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What is the UPGRD® Via Sleep

UPGRD® Via Sleep is a training program that helps you fall asleep, and while you are asleep, optimizes your mind to perform better the next day.

Why Would You Want UPGRD® Via Sleep

Because if you can upgrade your mind during sleep, while improving your sleep, you would level-up your day immediately without effort, and you would want it now, right?

A lot of people think that to achieve more means that you have to do more.

But who says, you have to do more when you are awake?

UPGRD® Via Sleep leverages the underutilized time of sleep to optimize your mind and your performance.

Regardless of how much you sleep, you can take advantage of the 5-8 hours each night and install useful beliefs and new habits.

Humans are bombarded by toxic and negative suggestions and events daily, UPGRD® Via Sleep is a mental and emotional detox that happens in the most convenient time.

Just turn on the audio program, and you will rejuvenate and optimize your mind during sleep.

Imagine each time you sleep, truly recharging and enhancing your performance, what would be the compound effect of this over the next month, or even next year?

UPGRD® Via Sleep is for me if

  1. My sleep sucks
  2. I feel like I have to sleep, but I don’t want to
  3. I stay up super late, and wake up feeling like crap
  4. Work too much till late night
  5. I have a hard time focusing during the day
  6. I can’t perform at top-level consistently and effortlessly
  7. I have low to no motivation or drive
  8. I am tired and bored often

What will be in the program?

 If you don’t sleep that much or enough, have had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, you may find this program to be really helpful –

Slow down and relax into a restful night of sleep on top of improving the following six areas of life:

  1. Better Sleep and Rest
  2. Better Sex and Romance
  3. Better Work and Performance
  4. Better Study and Focus Better
  5. Self-Love and Confidence
  6. Better Habits and Self Talk

What you may experience with UPGRD® Via Sleep

When was the last time you fell asleep almost as soon as your head hit the pillow?

Through our series of proprietary tracks, guided processes, and easy exercises, you’ll begin to fall asleep both faster and easier.

During the night, your sleep will be both deeper and saturated with uplifting thoughts.

In the mornings, you’ll begin to notice how much better you’ll wake up feeling. You’ll soon start your day having naturally occurring thoughts of success, positivity, and abundance.

What you may learn during UPGRD® Via Sleep

Your sleep is about to experience a massive upgrade, both in ways you’ve hoped for and in ways you haven’t considered before.

Here’s why:

While you’re asleep, your unconscious mind is highly susceptible to suggestions.

In addition to getting the best sleep of your life, we’re going to show you how to install programs about success, abundance, happiness, health, and more directly into your unconscious mind.

Just like when you schedule the update to occur for your phone before you go to sleep, we will help you upgrade during your sleep, to wake up fresh and leveled-up.

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