Module 0: Welcome to The Big YouTube Breakdown!

  • Welcome to the Big YouTube Breakdown!
  • How To Get The Most From This Program
  • Recommended Course Schedule
  • How To Make Money From This Course
  • Download Your Course Workbook
  • How To Access Our Discord Server
  • Intake & Feedback Form
  • Where To Go For More Help

Module 1: Before You Get Started

  • The YouTube Success Mindset
  • How YouTube Really Works
  • How to Find Your YouTube Niche
  • How to Validate Your YouTube Niche
  • Optimize Your Brand SMELL
  • The Gear You Need
  • Your YouTube Goal

Module 2: Setting Everything Up

  • Your Channel Components
  • Show Your Authority
  • Your Channel Aesthetic
  • Create Your Freebie
  • Wrapping Up Your Channel Components
  • Make Your YouTube Schedule
  • Trello Template + Walkthrough

Module 3: Planning Your Videos

  • Research Your Videos
  • Your Video Titles
  • Your Video Thumbnails
  • Your Video Descriptions
  • Your Video Add-Ons
  • Your Video Scripts
  • Time To Reflect…

Module 4: Creating & Releasing Your Videos

  • Emotional Blockages During Filming
  • Your YouTube Worklow
  • Your Performance on Camera
  • Your FREE Editing Course
  • Watch This After You Have Filmed & Edited Your Video
  • Your Pre-Release Promotion Strategy
  • Uploading & Releasing Your YouTube Video
  • Your Post-Release Promotion Strategy

Module 5: Demystifying Your YouTube Future

  • Your YouTube Content Funnel
  • Your YouTube Analytics
  • Your Video Playlist Strategy
  • Your YouTube Shorts Strategy
  • Your YouTube Stories & Community Tab
  • Your YouTube Growth Hacks
  • Your YouTube Business Model
  • I am so proud of you.

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