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[Instant Download] The Way of the Superior Man Online Training


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Welcome to The Way of the Superior Man Online Training

After four decades of sharing this evolving work with thousands of men and women in private intensives and live events, David Deida is offering his most comprehensive men’s work training in an online format suited to the needs of this time.

This online training is designed to help you embody and advance in the insights and practices at the heart of David’s work first laid out over 20 years ago in the book, The Way of the Superior Man. This course offers further depth and precision based on a collection of teachings from recent live men’s retreats as well as four live Q&A calls.

In today’s world of heightened fear and economic uncertainty, the lessons in this program are now more relevant than ever.

What does it mean to be sexually valuable in a post-gender world? How can you manage ongoing sexual desire or its lack? How do you pass through depression and meaninglessness as direct portals to awakening consciousness? What do you need to do or become so you can die complete? Is your true purpose effortless?

In this course, you’ll receive extensive teachings and instruction on:

  • Exploring the differences between your life’s deepest purpose and more surface purposes
  • Accessing conscious presence under all financial, sexual, and emotional conditions
  • Cultivating esoteric solo and partner sexual yoga practices
  • Navigating altered states, gain and loss of purpose, and sexual obsession
  • Gaining immediate access to the primal energy of your own deep being
  • And much, much more…

You can read more about all the details of the program below.

We look forward to seeing many of you inside this training.

In gratitude,

The David Deida Team

What is The Way of the Superior Man?

When you tap into the vast emptiness of deep consciousness that is your true essence, your entire demeanor and your approach to life change.

You become grounded and unshakable in your Truth, as well as your truth’s living source.

The Way of the Superior Man is a way of cultivating total trust in the reality that is living you right now. However vast this may be, reality is happening now, and it includes you.

This is not merely about “how to have better sex”—although your sexual experiences may unfold as revelations into love’s masculine-feminine mystery, and your erotic capacities may suddenly deepen beyond your born physical form.

This is not merely about “how to pick up women”—although you may become increasingly more trustworthy and magnetic by more deeply embodying your conscious presence.

This is not merely about “how to communicate with your partner”—although these teachings may profoundly enhance your capacity to subtly read your partner’s heart and body, so that few words are ever necessary.

The Way of the Superior Man is a spiritual guide…A roadmap toward the mastery of your true life purpose and authentic sexual yoga practices, sourced in deep conscious presence.


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