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What is the “Alpha-AI YouTube Ads System?”

The Alpha AI YouTube Ads System is the leading and most trusted launchpad for setting up, scaling, and optimizing YouTube ads in 2023.

Here’s Exactly How We’ll Teach You

How To Leverage YouTube Ads And Sell Out Your Online Courses, Programs, & Products

Planning & Scripting Your Winning YouTube Ads

  • How To Use “Socratic Dialogue” to immediately identify your dream customer and crystalize the perfect YouTube audience for your business.
  • Discover Our Private $200M YouTube Ad Formula – A 4-Step framework that practically writes the ad FOR YOU… (Within an afternoon, you can craft a series of winning YouTube scripts!)
  • ​How To Turn 1 Foundational Script Into 5-10 Different Creatives… (Never run out of ideas or ads again!)
  • ​The Secret Behind “Unicorn” Ads: How To Create An Ad That Withstands The Test Of Time and Stays Profitable For Months On End

Producing Your Video

  • Why more authentic-style videos are the perfect launching pad for your first campaign… (believe that you need Hollywood-ESC equipment and production? Well, to your surprise, one of our best-converting ads – which ran for over a year – was me holding a $120 gimbal and walking around an office!)
  • ​Discover the secret production formula to creating highly-profitable YouTube Ads with minimal equipment and experience – get your video produced and edited within an afternoon!

Tracking & Account Setup

  • How To Accelerate Your Ad Set Up So You Can Launch Within A Week!
  • ​Borrow The Mind Of A “Tech Genius” And Bullet-Proof Your Ad Account By The Time You Have Lunch
  • ​How To Strategically Set Up Conversion Tags Inside Your Campaign So That You Can Optimize Effectively… (most business owners leave their accounts on FIRE by mistakenly setting up their account with flawed methods)

Audience & Research Targeting

  • Discover Our Coveted Audience And Keyword Research Procedure: The ‘Ninja-Like-Targeting Secrets’ Once Reserved For Our Most Private Clients Can Now Be In Your Hands.
  • ​How To “Ethically Hijack” your competitor’s audience by placing your ads in front of their videos! (Leverage their massive platforms for a rocket launch experience in growth!)

Launching Your Campaigns

  • Finally…. Experience Our Revolutionary Alpha-AI YouTube Ad Launch System In Action: How To Reach the RIGHT audience with the RIGHT message, at the RIGHT time, so for every $1 you put into ads, you gain the best chance of pumping out $3-$5 right back right out. (With some of our client’s campaigns producing a 10X Return!)

Optimizing Your Campaigns

  • Our Advanced 7-8 Figure Hyper-Growth Strategies: The Exponential Growth Roadmap That Launched Our Company Past $10M+ With YouTube Ads
  • ​Discover Our In-House “YouTube Ads Checklist” – How To Immediately Pinpoint & Resolve Optimization Points So Your Ads Perform ABOVE KPIs

YouTube Retargeting

  • Little-Known YouTube Ad Retargeting Strategies To Eliminate Objection & Doubt From Prospects … and turn “lost leads” into additional revenue!
  • ​The Infamous Omnipresent Machine: An Introduction To Becoming The Go-To Solution In Your Industry… How To Become Top-Of-Mind And Immediately Recognized By Your Customers)
Those are the seven steps to launching, managing, and scaling your YouTube Ads so you can skyrocket your business and build a hot pipeline of high-quality leads and sales this month.
All of this is revealed in our 7-Module Program, which contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos.
Our primary goal is by the time you finish going through each step, you’ll know exactly how to use YouTube Ads to sell out your online programs, courses, & products in 2022.
And if you take advantage of this one-time opportunity,
you will gain the keys to ‘jumpstart ‘ your YouTube ads and get them up and running within a week.
It’s the ultimate fast track to setting up your ads, producing consistent, high-quality leads and sales, and scaling your online business to 6-7-and even-8 figures.
We achieve this by giving you the unique ability to advertise on a 3-Dimensional level and infuse this with artificial intelligence… (more on this soon.)

While most of your competition is STUCK toying with outdated advertising methods, paying astronomical rates on expensive ad platforms, and seeing their expenses creep up each month…

…you’ll enter a blue ocean with the most powerful, effective, and cutting-edge launch and scaling systems found on YouTube – TODAY.

And instead of following watered-down, recycled, and regurgitated tactics taught by other overnight “experts” in the YouTube space…

You’ll now discover the most advanced, dominant, and consistent YouTube Ad Strategies responsible for creating Industry Leaders in the online space.

You can now take our 12+ YEARS of YouTube experience, 300+ success stories, and the over $200,000,000 our clients have generated using our scaling and optimization strategies… (Yes – that’s $200 million – it was not a typo)…

You can gather all that expertise and experience and condense your launch to within two weeks instead of months.

But let me be frank.

You will only get this opportunity ONCE.

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