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[GroupBuy] A Complete Guide to Identifying Attractive Industries to Build Businesses by Zebra


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What’s the biggest problem you face when you want to start your own business?

You might have your next big ideas
But you are still figuring out…
95% of Entrepreneurs don’t even know what are the relevant parameters to evaluate their business

Let’s dig deeper
How does this book help in evaluating businesses?

Study the target audience &

Craft a product/service your Customers want to buy

  • Identify the pains, gains, desires of your customer
  • How to establish a product-market fit in your industry
  • Check strength of any idea/product using ‘value proposition map’
  • How did Swiggy, Byju’s crack their products
Most textile firms struggle & IT firms thrive because

Industry structures guide their success! Decode It

  • Who is more powerful in the industry – buyer / supplier?
  • Which player gets the maximum profits?
  • How big can it become? What is the current market size?
  • How stable is the business? Any disruption risks?
  • Pricing power, demand & supply, risks, key risks?

Which industry is inherently more Profitable?

Analyze financial metrics & pick winning businesses

  • Which business has the highest Return on Investment
  • How capital heavy or light is the business?
  • Margins, scalability, capex, cashflow?
  • Is debt a good option for the industry?

What should you do to
Survive the Competition in the Industry

  • How Coca Cola, Zara, Netflix competitively positioned themselves
  • How to build a competitive advantage
  • How to differentiate your product / service innovatively
  • How to price your product in competitive industry

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