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Woman Perception & Seduction


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Woman Perception & Seduction



You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perceive, attract, and seduce young, beautiful women.

This rare handbook is not about words, it’s all about actions.

Nowadays, Men are not getting laid due to the following reasons.

  1. Inability to understand women’s nature.
  2. Inability to understand relationship polarity.
  3. Accepting equality and rejecting gender dynamics.
  4. Inability to distinguish between masculine & feminine energies.
  5. Inability to enforce their masculine aura.
  6. Ignorance of their inner masculinity.
  7. False perception of women’s viewpoint ( Vision ).
  8. Inability to unfold paradigms of women’s beauty.
  9. Inability to distinguish between her words, wants, needs, and delusion.
  10. Don’t know how to talk, when to talk, and what to talk about.
  11. Fear of approaching and getting rejected.
  12. Inability to reflect the charisma in their personality.
  13. Pedestalizing women and brainwashed by feminization.
  14. Inability to understand and pursue the art of seduction.
  15. Emasculation by the entertainment industry and THE MATRIX.

In one ebook, you’ll learn everything you need to know about women’s perception and seduction.

#1: Make your face 10 times more attractive in a week.

 #2. Fuck any girl without having any muscles and money

#3. The Art of Deception ( Social media game )

#4. 1 reason for man logic’s demise, which makes modern men simps and depressed

#5 What do women look for when they go shopping?

#6. Why do women fall in love blindly?

#7. Physiological facts about female virginity.

#8. Why isn’t there as much sisterhood in women’s lives as there is in men’s?

#9: Women seduction mathematics.

#10: Men’s and women’s eyes are distinct from one another.

#11. How women lure men.

#12. The way men seduce women.

#13. Verbal seduction initiation

14th. Seduction initiation Without using words

#15. Both verbal and nonverbal seduction initiation

#16. What to talk about with women?

#17. What not to say to women?

#18. The art of seducing her ego.

#19: How can you persuade her in a way that she obeys and follow you?

#20. Art of being charismatic.

And much more…

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