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YouTubers Make Lots of Money

YouTubers make lots of money. That’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. Have you ever thought about becoming a YouTuber to then make lots of money?

You probably have! But then you thought about having to film yourself and you immediately quit this idea.

You don’t have to!

Did you know it’s possible to outsource the ENTIRE video production for your YouTube Channel?

  • You DON’T Need To Show Your Face
  • You DON’T Need To Write A Script
  • You DON’T Need To Do The Voice Over
  • You DON’T Need To Do Video Editing
  • You DON’T Need To Make A Thumbnail

Back in 2019..

I had no clue this goldmine existed.

I made videos myself where I had to show my face and embarrass myself on camera.

I also had to do ALL the work. I was a scriptwriter, video editor, thumbnail designer and video creator all at once.

Work 24/7

I was making $2,000 per Month.

I hear you thinking.. that’s not bad for some YouTube Money right? Right. BUT I had one big problem.. I had to be the one on video. If I didn’t make a video I wouldn’t make money.

I didn’t have a business. I was the business.

It wasn’t until I switched to building video teams when my income skyrocketed.

Skyrocket Growth

The first month I made less profit because I invested in teams. But in the second month I already made $2,700 MORE than usual.

This kept going up and up in the months to follow.

$10,000+ Months

8 months after I built my first team I now had a channel that made $10,000+ per month!

4 months later this went up to $15,000+ per month!

All of that scaling was made possible by my teams.

Introducing the Automation First Academy

Curriculum 1: Introduction
Curriculum 2: Content layers
Curriculum 3: How to build your team
Curriculum 4: How to scale teams
Curriculum 5: How to set up your workflow
Curriculum 6: How to stay in charge
Curriculum 7: Watch me build a team (Live on camera)

Who is this for?

This course is made for business minded individuals that want to turn YouTube into a cashflow business without making videos. This will be achieved by learning you how to build your own video team. Allowing you to automate video production and reap the rewards.

How much money do I need to start?

Building your team itself is free. The costs per video will range between $25-100 on average depending on the kind of content you want to make.

I have a full time job, will this help me?

Yes. If you have a full time job this is perfect for you as your team will alllow you to do YouTube by outsourcing your videos to them. You can focus on growing instead of using your valuable time on creating the videos.

Do I need to provide videos to the team?

No. You don’t need to provide videos to your team. You don’t need to show your face or be in the videos yourself. Your team will create content for you without you being in the videos at all.

Does my team need passwords?

No your team doesn’t need your password. You can add them to your channel as an editor (limited access) role or simply upload the videos yourself.

Is this a full YouTube Automation course?

No, this course is fully focused on how to build a well functioning team for YouTube Automation. This course is not about how you can grow your channel.

I already have a team, is this still useful?

Yes. Even if you already have a team this course is still useful because you’ll learn my exact strategy to build teams but also how to run them effectively to a point where you only need to work a few hours per week to get everything done. You’ll learn startegies for hiring, running and managing your team in the best way possible.

What’s the difference between free info and this course?

All information provided in this course comes from my experience. I’ve spent the last 3 years optimizing my team building process and you can now directly benefit from that. Free information on the internet can be useful but you never know if you can trust it or if the information is legit. With this course, you can.

Do I get lifetime access if I buy now?

YES! You’ll get lifetime access for the current price. You’ll receive all the updates for completely free.

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