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A 3-step KILLER (yet simple) Process to Print Sales Calls Without Spending HOURS/week on it…

… so you can get your first high-paying clients ($5-10k/month) for your Agency or SaaS

LOOK : if you didn’t get any high-paying clients yet… it’s not because you “didn’t find the Money-Making Script”.

It’s not because you didn’t send enough cold emails.

It’s not because you don’t have great enough *case studies* (although it can help).

It’s because you didn’t follow THIS framework I’m about to reveal to you.

The same framework that got me to book 32 calls in 10 days (from ONLY 234 emails)…

With a new unproven offer (and WITHOUT testimonials).

And that keeps delivering for all our clients on the weirdest offers….

So, unless you already have a HUGE following online… and you’re a proven authority in your field ?

Your first clients will come from your COLD OUTREACH.

2 years ago… After leaving my previous company, I started looking for clients.

Wanted to be independent and, you know… live the dream.

But I started everything from the wrong foot (for real lol).

I was building out insane 40-step email funnels. Running fb ads with lead magnets to cold traffic. And other complicated stuff I don’t even want to talk about.

(I don’t know what I had in mind at that time… but anyway).

Sure, I was getting leads (and for cheap)…

But NONE were converting.

That was HARSH for my ego.

My confidence in myself was falling down the road. My energy levels were getting lower and lower. I was going all-in… Working insanely hard…

But nothing worked.

BOTTOM LINE:  I spent $1000+ with no return… no appointments…

And didn’t get ANY clients (the worst situation to be in for an agency owner).

So… I was back to the drawing board.

A SUCCESSFUL cold-outreach comes down to only 3 CRUCIAL elements :

Your OFFER, your TARGET… and your WAY (or channel) to reach out.

(note: most courses only teach the last… and not well.)

Yes. It’s not as complicated as you think.

Everyone who told you that a 34-step bi-weekly omnichannel outreach AI will work better…

Is a liar.

If you don’t fix the 3 things I told you ?

Nothing else will work (I learned this the hard way).

But now…

How to make sure you get these 3 principles on lock ?

In other words : how to make sure you’ll get clients with cold-outreach ASAP ?

INTRODUCING: The “three-pillars of cold-outreach” course 

Inside, you’ll get every steps you need to follow in order to get high-quality clients :

  • How to create an offer SO good business owners can’t say no to (even if you charge $5-10K).
  • How to define your ICP : Ideal Customer Profile (ALL the information you need to find out to make sure you reach out to prospects that most likely are interested…and stay relevant).
  • How to master the 3 best channels for cold-outreach (there’s no best way in my opinion…but these are the ones that got me the most results. And also, you’ll get my special secrets about these).

Sales Page: _https://janvm.gumroad.com/l/3pillarsecrets

Deliver time: 12-24hrs after paid


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