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YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits (12.76 GB)

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  • 01-Youtube Money Man

    • 01-Youtube Money Man Workshop.pdf
    • 01-adsdomwelcome.mp4
    • 02-Secret Video Method For Ads.mp4

  • 02-The Facebook Fast Start Method

    • 01-Fast Start Method.mp4
    • 01.01-The Fast Start Method.pdf
    • 02-Nigel Builds A Landing Page.mp4
    • 03-Nigel Builds A Facebook Campaign.mp4

  • 03-Facebook Domination

    • 01-Facebook Domination Day 1.mp4
    • 02-Facebook Domination Day 2.mp4
    • 03-Facebook Domination Day 3.mp4
    • 04-Facebook Domination Day 4.mp4
    • 05-Scaling Fundamentals.mp4
    • 06-Appeal Scripts.pdf

  • 04-Big Ass Ads

    • 01-BIG ASS ADS Session 1.mp4
    • 02-Big Ass Videos Session 2.mp4
    • 03-Big Ass Ads Session 3.mp4
    • 04-Secret Video Method For Ads.mp4

  • 05-Presell Lander Master Class

    • 01-Presell Lander Master Class Session 1.mp4
    • 02-Presell Lander Master Class Session 2.mp4
    • 03-Presell Lander Master Class Session 3.mp4
    • 04-Presell Lander Master Class Session 4.mp4

  • 06-Email Marketing

    • 01-The Million dollar list workshop.pdf
    • 02-secret email trick.mp4

YouTube MoneyMan – Pajama Profits

The Scale Youtube To Workshop Recordings Package
Presented by Greg Davis
Instructor: Youtube Money Man
How to structure your account for infinite scale and infinite testing, the #1 thing that sets Youtube apart from Facebook.
Youtube A-Z, from the fundamentals to exactly how multi-million dollar accounts are built and managed at insanely high ROI

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